Web Hosting in South Africa: Top Affordable Companies Today

Web Hosting in South Africa: Web hosting refers to placing content online so that it can be publicly accessed.

This could be a website, a blog, an application, or any other system that needs to be accessed online.

In South Africa, there are several web hosting service providers who offer a variety of such services, and we are going to have a look at web hosting and the companies offering web hosting in South Africa.

Web Hosting

Web hosting, also known as internet hosting, involves placing content online so that it can be publicly or privately accessed over the internet. This content is usually hosted in a server, which is a computer that is optimized to provide content to users online.

Web hosting can be in the form of shared hosting, virtual private servers, or dedicated servers.  Shared hosting is where software is used to allocate resources to many users in one server, such that each user has access to some functions of the server, but limited to what is needed to get the website working.

This means that the user may not be able to access core resources like the operating system of the server but has adequate resources to host their website. One server can hold thousands of websites in a shared setting.

In virtual servers, a server is virtualized so that one or several big servers are partitioned to create several small servers using the software. With this, a user has access to all the resources needed, including the ability to use their own operating systems and software. In dedicated hosting, one has access to a whole physical server and the resources are not shared with anybody.

Web hosting in South Africa

There are several web hosting service providers in SA. Most of these are South African companies with data Centers located in South Africa. A few of them are listed here with the basic information about their hosting.





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