VoIP Providers in South Africa: Affordable and Reliable

VoIP Providers in South Africa: When you have stable internet, VoIP is the most ideal way to make a personal or business voice call. Unlike traditional phone systems, you don’t need to keep walking around with your personal device or hardware.

From almost anywhere and with proper connectivity, you can communicate to whoever you need to.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, it is a technology that allows phone services to be delivered over the internet.

Why VoIP?

VoIP calls tend to be way cheaper than traditional calls. That means you’ll save yourself or business a lot of costs. VoIP is also much flexible, particularly where internet network is reliable. You also get to enjoy advanced call options such as call waiting, call routing and caller ID.

What do you need to make a VoIP call?

To be able to make a phone voice call on over the internet, you will be required to have either a VoIP phone or an ATA box. A VoIP phone is one with a function or application included in the phone that allows for such services. An analog telephone adapter (ATA) box on the other hand is a device that connects regular phone systems to a VoIP service provider.

Computers and laptops can also be used to make voice calls through VoIP applications or softwares.

Where can you get VoIP services?

There are countless providers of VoIP. You will get device-based VoIP services, softwares, adapters, VoIP numbers, and cloud-based VoIP hosting services.

In South Africa alone, you can look out for companies such as:

1. Truehost Cloud

2. Afrihost

3. Xneelo

4. Gridhost

5. Domains.co.za

6. Web4africa

7. Register Domain

8. Elitehost

9. Smartweb

10. Hostafrica

These are VoIP Providers in South Africa you can rely on.

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