Top 10 domain name registrars in South Africa in 2020

Top 10 domain name registrars in South Africa in 2020

One important process when it comes to setting up a professional website or email is domain registration.

There are countless domain names available on the internet and registration ensures there’s no duplication. It therefore follows that your website or email gets a unique name that people can use to locate your site or account.

You can choose to register your domain name with a domain registrar or have a web hosting company do that for you.

Domain registars and hosts will usually offer a variety of domain extensions for you to choose from. The most common international top level domains are such as .com, .net, and .org. South African extensions including .co.za are also popular.

Here is a table of the top 10 domain registrars in South Africa in 2020 and the pricing for various domain extensions offered:

    .co.za .com .org .net
1 Truehost.Africa R50.00/yr R129.05/yr R127.38/yr R171.61/yr
2 Xneelo R79/yr R169/yr R219/yr R210/yr
3 Afrihost R197/yr R197/yr R190/yr R190/yr
4 Domains.co.za R79/yr R199/yr R215/yr R215/yr
5 Register Domain R75/yr R195/yr R195/yr R195/yr
6 Host Africa R79/yr R249/yr R249/yr R249/yr
7 Gridhost R99/yr R219/yr R249/yr R259/yr
8 Elitehost R75/yr R125/yr R125/yr R125/yr
9 Ecotel R65/yr R160/yr R225/yr R250/yr
10 Smartweb R79/yr R195/yr R195/yr R195/yr

Whichever registrar you settle for, remember to renew the domain before the expiry time.

Usually, a domain name is leased out only for a certain period of time after which, it is sold out again. Most registrars will offer the domain for a year. You can also transfer your domain from one registrar to another at a fee.

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