MWEB email

MWEB email

When you’re needing extra space to store your mails, MWEB is the way to go. With them, you not only get storage but also other functionality that come in handy.

About MWEB

Founded in 1997, MWEB is a leading internet service provider in South Africa. You can rely on them to give you the best connectivity solutions as  for email services.

MWEB Email Services

When it comes to email services, MWEB have a product called MWEB’s premium mailbox. They give you large storage space as well as extras like calendar, tasks, and briefcase features.

The options you have include the 50GB mailbox at R75 per month, and the 25GB mailbox at R59 per month. With the package you also get protection against spam and other malicious attempts.

What are the extras?

  • A tasks feature that let’s you create and monitor tasks
  • Calender functionality where you can create events, meetings, and appointments
  • Briefcase feature that allows you to save documents on the folder and edit them on the go. You can also share it with others if you are a domain customer.
  • Cloud storage- that means you can access your mails from anywhere.
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