How To Add Your Domain On OLITT

1.Login on olitt.com

olitt login page

2. If you do not have an account, use the Create account option

3. Click create website on top right hand

create olitt website

4. If you have existing websites, click websites to display them

Display websites

5.For new website, proceed to select the template you prefer to use


6. Once you select the template, customize it

A notification of successful addition will appear as below


Return to websites menu

7. On your specific website you want to add domain to

8. Click more actions as Below


Select the option connect domain name

Add domain on olitt.com


To register a domain to use, click purchase your own domain

Input the domain name you wish to register under the search bar provided


Availability will be checked and you will see results as above

Click purchase on the name you prefer.

You will see an invoice generated and payment gateway will be provided

olitt payment gateway

Once you pay, your domain will be registered and activated.


Now Return to olitt dashboard to connect domain

connect domain

click connect an existing domain

Enter the domain name under the add bar provided


Click add to continue with the process


Go to to DNS MANAGEMENT section to add your domain

Click Add domain button on top right hand as shown above

Enter the domain you are managing DNS for.

To confirm it was added successfully ,Olitt dashboard website section to see section as below

The domain name will appear below the olitt custom name

Finally update nameservers to those of olitt

Return to where your domain is registered and update nameservers to these below



Visit the website using your domain name

Website Builder in South Africa

Are you looking for a website builder in South Africa to help you launch your website online?

Discover a simple landing page builder that will help you publish a professional and beautiful page on the net in just a couple of minutes.

With olitt.com, you do not have to be a pro in coding, all you need is to use the drag and drop editor to create the website of your dreams and gain a robust online presence.

This website builder caters for apps, start-ups, entrepreneurs, SaaS, and every industry or individual looking forward to launching their site swiftly.

The website builder has unique and resourceful add-ons and features that help you create an interactive and stunning website. Let us find out more about them.

The platform

As the name suggests, this is the hub that supports a good number of tools on the website, these include SEO tools, SSL certificates, Domain names, DNS Management, and more that we will investigate in detail below.

  1. SEO Tools

Nobody wants a website without views on the internet. Search Engine Optimization tools are key in helping you get noticed online and reach your audience as targeted. Olitt.com helps you get as many conversions as possible on your website.

  1. Domain names

Did you know that getting a customized domain name increases your chances of being found online faster? At olitt.com, you can buy or transfer your domain name and get to choose from the over 400 name extensions available and at very friendly prices.

  1. DNS Management

Olitt.com simplifies your work by helping you manage your domain name records from a secure DNS management platform at no cost on top of supporting the DNSSEC.

  1. SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are key in securing your site on the wild internet. Olitt.com is a secure website builder as it gives you free SSL certificates for all your landing pages and websites.


Basically, these are landing pages addons that are prebuilt on the website builder to allow you to engage with customers, get feedback from clients, and make payments. Here is a highlight of what each of them does.

  1. Google Webtools

These are fundamental in evaluating your traffic using Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

  1. Payments

Olitt.com enables you to make payments on your websites by using PayPal and Stripe integrations.

  1. Global CDN

With this feature, you can enjoy the fastest loading speed for your pages and websites globally.

  1. Custom code

You can increase your connectivity by integrating platforms like Help desk, Livechat, and Facebook Pixel to your site.


They have one free plan and two that are premium. They are as shown below:

olitt pricing

Advantages of Using Olitt

  • Very affordable custom domain names; probably the cheapest from the market
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Free CDN
  • Hundreds of stunning website templates
  • Pre-built integrations
  • A secure site with free SSL certificates
  • The most affordable pricing plans in the market, with a free web hosting plan.

 Follow this link to learn more about Website Builder in South Africa https://www.olitt.com/ 

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