Register Domain SA: Registration Providers (Steps To Take)

Register Domain SA: Domain registration refers to the process of acquiring a domain name, which is a name that allows people to locate resources that are stored on the internet.

The most popular domain that is registered in South Africa is the.co.za domain name, which is the domain name extension for South Africa.

The .co.za domain name is offered by almost all domain registrars in South Africa, amongst other domain extensions such as .com, .org, .net, .capetown, and .africa.

Most South Africans prefer the .co.za domain which gives credibility for South African businesses, helps improve the SEO ranking for the website and is conveniently priced.

There several domain registrars in South Africa who provide the domain registration services.

The leading ones include:

A full list of all accredited domain registrars in South Africa is found HERE

Process of Registering a Domain Name in South Africa

To register a domain name, follow the following steps:

  1. Decide on the domain name that you want, and the extension that you want
  2. Visit a domain registrar’s website such as truehost.africa
  3. Use the search domain placebox to find the domain name that you want
  4. Explore the different available extensions, similar domain names, and pricing.
  5. Choose the domain name that you want
  6. Add to cart
  7. If interested, add hosting or any other additional service needed.
  8. Go to checkout
  9. Adjust name servers if need be
  10. Make the payment

Once that is done, your domain name will be registered. If necessary, allow for some time for the DNS to propagate.

From there, you can go ahead and use the domain name.

That’s a simple Register Domain SA guide.

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