Olitt is a  top website builder service allowing users to create  free websites and online stores without writing a line of code.

Some of the coolest HTML website templates and landing pages today are available at Olitt.com. In other words, Olitt is a free Website builder service that provides a free Website, or a free Landing page or a free Online Store to every new sign up. Olitt has designed some of the most stunning pre-built websites and Landing Pages across more than 100 website categories.

Business Use cases

Olitt templates and website are custom designed for particular business use cases. Some of the most popular business use cases include; Hotel Websites, Booking Websites, Barber Shops, Saas Websites, App Launch Websites, Grocery Stores Websites, Webhosting Websites, Plumbing Services Websites, Logistics Websites, Fashion Store Websites, Beauty and Salon Websites  and Electronic Online Shop Websites.

It’s important to select a matching business use case while designing a website. A matching business use case can save you time by providing digital assets such as images, blocks, add cart buttons, and color schemes among others relevant to your particular business use case.

Therefore, it’s faster to build a website or online store with a matching website template as compared to using an abstract website template.

Olitt also provides reusable blocks which allow a user to easily incorporate a website feature or section anywhere within the website body, popular blocks include email subscription block, slider block, footer block, Google maps block, Social Media section block among others.


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