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Free Domain names

Looking for Free Domain names in South Africa?

There are a few free domain extensions, this article list top domain extensions that are free and available to anyone in South Africa.

Top 5 Free Domain Extension available for South African Market

  1. .TK Domain Name
  2. .ML Domain Name
  3. .GA Domain Name
  4. .CF Domain Name
  5. .GQ Domain Name

Let’s look at each of the Free Domain names.

.ML domain name

.ml is a free domain for Mali in Africa.The top-level domain is offered freely as an initiative to increase domain use and internet use within Mali.

Why .ml? The domain is open for registration to everyone globally and is renewable annually at no cost.

.ml like other domains allows custom DNS management.

Advantage of .ml free domain

– The .ml domain is free to register and free to renew.

-The domain allows DNS management thus can be linked with other hosting services.

Disadvantages of .ml free domain

Free .ml domain, does allow personalized whois information, only details of whois information as

-.ml is managed strictly by freedom, unfortunately, you cannot transfer it to any other registry.

.TK domain

.tk domain is a free domain from Tokleau region of NewZealand.

The dot tk free domain initiative was launched for networking purposes. The .tk domain offers companies and individuals an opportunity to network with a unique identity over the internet.

Advantage of .tk free domain

Users of .tk free domain can buy and renew annually for free.

– Users of .tk can manage DNS and email forwarding to other hosting providers.

Disadvantages of the free .tk domains

-Users of the free dot tk domain do not have transfer rights from the Freenom domain registry.

– The free dot tk domain has a limit of a maximum of 1 year for the renewal period.

-With free dot tk, frequent abuse alerts are common since the WHOIS information provided does not give details of the registrant, thus lower accountability levels.

.GA domain

Dot ga domain is a free domain offered by state of Georgia.

The intended purpose was to boost online presence for businesses and internet users within State of Georgia.

Advantage of .ga domain

The renewal of .ga domain is done before expiry date at no cost. This ensures you do not experience any downtime.

The disadvantage of .ga domain

To keep your .ga domain, it needs an active website. Any .ga domain without a website can be deleted.

Sadly, transfer of registrant ownership of free .ga domain is not possible due to this limit of  WHOIS details to registry.


Special domains refer to free domains that are premium and set for sale by the free domain registry.

Most Web hosting companies and Cloud companies in South Africa do not support the free domain name extensions for security reasons.

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