Domain Name Search

Domain Name search refers to the process of finding an appropriate domain name for use online. A domain name is an online address that is used to locate resources that are located on the internet. This could be a website, a blog or any other page on the internet.

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is an address such as www.example.co.za. The name is used on websites and even in accessing email service, some of the domain name extensions used in South Africa include:

  • .co.za
  • .org.za
  • .net.za
  • .web.za
  • .ac.za
  • .gov.za
  • .school.za
  • .edu.za

Domain Search

Every domain name is unique. This means that one has to search for the domain name they want to ensure availability, before they can get it registered. To search for a domain name, one needs to visit the website of a domain name registrar and search for the domain name they need.

How to Search for a Domain Name

  1. Visit the web site of a domain registrar, such as truehost.africa
  2. On the home page, find the search option for a domain name. it will appear as shown below.
  1. Enter the domain name that you want.
  2. Click on search
  3. If the search results show that the domain is available, go ahead and order the domain name.
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