Cpanel vs Plesk

Without a hosting control panel, you may not be able to do much with your website. A control panel gives you a graphical web-based interface from where you can manage your site’s set up.

CPanel and Plesk are the two most popular web hosting control panels in the market. Although they are similar in many ways, they have distinguishing aspects that are enough to make you choose one over the other.

We’ll have a look at each of them but first:

What are the functions of a hosting control panel?

When you have a control panel, you can use it for the following:

  • Domain management
  • File management
  • Database management
  • Email accounts management
  • Stats viewing
  • Security management
  • Installing server softwares and web scripts

So, what are the differences between cPanel and Plesk?



cPanel dashboard

CPanel was first released in 1996. It came much earlier than others and therefore became the standard control panel in the market. It is compatible with languages such as Apache, MSSQL, and PHP.

One downside to cPanel is that it is not supported by Windows operating systems. Linux distributions that work well with the panel include Cloud Linux, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Since it only works with Linux, an open-source OS, cPanel hosting plans tend to be cheaper than windows-based Plesk options.

South African companies with cPanel hosting options include Truehost Cloud, virtual servers.co.za, Absolute Hosting, Host King, Cool Host, Mweb, Web4Africa, CyberSmart, SA Web host, Web Guru, and Click Works.



Plesk dashboard

Plesk was born in 2001 in response to the gap in the control panel for Windows platforms market. Since cPanels were only compatible with Linux distributions, Plesk was developed primarily as a panel for Windows systems.

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However, Plesk can as well run on a few Linux Operating systems. That means that if you’re looking for platform independence, Plesk is for you. Websites built with languages such as ASP.NET, .Net.core and other windows technologies will also require a Plesk panel.

Hosting providers in South Africa with Plesk hosting channels are such as

1. Truehost Cloud

2. Afrihost

3. Xneelo

4. Gridhost

5. Domains.co.za

6. Web4africa

7. Register Domain

8. Elitehost

9. Smartweb

10. Hostafrica

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