Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo SSL Certificates

A secure socket layer (SSL) is what you need to protect your site from malicious web users. The technology encrypts communication between the browser and website so that sensitive information does not leak to outsiders.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is proof that your site is sealed. With the certificate, visitors can better trust your site to protect their passwords, usernames, credit card details and other personal information.

Comodo is one of the leading certification authority (CA) that issues SSL certificates. The company is responsible for verifying domain and organization details of websites.

All secure sites come with a https prefix and a padlock icon in the URL address bar that web users can check to verify certification.

Types of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates can be classified into three types based on the level of validation. These are:

Domain Validation SSL (DV SSL) Certificate

With this type of certificate, the website’s domain details are checked against the domain registry. The organization information is however not vetted. The certificate is ideal for site owners who do not have a lot of security concerns. Websites with DV SSL will only have a https prefix and padlock icon on the URL address bar.

Organization Validation SSL (OV SSL) Certificate

Not only is the domain validated in this case, but also the organization or entity. Real agents verify the existence of the entity by checking against business registry databases owned by governments. The websites with an OV SSL will have information on the cerfificate accessible from the address bar- on top of the https prefix and padlock icon.

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Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) Certificate

This is the highest level of SSL certification. All the domain and organization details are vetted and confirmed to be authentic. Websites with this certificate come with a green address bar on top of all other security enhancements added to other sites.

Where do you get the SSL certificates?

You can get the certificates directly from a CA or from your web host company. The certificates can come with other products in hosting packages but can also be sold separately.

Some of the hosting companies in South Africa offering Comodo SSL certificates include the following:

1. Truehost Cloud

2. Afrihost

3. Xneelo

4. Gridhost

5. Domains.co.za

6. Web4africa

7. Register Domain

8. Elitehost

9. Smartweb

10. Hostafrica


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