.CO.ZA Whois: Know Who and Where a Domain is Hosted

.co.za whois: .za is the country code top level domain for South Africa, while Whois is a service that is used to check the registration information of a domain name.

The .co.za domain is the most popular ccTLD in Africa with thousands of domain names registered. It is administered by ZACR, which is the registry. To acquire a .co.za domain, one needs to purchase the domain name from the many accredited registrars such as Truehost, Afrihost, Mweb, domains.co.za, Axxess and others.

The Whois Service

Whois is a service that is used to check the registration information for domain names. This service works for all domain names such as .com, .org, .co.za, .co.ke and others. The information that is provided include:

  • Registration status, i.e of the domain is registered or not.
  • Date of registration, last renewal/update, and expiry.
  • The domain registrant
  • The domain registrar
  • Contact information for the registry and registrant
  • Security information like DNSSEC

Some of this information may not be provided by the domain registrar, as it could be retracted for privacy purposes or to comply with legal requirements.

Using .co.za Whois

The .co.za whois information can be accessed online from www.whois.com or other providers who allow the whois check on their platforms. However, the most reliable .co.za whois checker is the one provided by the .co.za registry. To access this .co.za whois, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit www.registry.net.za/whois/
  2. On the placebox that is provided, enter the name of the domain that you want.
  3. Click on search.
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