Cloud Storage in South Africa

Cloud Storage in South Africa

Cloud Storage in South Africa is becoming popular with organizations with big data demand. As the South African economy goes through digital transformation, more data is being produced and stored in cloud storage.

South African cloud storage market share is dominated by Google Cloud Storage – every Gmail user uses Google Cloud Storage in a limited or advanced way, One Drive by Microsoft follows closely and Dropbox comes third in the most popular cloud storage providers in South Africa.

Cloudpap Cloud Storage is the best of the Rest at fourth position. This according to a simple survey conducted by Truehost Africa.

Cloud Storage refers to saving of data in logical computer storage that are supported by a cluster of computer hardware and networks. Cloud Storage is designed to address the challenges of storing data in a single server or single computer including:


Cloud Storage unlike Single Server storage which cannot scale beyond its physical disk size, can scale across its pool of servers on demand.


 While a single server is vulnerable to failures in hard drives and networks, cloud storage is supported by a pool of computer storage servers and networks and therefore a failure in one computer does not affect availability and accessibility of the cloud storage.


Premises servers and Network Attached devices may only be accessed from the specific network. Cloud Storage allow secure access of data from anywhere, anytime.

Truehost Cloud in collaboration with Cloudpap offers one of the cheapest cloud storage resources in South Africa, here are the pricing plans.

Data Security

Truehost Cloud ensures all the data stored in the cloud is encrypted at Rest and in Transit. Data stored in Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft One Drive is only encrypted in Transit and is not encrypted at Rest.

Truehost Cloud Cloud Storage Clientele include:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Trading firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Software Companies
  • Real Estate companies
  • Logistic Companies
  • Retail Companies

Adopt Cloud Storage Services in South Africa now.

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