Cheapest Domain Registrars South Africa: Top 10 Providers

Cheapest Domain Registrars South Africa you can trust.

1.     1and1.com

1and1 is among cheapest domain registrars in South Africa charging US$ 0.99 with an annual renewal of US$ 14.99. They, however, do not have discounts for multi-domain registrations.

Cheapest domain registrars

2.      Namecheap.com

If you are aiming just to purchase domain names, Namecheap.com can be a great option. Private registration costs US$ 2.88 per year, whereas renewals cost US$ 10.69.

3.     Moniker.com

Moniker.com started as a domain name registrar but has grown to offer hosting and email services has an annual fee of US$ 11.99 with private registration costing US$ 4.00.

4.     Blacknight.com

One of the most popular domain name registrars, Blacknight offers US$ 6.69 for the first year and a renewal rate of US$ 15.58.

5.     Truehost.Africa

cheapest domain registrar

Truehost is among the cheapest domain registrars in South Africa. Their domain name registration costs are US$ 8.49 for the first year with renewal costs at US$ 9.99.

The reason you should choose Truehost is the handsome bulk domain discounts as well as discounts on multi-year registration.  They also offer hosting, SSL certification, virtual machines and email services.

6.     GoDaddy

For a regular domain purchase, GoDaddy is one of the cheapest domain registrars in South Africa charging US$ 8.99 per year with renewal costs of US$ 14.99 annually.

For more than 6 domains the cost is $9.99 per domain and with free private registration. Compare with this price.

7.     Hostway.com

Hostway known as a hosting company offers some of the best domain name registration rates of US$ 9.95 per year, with renewals at the same rate.

8.     Netfirms.ca

Netfirms.ca provides a domain hosting and email services. The annual fee is US$ 9.95 for the first year and the renewals cost US$ 11.99 per year making it among the cheapest domain providers in South Africa.

9.     HostGator.com

HostGator have wonderful hosting plans for whoever registers at a cost of US$10.00, with a renewal fee of US$ 15.00 per year. Their discounts are on hosting, not domain purchase.

10.     Network Solutions

Network Solutions sells a hosting package at US$ 34.99 per year which includes the costs of registering a domain name. They offer many free services to those who register.

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