Cheapest .co.za Domain in South Africa (Registrars List & Prices)

cheapest .co.za domain names

Looking for Cheapest .co.za domain in South Africa?

The domain extension you use for your website matters. When you choose a co.za domain, for instance, you give your website a South African identity that locals are well familiar with.

Being a country-specific domain, your website also gets preference on local users’ search engines.

It is most especially ideal for local organizations, small businesses, call centers, and other local companies.

To reserve a domain for your website, you will need to register with an accredited registrar at a fee. Usually, the registration is done on a year to year basis.

You will therefore be required to renew the domain yearly in order to keep it. The domain registration doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg though.

There are many companies that will register your .co.za at an affordable price. With as little as R50.00 you can get the domain.

Here’s a list of the companies with the cheapest .co.za domain in South Africa:

  Domain Name Registrars in South Africa.co.za registration price (Rand per year)
1.Truehost.AfricaR 50.00
2.RSAWEBR 50.00
3.GoDaddyR 50.00 (for the 1st year)
4.FrikkadelR 57.50
5.EcotelR 65.00
6.Register DomainR 75.00
7.Web SpacebarR 75.00
8.ElitehostR 75.00
9.GaranntorR 75.00
10.VehostR 75.00

Once you have your domain, it is time to register it in South Africa.

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