Free Wix Alternatives

Free Wix Alternatives


At this point, I Imagine you have heard about WIX.COM and probably you have thought of using Wix.com. Wix.com is very popular in South Africa. There are thousands of South African businesses and entrepreneurs on Wix.com

Have not heard about Wix.com

In case you have not heard of Wix.com, I will tell you what Wix.com is. Wix.com is a website builder or Website creator on which you can create a website with no coding, no programming. A website builder helps people with little or no web development or web design skills to produce stunning websites in a short time.

This is the new way of doing website, where anyone can create their own website and do not need the services of a programmer or web developer.

Wix Pricing

Wix is cheaper than hiring a developer, their packages start from $5 per month for a single Website.

Wix starting package has the following features

  • 1GB Bandwidth
  • 500MB Storage
  • Connect Your Domain

1GB Bandwidth

1GB Bandwidth means that assuming your website is 1MB in size you can probably support up to 1000 site visits in a month, since every visit will consume 1MB of bandwidth. This is quite low for any website with traffic since you can have just 100 web visitors coming back 10 times or loading your websites even 10 times in a single day.

500MB Storage

This is more than enough since you can host large files elsewhere e.g. Videos on Youtube and just use the link on your website.

Connect Your Domain

This is a feature that allows you link your custom domain to the website so that webs visitors can access you from your domain name.


Free Wix Alternatives

There are several Alternatives and some even present a better deal than Wix.

Olitt.com is the favorite.

Olitt – Free Wix Alternative

Olitt.com presents you with a simpler approach to Website creation than Wix and more important, Olitt.com present more features than Wix for Free consider this package:

  • Free Olitt.Com Domain
  • Connect Custom Domain (Can get domain at Truehost Africa)
  • Com Branding
  • Ssl Certificate
  • Seo Tools
  • Dns Management
  • Pre-Built Websites
  • 200 Mb Disk Space
  • 1 Website Package

This more than Wix.com paid package. You are probably wondering why am saying that yet Wix has 500MB disk space versus 200MB on Olitt.com.

The reason is simple you will probably need just 100MB for your typical website. Here is the trick

Host your video on Youtube – use the link on your website

Host your download files in One Drive, Google Drive, and Dropbox e.t.c – use the link on your website

This makes your website faster and you will not exhaust your bandwidth through few visits.

Other Free Wix Alternatives


Presents very clean designs and you will probably love their templates but their pricing are double the Wix pricing and therefore fails as a Free Wix Alternatives.


Better templates than Wix but your website may be slower as compared to Squarespace, Olitt and Wix. Weebly pricing is similar to Wix. Get started with $5 for the simple package, thereby it is not a Free Wix Alternative.


In case you are looking for an online store, Shopify may be your choice. Shopify though is 6 times expensive as Wix with starting package at Shopify being $29. This basic package is ideal for an online store and features include:


  • Online Store
  • Includes ecommerce website and blog.
  • Unlimited products
  • Staff accounts
  • Staff members with access to the Shopify admin and Shopify POS.
  • 24/7 support
  • Sales channels
  • Sell on online marketplaces and social media. Channel availability varies by country.
  • Multiple Locations
  • Manual order creation
  • Discount codes
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Gift cards
  • Shipping discount
  • Competitive shipping rates from DHL Express, UPS, or USPS.
  • Print shipping labels
  • Fraud analysis
  • Shopify POS Lite
  • Accept in-person payments instantly at pop-ups, markets, fairs, and more


Free Wix Alternatives Conclusions

Olitt.com is my recommended Wix.com alternative, it presents good number of beautiful prebuilt website templates, free package, big bandwidth limit, excellent support, faster website that any of the above. Olitt.com websites are supercharged by a Global CDN Network which means your website is fast from anywhere in the World.

Olitt.com also presents some features that you will definitely need including DNS Management, ability to buy or transfer domain, free SSL certificate, custom integrations among others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What payment gateways are supported on Olitt.com?

Olitt.com has Paypal and Stripe integrated for collecting payment.

Card check out feature was in progress at the time of this article and probably working as at now.

They are also working on Mobile Money payment gateway, check out Olitt.com for more details.

Can I transfer my Wix Website?

No, Wix.com does not allow export of website files just like many other site builders, you are not able to transfer your website to another provider.

Web Hosting In South Africa: The Ultimate Guide in 2020

In this guide, you are going to learn about web hosting in South Africa.

In fact, by the end, you will have a deeper understanding of what to do to get the best and most reliable hosting.

But, why is this important?

Well, there is a lot of noise out there, making it even harder to get that ultimate company to help house your website. As such, you should pay attention because if you get any step wrong, you may end up regretting later.

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • What is web hosting and types
  • How to pick the best hosting company/package
  • Best companies to consider
  • Many more

If you are looking for answers to any of these questions, consider sticking around because there is so much you don’t know.

What is web hosting in South Africa? (Why does it matter?)

Web hosting comes from two words: website and hosting.

Website, according to Wikipedia:

website (also written as web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

Hosting on the other hand is the process of allocating your website to the webserver.

Think of it as finding a ‘home’ to your website. And the ‘home’ in this case is a server, which is a special computer set aside to handle such special tasks as web hosting, calculations, storage, etc.

Hosting is a tedious job. You need money to run these servers and that includes maintaining them, updating, and keeping them secure. For this reason, no one individual can host their own website without the help of web hosting providers.

These providers are the ones responsible for everything hosting, all you have to do is pay a small fee and sit tight.

Now, web hosting comes in several sizes. To learn more about it, continue reading.

Types of web hosting in South Africa

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting in South Africa. This is because it is cheap.

Ideally, you are sharing a server with other users and that includes resources such as RAM, CPU, and disk space.

And this is where problems come.

Since you are sharing a server, you are sharing all the problems too. Things like security threats, when one of your neighbors is exposed, you will be too. Also, if one of the users is experiencing a spike in traffic, he will bite a huge chunk of hosting resources, and hence affecting the others negatively.

For this reason, it is advisable for those starting to use this type of hosting simply because their websites aren’t yet grown. But once it does, consider other options. Continue reading to find other better hosting options.

  1. Dedicated hosting

It is the complete opposite of shared hosting.

With dedicated hosting, you are the only one on the server. You aren’t sharing anything with anyone. All the RAM, CPU, and disk space are yours to use.

As you can already guess, it is much expensive as compared to shared hosting. And that is why it is only for special cases.

Who needs dedicated hosting?

  • If your website is receiving a high volume of traffic
  • Wish to run custom software and application
  • Your website or company handles thousands of transactions per day
  • You are looking for top-notch security

Well, dedicated servers cost a little bit higher. But there is a middle ground and you are going to love it.

In fact, what you are about to see gives you a chance to enjoy all the dedicated server features at the cost of shared hosting.

You can call it a middle ground.

  1. VPS hosting

VPS – virtual private server is a type of hosting where you are in the same server with other users, but instead of sharing resources, you have own (private).

Let me explain.

A server is subdivided into virtual department, thanks to virtualization. These sections are capable of running your own OS, which means you can install independent RAM, CPU, and have disk space.

VPS hosting is perfect for:

  • Those who want to upgrade their shared hosting accounts
  • Experiencing increased traffic
  • Looking to install custom applications
  • Enjoy dedicated server benefits at a cheaper cost.

While these are the most common terms you will find as far as web hosting in South Africa is concerned, there are others.

  1. Cloud hosting

Cloud is a network of servers located in data centers around the world used to host websites.

This is the new technology in this industry. Has made it even more secure to build a website.

Here is how it works:

When you host a website on the cloud, a copy of the files will be also made available in all of the servers under the network. So, in case one server goes down, you do not lose anything because the other servers kick-in and take over.

Isn’t that so cool?

Additionally, cloud hosting is more secure than physical servers. And you can access your files from anywhere using any device, as long as you have access to the internet.

Enough for the types of web hosting in South Africa.

Now, as you can see, there are so many decisions to make. For example, what plan should you choose? Which one is perfect for your business?

Continue reading to learn how to pick the best web hosting plan.

How to choose the best hosting plan (tips and tricks)

I will get right into it.

There are three categories of website owners:

Category 1: Those starting out (the beginners)

You fall under this category if you’ve never owned a website before. This is your first website. Even if your website if older but doesn’t receive at least 2K unique visitors per month, you fall under this category.

For beginners, your websites are generally considered ‘young’ and thus doesn’t consume a lot of server resources such as RAM and disk space.

As such, it is advisable to start small, with a shared hosting plan, for one reason.

It is cheap and hence doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your budget.

As you grow, you move to the next category.

Category 2: Growing websites (intermediaries)

You fall here if your website is experiencing increased traffic, at least 3K and above per month consistently.

Because your website is growing, you’ve started experiencing things like slow-loading pages. When you see that, it is a sign you need to upgrade.

Here is why:

You’ve outgrown the shared hosting environment. Technically, websites with higher traffic do not belong on a shared server.

Then where should you go?

VPS servers of course.

In there, you will have your own room and resources to support the growing ‘baby.’ More importantly, you are paying a fraction of less than what you’d have paid for a dedicated server.

Category 3: Big organizations (unique needs)

For big companies with:

  • Thousands of readerships per month
  • Want to run custom OS, applications
  • Receiving thousands of transactions per day
  • Ecommerce websites

And any other person with special needs that a shared hosting nor VPS can solve, a dedicated server is your choice.

With it, you have complete control of the server. Do all the customizations you want.

Take note of this:

It is recommended to start small and move up as you go, and as the need arises.

What you need to host a website

To host a website, you need:

  1. Domain name registration

This an address people will use to access your website.

It should be short, memorable, and have a connection with your business. Once you’ve decided on the name, find a provider to handle the registration.

Importantly, you can get a domain for free. Continue reading to find out how.

  1. Web host provider

 You need a company to handle everything from registration to hosting. Luckily, a dozen host companies are offering different packages. All you have to do is choose the one you need.

Here are some of the best web hosting companies in South Africa:

  • Truehost – offering affordable hosting, cheap domain names, email hosting, among other services
  • Afrihost – offers dedicated servers, Linux, Windows, reseller hosting, etc.
  • Host Africa – gives you affordable web hosting plans

Make no mistake, these aren’t the whole list. But these are the ones you can trust and check out now.

How much does it cost to host a website?

The cost of hosting a website ranges from R7 to R229.

Generally, it depends on your needs and the company you chose. Different companies have different pricing plans.

For example:

Truehost allows you to host a website from as low as R7 per month. You get a free .co.za domain name if you order a hosting plan.

Also, we have all the tools you need to supercharge your website, ranging from WordPress tools such as SEO resources, online marketing tools, and email resources among others.


What is a Website?

What exactly is a website? Almost everybody knows what a web page is, but when asked to elaborate in detail what it is, very few people can do that. Here we take a look at what is a website, and what it entails

Definition of a Website

A website is a collection of web pages and related components that are bundled together and accessible via a URL such as a domain name or an IP address. These are published on a web server and can be accessed through the world wide web.

An example of a web page or the page that you are reading this, or Truehost Cloud website. Together with other pages, media content and information meant to organize all these pages together, we get a web page.

What consists of a Website

A website consists of a number of things. These include the following:

  • Web pages
  • Content Management System that is used to help manage the page files.
  • Databases for storing the data.
  • The application for running the web pages.
  • SSL certificate to encrypt the data being sent or received from the site page.
  • A domain name that is an address to access the files.
  • A web server where the page files are hosted.

Types of sites

There might be many ways of classifying web pages, but here we are going to look at the two most distinct types of classification.

Static Websites

A static site refers to a site where the content is stored on the webserver and always sent to the client as it is. The appearance of the content is controlled using various protocols and the same content is served to all users who visit the site.

Majority of websites online follow this format and usually serve static content. This may also include photos, video and music.  For a static website, you cannot interact with the content and have no server-side processing.

Interactive Websites

An interactive website is where one can interact with the content of a website, by adding comments, signing up as a user and getting customized content. This is like YouTube, where when you visit the content is customized for you. Other examples include e commerce websites, news websites or even blogs.

How to Get a web page

Now that you know what is website, what is the process of getting one?

Getting a web page is simple, thanks to the availability of the information needed online (through the same websites).

Once you determine that you need a website, we have together a guideline for creating a successful website that can help you know what you need to do to get started. In addition, you can start a chat on this page and we will guide you through it.

Making Money With a Website: 5 Most Popular Ways You Can Increase Your Profits

Congratulations on building a website. It is not an easy task, especially if you’ve never done this before. But if you haven’t got one yet, it is not too late either. We have several guides here to help you move from an idea to finally building a beautiful website. Now you can move to making money with a website.

In this article, I want to reveal the 5 most popular ways you can implement now on your website to start seeing increased profits as soon as possible. But before that, here are a couple of things you need:

  • A website – you need a website with sizeable traffic.
  • Content – really valuable content. Your website should be having at least over 20 highly actionable articles published.
  • 1-3 hours per day to promote your website. Don’t worry, if you have a budget, you can use ads.

With that out of the way, let’s get right to these ideas.

  1. Add Google AdSense

making money with a website

Google AdSense is a program started by, yes, Google, to help content creators like you make money through their content. I bet you’ve seen ads on various websites with a little Ad icon at the corner, well, that’s Google AdSense in play.

making money with a website

What happens is that, when you click that ad, the website owner makes something out of it.

Basically, Google is forging a partnership with content creators where they serve ads on your content. And in return, you get to share the revenue, making it the #1 way of increasing profits.

Even with such possibilities, there is one downside.

Since your income from Google AdSense majorly depends on how many people actually end up clicking on the ads displayed on your site, it comes down to numbers game.

Let me explain.

The more traffic you have, the higher the amount of money you make. It is just that simple. But that’s not the whole equation.

  • The type of content also plays a part. To attract more readers, you need valuable content
  • Your niche also plays a role. Ads served on your website depends on the topics you write about. Some topics have higher CPC (Cost Per Click) while others have lower. As a result, your earnings will depend is influenced by where your content falls in this category.
  • Location of the ads. This is all about where you decide to display the ads. The truth is, there are some prime locations on your website that users are more likely to click than other areas.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making money through AdSense. But you get the picture.

  1. Self-publishing e-books

You know what eBooks are, they are digital books. Instead of the traditional, old-fashioned hard copy books, you can now read whatever you want right on the phone, tablet, or computer.

But here is what you don’t know:

Writing and publishing an ebook costs absolutely nothing.

That’s right.

Unlike the hardcover book where you have to enter into a contract with publishing companies, who end up ribbing you off, by the way, you can opt for ebooks.

  • Look for burning questions people are searching for, but getting few results. Use Google, go to forums like Facebook groups
  • Compile a list of possible solutions for the problem you identified in step 1 using MS Word
  • Put together the solutions in a book manner, like, include chapters, subheadings.
  • Design the cover and change the document into PDF

This may the simplest way of writing an ebook, but you get the idea. Writing an ebook is the ultimate money-making machine. The profits margin is 100% and best of all, you don’t share it with anyone.

One thing though:

Make sure whatever you are writing about makes sense. You can write an ebook about how to clean a house, no one is going to buy that.

  1. Open an online shop

An online shop allows you to sell physical products right from your website. All you have to do is add a shop section to the website.

Lucky for you, no need to code or higher expensive web designer.

There are several free shopping cart tools you can install. One of the best is Woocommerce. It is simple and straightforward. Add the plugin from the repository, activate it, upload images, and you are done.

Now, the job is actually having people come and buy. It all comes down to having a winning product, that people are looking for and willing to buy.

Yes, people can be looking for a product, but not willing to buy. You need to avoid such products.

What if you don’t have your own products?

Look at the next idea.

  1. Engage in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the holy grail of making money through your website. I can’t tell you how many people make a living, I mean millions of dollars by just recommending products they already use and love.

In fact, affiliate marketing is so effective, that some people opt to do it full time. They walk, talk, sleep, and eat affiliate marketing.

Is this possible?

Yes. It is very much possible. You just need to take care of some basics:

  • Have an already engaged audience. Build trust and relationship with
  • Recommend products, not for money, but because you want to help people solve their problems. For this reason, only promote products you have used
  • Join affiliate programs in your industry. If your website is in the health niche, it is lame to promote the autos industry. It will be hard to make a sale because there is a disconnect between the audience and the product you are promoting

Successful affiliates swear by building a raving following first before thinking of promoting products.

Give people what they want and then you will get what you want.

  1. Accepting sponsored articles

Here, other websites will be paying you to display their articles on your blog. Instead of being intrusive ads, sponsored content blends in with the website naturally. That is because the ads are related to what you already talking about.

making money with a website

It is the coolest way of making money on your website.

Final thoughts

These are the top 5 most profitable and popular ways of making money through your website.

How to Keep your Website Updated

How hard is it to keep a website updated?

It is a common experience for one to visit a website and find content that was created and posted 12 years ago. This is because many website owners never bother to update their websites and once the site is up, little is done to maintain it.

For a blog, one does not need to worry about keeping the website updated because blogs are meant to have fresh content as regularly as possible. This is the same case with eCommerce websites which are always full of new products.

However, corporate websites or business websites may not be regularly updated, and this is more common with small businesses that may not have a lot of content to post online. They also may not have the resources to do that. However, keeping websites updated is a very important factor today and every website owner should take it seriously.

Why you need to Keep Websites Updated

There are several reasons that necessitates this.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are the online maps that help us navigate the internet. These are services such as Google Search and Bing, and without these the possibility of being found online comes close to zero.

Search engines have a high propensity for liking new stuff and this means that you need to keep creating new content to remain relevant. There are a few exceptions to this, but generally, you need to have fresh content to remain relevant.


Websites are meant for people and people need fresh content to keep engaging with your website. If you need users to keep flocking to your site, you need to keep providing them with fresh content all the time.

In some cases, information can be static if it is expected that it is useful to new visitors or if it is the location of your business which may not change. However, you need to update the page once in a while in order to give your website a fresh look.

What you can do to Keep Content Updated

After creating your website, here are a few things you can do.

A website needs to be kept fresh through regular update
Just like everything else in life, a website should be kept fresh through updates

Update Old Content

If you have content that has been sitting on your website for a long time, you can consider giving it a fresh lease of life. This could involve checking to ensure that all information is correct and has not been outdated, or also adding new information that has been ‘discovered’ recently.

For example, if you had created a guide on how to do something in 2016, you can update this to reflect the current year or any situation that has changed. People will appreciate it more when they see that whatever information you are putting across is recent and this really matters a lot. No one wants to read an archaic guide.

Share Industry Information

One reason why people never add new content to their websites is because they do not know what to write.

The best content you can create is the one related to the industry which you are in. The world is full of information that many people can appreciate. Sharing information relevant to your brand can help you raise your brand awareness and get people to know you. It will also help build your authority in the specific field, something good for your business or brand.

To get this information, you need to know information that is related to your industry. It helps if you keep trying to gain more information for such purpose

Write About Current Affairs

What is happening in your line of business or profession?

You may be surprised most people outside that field have no idea. The little they know is what finds itself in the news. But even news depends on sources in the industry to update them and this source could be you!

One thing you can do is try and keep up with trends and news that relates to your blog. This you can then share it out through your website. This way, people will know that they can always come to your website when they need to know what is happening in the industry.

Write Interesting Information

You don’t need to keep it all professional. In many cases, people are looking for information that will raise their dopamine levels and just be happy.

To do this you will need to be creative and know what can interest your potential audience. You also need to draw the line between becoming a tabloid and being professional. Other information that can interest people would be something like job offers.

Get a Professional Content Creator

You do not need to to kill yourself of you are not able to generate content for your website. One approach you can take is to hire somebody to be doing it for you. There are many agencies that offer web design and can also maintain a website for a fee. These can take the pressure off you so that you focus on your core business. If you need a website and you do not have the time to keep the content afresh, you can always pay somebody to find it.


Whatever you plan to do to achieve this, it is important to keep your website updated all the time.  Failure to do so might make you irrelevant online. It is as good as not having a website.

7 Steps to Start and Grow a Successful Online Business

For some time now, you’ve been thinking about starting an online business. In this article, I will walk you through everything you need to know to speed up the process.

The truth is, starting a business can be daunting, especially if you are a complete beginner. Too much going on and if you lose focus, you might end up regretting down the line.

You don’t want that to happen to you, right?

I don’t either. And that is why I have compiled this guide to act as a road map to starting an online business you’ve always dreamed about.

Here, I will take you from finding that elusive business idea to the point you are ready to make your first sale.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

  1. Find a need and fill it

As an entrepreneur, your primary call is to solve people’s problems. It is not about the money, well, most of us think it is but it isn’t.

You should think about what problems exist in your environment that can you can adequately solve.

The mistake people like you, who are just starting always make is trying to find the product first and then look for the market second.

Don’t do that.

Do this instead:

Find a group of people looking for a solution to a problem, but not getting enough solutions.

How can you do that?

  • Join online forums and look at the type of questions people ask as well as problems they are looking for solutions
  • Use keyword research tools to identify popular keywords with less competition
  • Spy on the competition, not to copy, but be inspired. Look at what they are doing to fulfill the market need

Go back and use what you’ve learned to create a solution. And remember, you are curating it for the existing market, so make sure it is better than the competition.

  1. Use copywriting to sell

Copywriting is a technique used to move a person from a potential customer to a paying customer. You do that using only words, and that is the coolest thing about copywriting.

Here is how to do that:

  • Use a compelling headline to attract their attention
  • Describe the problem your product or service tries to solve
  • Show them why you are the right person to solve that problem (establish credibility)
  • Compile testimonials from your existing customers. If you don’t have any, invite beta-testers.
  • Introduce the product and discuss how it works to solve the problem (benefits)
  • Give an offer
  • Give out irresistible guarantee
  • Push them to commit by creating urgency
  • Eat that frog (ask for the sale)

That is how you write an effective sales copy. And throughout the copy, make sure you are making it what’s in it for the customer.

No one cares about you until you show you care about them.

So, you have moved from identifying a solution to a problem faced by the existing market, to creating a sales copy to push the solution.

What’s next?

  1. Create a website

Time to get serious with your online business.

It is time to create a beautiful website. But remember, you don’t have much time to waste wondering what to do here. We have a free website builder you can use to create a beautiful website within minutes.

One more thing:

You have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention once they land on your website, otherwise, they are out and you may never see them again.

For this reason, here are some few tips to consider:

  • Make the website navigation and design clear and simple. Avoid unnecessary clutter
  • Only add audio or videos if they help you sell, other than that, avoid them because they are a distraction
  • Add email opt-ins to collect email addresses (offer something for free in exchange for an email address)
  • Simplify the checkout process. The shorter, the better

Read this article to learn more about creating your website.

  1. Leverage search engines to drive traffic

There are two ways to dry traffic to your new website and make sales. One, through SEO (search engine optimization). This is a free way to drive targeted traffic by positioning your website to attract specific people. One downside is that it takes time for it to yield results. But that doesn’t mean it is useless.

The second option is PPC (pay per click) advertising. Here, you are paying Google to show your website to people who are searching for a specific solution. This is done by targeting certain keywords.

To do this, think about your target audience, what terms do they use when searching for solutions your product or service solve?

For example:

If you are selling weight loss supplements, people searching for weight loss products search for things like weight loss products. Go ahead and target that keyword.

  1. Build a reputation

Next thing is to establish yourself as the go-to person in your niche. You do that by building a solid reputation and positioning yourself as an expert.


  • Write free content, courses, training, and articles about your niche
  • Join industry forums and start contributing to arising questions you can solve
  • Encourage your readers to share the content with their friends.
  1. Take advantage of email marketing

Remember the opt-in you added above?

It will be collecting emails from your potential customers. Your job is to build a solid relationship with them through a series of emails.

Do not sell anything to them unless absolutely relevant. First focus on establishing a mutual relationship, then only mention your products when it makes sense to do so.

  • Send emails once or twice per week. Too much and you are annoying, too little and they will forget you
  • Offer training through emails
  • Use catchy headlines to increase open rates

Email marketing is the cheapest way to grow a business.

  1. Increase profits by offering to recommend more products

Do you know the best time to make more money?

When someone has just bought something from you. That’s right. She is showing you that she trusts you and that is why she bought from you.

You can reciprocate that by offering more products you think can help them even further. And that is how you make more sales.


Do not be pushy.

Final thoughts on starting an online business

If you want to start and grow an online business, these are the steps you need to follow. But if you have an established business, review these steps and see where you need to improve.

Guidelines to Creating a Successful Website

It is likely that you will need a website in the course of your life. If you are reading this, that time could be now.

Most people who are not familiar with websites usually start without a clear goal, or look at the website as the end goal itself. This should not be the case because a website should be a tool to help you achieve a specific goal. You therefore need to plan diligently and ensure that you have a formula for success, and the parameters that will define that success.

Once you have established that you really need a website, here are the specific things to consider.

Start with an Objective

A website for the sake of a website is likely a waste of resources. One needs to clearly define the end goal so that everything will be designed to fit that end goal

The objective could be raising awareness about your brand, creating publicity about your products, selling online, sharing useful information, creating a community or even protecting your brand online.

Once you have that information you are better placed to decide what will work for you, and it will inform the type of content that you are going to create.

Your cutomers are online. DO yuo have a website to reach them??
Most people are online and having a website is the best way to reach them

Prepare your content 

One of the most important steps is preparing content that can go into your website. Remember that you are the person who is best placed to provide the relevant content that you need, even before you seek external help.

What kind of content do you need to prepare?

First, think about all the information about your business or the entity that needs a website and put it into writing. Any bit of information that you think somebody should know ought to be written down.  From there, go ahead and search online to see what similar businesses and competitors have put online.

The second part involves the more technical work such as identifying keywords that you want your website to rank on and organizing your content in a way that is appealing to both people and search engines. If you are not familiar with this, get an expert to help you with this. Most web designers can also help you with this.

It is important to have this content ready before you engage someone to develop your website. This is because you are the best placed to know what you need, and when you engage a third party it will be about enhancing what you already have and covering the gaps.

Get a Domain Name and Hosting Service

You definitely will need a domain name and web hosting service. This can also serve as your email service.

There are many web hosting and email service provider you can choose from, and I will leave this for you to decide. If you need help with this, kindly contact us through our chat platform at the bottom of the page.

Get a good web designer

From there you need to have a web designer or a developer who will make your website become a reality.

You need someone who will help you present your content in an appealing way and make it presentable on the web. It is a similar thing to painting a house and working on the landscape to make a piece of real estate look attractive.

This is where you will determine what content appears on specific location of the website, as well as getting good graphics to accompany your content. A web developer should use their expertise to present the content the way it is designed, and this is quite a hard task that take time.

Publicize your Website

Once the website is ready, it is necessary to publicize the content and put a word out there.  What is the purpose of having a website that no one knows about?

There are several ways to achieve this.

Start with listing the website in directories, and adding it to your social media pages. Let your clients know about it and put it in all your publications and branding materials.

You could also consider promoting it using online ads. This would help put the word out there but in most cases it may not be necessary. With time, you will see your site start to show on search engines.

Keep it alive with content

A good website is alive, and need regular content and working on to keep it relevant. How can one achieve this?

For a website, you need to keep adding content that your users might need. This is because no one will keep coming back to see the old content. The best way to do that is to have regular posts, and you can consider having a blog section where you will be sharing this content.

Try to keep up with trend and any new information that could be useful for your website. If you cannot do this yourself, you can consider getting someone to do this for you.

Best Domain Name Generators: Top 5 Free Tools in 2020

Do you want the best domain name but stuck and don’t know how to get it? In this article, you will learn about a hustle free way of generating websites’ names without many headaches. We are talking about the best domain name generators.

What is a domain name generator?

The domain name generator is a very important tool that helps you generate hundreds of website name ideas. All you have to do is input a seed keyword, hit generate, and you are good to go.

As you already know, a domain name is like a brand. And you will be stuck with it for a very long time. As such, it should be short, catchy, easy to remember, and most importantly, should be available.

What does that mean?

You see, today more than ever, people are registering website names in thousands per day. As a result, there is a high chance that your website name if not already taken, will be very soon.

How does the website name generator work?

Say you want your website to include words like ‘car’, ‘fast’, ‘luxury.’ Well, you could create a combination of the three words and end up with a domain name like www.CarFastLuxury.com

Can you see what is wrong with such a name?

First of all, it is long and not memorable.

Second, it carries no meaning at all. Just generic.

So what do you do?

That is where the domain name generator comes in. Just feed it with the keywords you already have and let the search begin. Once you do that, you also specify whether you want a .com, .co.za, .org, or .net extension. It all depends on your needs.

Once you feed the necessary ingredients, the generator algorithm goes into search mode, combining the keywords, adding a suffix or a prefix here, and so on.

When it is done, your job is to pick the one you like from the list.

Here are some tips you should follow to make sure that you actually pick the right website name for you.

  • Pick the shorter domain name – they are easy to type and remember
  • Consider the domain extension – there are popular ones like .com, .net, and .org. But think about your line of business. For example, if your business will serve users from ZA, go with the co.za domain name. If you are an online store, .store extension could be the best
  • Go with the most catchy names – easy to remember because they actually stick on the mind
  • Avoid ones with hyphens and numbers – such names will cause you problems

Having said that, here are 5 best domain name generators you can try them now.

5 best domain name generators

  1. BizNameWiz


I consider it one of the best domain name generators.

All you have to do is enter the keyword and hit generate. Once you get the results, you can filter them based on the industry, specify the character count (remember we said the best website name should be 6-14 characters long), and also adjust to get one word or two-words domain name

  1. NameCheap

best domain name generators

NameCheap allows you to generate website names for free, thanks to its Beast Mode tool.

Once you are on their website, click on Beast Mode, and then add up to 5000 keywords, select preferred TLD (extensions), pick the category, and specify if you want to see the unavailable ones.

  1. Shopify Business Name Generator

best domain name generators

Shopify is an e-commerce site. But what you don’t know is that they have a very powerful business name generator available free of charge.

Although it may sound like you are looking for a business name, this tool actually gives you domain name suggestions, thus making to our list of best domain name generators you can try.

  1. NameBoy


Nameboy calls themselves the best domain name generator. It is easy to see why.

It is the oldest and most popular domain name generator in the world. Here, you can search for new business name ideas and get the website name instantly (before someone else does).

  1. Lean Domain Search


Lean Domain Search is a great tool you can use to come up with website ideas in seconds.

Just type the keyword into the search box and have a ton of ideas within no time.

Final thoughts

I have given you 5 best domain name generators. These aren’t all of them, but they should help you pick the best website name. And once you do, come back and start registering the website name.

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