What Is Website Builder And Why Does It Matter?

Every day new websites are being created. Everyone is migrating their businesses online. Well, today’s article is about website builder and why does it matter.

It’s always important to have an open mind, especially when choosing an alternative way of creating a website.

It has become easy and fast to create a website. Besides, there is also flexibility and complete control in creation.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that enables everyone to create, a website. It provides a codeless and design-free environment to create a website.

It is an easy drag and drop tool for creating a website. One doesn’t need to learn how to code or own a computer.

Website builders come in two forms:

1. Online website builders

This kind of site builder enables one to create a website fast using the Internet. This means that all the website files are saved online.

It is safe and flexible; it allows one to work from anywhere. Besides one doesn’t even need to own a personal machine to create a website.

With all that one can create a website and go live within 10 minutes. Also, you can add contributors to your site to help you build.

Offline website builders

Well, this is an in-house builder. This means that one creates their site without the internet from their machine; later upload it when done.

This means that you host your website files on your machine. It is not advisable as one is uncertain of what can happen to your device.

It is a good way though when creation without hurry and don’t have internet into your location.

Is it free?

Website builders come with freemium plans; free and paid plans. This means that creation is free however, to get the best features one needs to subscribe to a plan.

Free plans offer a few options for one to utilize. It always up to the user to check what works and how much value they getting from the payment.

Is a website builder safe?

Yes, they are safe.  Especially the online site builders, you control the website and who and when to access it.

There are many security features different site builders provide. It’s also up to you as the user to implement security measures.

What are the pros and cons of website builders?


  1. Easy to use

Website builders are very navigable; besides they provide the user with a drag and drop element to help one create.

The drag and drop tool enables one to create, edit, publish and also delete elements. It also offers one flexibility in creation.

  1. Flexible

One can work from anywhere. No need to even owning a personal machine since all your files are saved online.

Besides one can also add another contributor to help you in creation. It also offers one the freedom to change the website from anyplace.

  1. Cost-saving

Website builders come with freemium plans. This means it’s easy to create freely and also go live freely. 

Starting a website is everyone’s dream. However, at times it was hard due to the cost of hiring a designer.

With website builders you own the site; create and tweak your site to your liking without having to spend a dime.

  1. No coding or design skills required

Creation has become freestyle; no need to learning programming languages or take designing classes.

Website builders come with free templates one can use to create their site. They are customized such that you use the drag and drop and your site is done.

  1. Not custom designed

Well, as much as there are free designs; some are not to the user’s preferences. Unlike with coding that one can customize the look.

Sometimes it’s also hard to add your preferences. It limits your own creative designs and can be a disappointment.

  1. Limited pages

Some site builders are only one page; meaning that one cannot add many sites for their website. However, they offer a money-back guarantee.

What should you look for in a good website builder?

  • Ease of use- the purpose of a website builder is to provide an easy platform for the creation of a website. It should be an easy platform that is; has a drag and drop feature.
  • Affordability- well of course with freemium plans, there should also come affordable pricing for all.
  • Social media options- One should be able to share and connect to people through social media.
  • Lots of templates- well as a free site builder it should provide many options to choose from.
  • Responsiveness- one should be able to create without a glitch. It should provide a smooth creation environment.

There are many other reasons one should keep in mind. However,  it’s you to know what you want.

Website builders provide an easy, fast, and user-friendly platform to help everyone create and go live instantly.

Well, why does a website builder matter?

As stated earlier about flexibility; at times one finds themselves on a deadline when it comes to website creation. However, one can always beat this deadline by using a website builder.

Website builders also allow one to enter a custom code; this means you can tweak a few elements that will leave your site looking amazing.

Website builders have come to cut down costs and increase productivity. A few years ago one would have to wait months to have the best website.

It saves time; with barely 10 minutes one can create the best website and go live. Besides you need no plans of hosting because it’s provided.

At OLITT all this is provided for free! One can create and start transacting within 10 minutes and guess what it’s secure too.

OLITT provides FREE SSL certificates for all your sites. 

Features of OLITT:

  1. It’s free!

Creating a website on OLITT is free. One just needs to:

  • Visit the homepage
  • Click on either Create your free website or Get started
  • Choose your template 
  • Continue to register; you can use Gmail or Apple account to sign up
  • After signing in continue to edit your site.
  1. Secure

OLITT provides free SSL certificates that enable your site to be safe. This means it’s safe from malicious people who would want to destroy your site.

  1. Free domain connect

Connecting a custom domain is free! Doesn’t matter where you bought it from Here is Truehost the best service provider for Domains, Hosting, and all your website queries.

  1. Cheap domain names

OLITT offers one a chance to purchase domains. It has customized plans that everyone can use and leave their site looking professional.

Well, now you have an idea of what a website builder is; also you know why it matters. Create and go live instantly with OLITT.

Give your business the boost it needs; get to reach out and perform your transactions online fast and easily.

Created A Website? Here Is How To Make Money With A Website

Making money is crucial. People are always finding ways on how to make money with a website. Starting a website is now easy. It barely takes less than 10 minutes and besides, it is also free!

Free, yes… At OLITT, creating any website is free, so is hosting and if you still low on budget; you can use the OLITT subdomain.

Imagine transacting online for free! Reaching out to people without having to spend a dime. OLITT is the best website builder that is offering to help everyone get online fast and easily.

Does a website cost money?

Yes, but however there are freemium website creators. This means you can create a free website, transact online and publish for free!

Maintaining a website is not that easy. One needs to always keep the site updated, keep checking on security, and many others.

However, all these can be taken care of by a website builder; you don’t need to pay a web designer to perform all this.

How do you create a website?

There are two ways one can create a website:

  • The freeway
  • The paid way

The freeway- this involves using site builders like OLITT to create. Site builders offer simplicity, reliability, and save cost.

One also is able to plan and implement different stages to use for the website. Besides one is accountable for their plans.

Here is how to create a website with OLITT. This is what you need to have:

  • Aim- this is the reason for creating the site, the goal behind it what one is intending to benefit or solve.
  • Name- this is what people will be seeing. It is what will sell your site; what people will be talking about. A good name should be catchy and speaks for your website.
  • Content- every website requires to be updated daily. Content is what you will be sharing with people.
  • Design- this is what how your site looks like. A good design is easily navigable and easy to use.

Of course, there are many other considerations one takes. Here is a good read on what to keep in mind when starting a website.

The paid way- here you hire someone to create for you. This means they will have to create from scratch by coding.

This method involves time schedule which means that it has to be delivered on time. However, it is not efficient when you are in rush to go live fast.

Websites are the best tools to help one reach out to people. Besides they offer flexibility and convenience.

Now you have a known how to create a website; let’s find a way on how to make money with a website.

Here is how to make money with a website:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is targeting a certain number of people to market a product or service of a certain organization. 

Through this marketing, the affiliate gets to earn a certain amount of commission. After the sales, one gets a piece of the profit.

The affiliate is divided into two:

  • CPC (cost per click)- with this you earn as per clicks, one doesn’t have to make a purchase for you to earn.
  •  CPA (cost per acquisition)- this means one has to purchase from your links for you to earn.

Linking your site with affiliate links can make you earn. So long as people get to click on the links.

Having a good website with good traffic will contribute to your success. Besides affiliate links are easy to create and track. 

2. Banner Adverts

At times ads appear annoying especially when they keep popping up.  However, these pop-ups can be adding dimes into your pocket.

Google Adsense is the best way to start with ad earning. They simply embed a code that will display relevant ads with your content.

Another way is selling ad spaces to companies; this means offering them an advertisement space on your website. 

This office space opening is negotiable; meaning you can choose the type of ads to display and the price.

3. Reviewing Products

One can make arrangements and agreements with different companies. This can be structured in pay per view and also pay per purchase.

Reviewing means giving a thumbs up on a product. Giving a piece of convincing information for people to get the reviewed products.

Startup companies will be willing to pay you for reviews. New products coming into the market also need reviewing.

It all comes to an agreement you make with the product manager. Make money by just giving an honest review.

4. Selling Online

This is another way on how to make money with a website. Selling online can be done with digital products or physical products.

Physical products hosted without a physical location. This means creating an online store.

The store can be a way of advertising different products for different organizations. It’s also a way to connect sellers to buyers.

Digital products like E-books can bring you easy cash. It is also convenient since also you can use social media platforms.

Besides, most people have a way to be online. With many trends and platforms available it easy to get in touch with people wherever. 

5. Creating an Online Course

People enjoy flexibility. An online course will bring you cash. How? Well, by providing the best courses and having a payment plan for the course.

Online courses provide flexibility, besides it allows one to set time and accessibility to the course.

The courses can be set in the form of subscriptions or pay per course. Well, get that course ready and have a payment method.

6. Posting Sponsored Posts

Sharing the sponsored posts can earn you dimes. How? It is easy since the post is paid for by the owner; as visitors of your site click the link you get an extra dime from them.

However, one ought to be careful not to post irrelevant content. Make sure the post content inline with your site.

7. Create YouTube Content

Youtube can be an extension to your website. This means using Youtube to post videos and sharing the link or embedding them into your site.

Let’s say you are talking about cars; the Youtube content can display the types of cars and other features in video form.

Youtube is easy to be monetized. However, one also needs to be careful not to infringe rights or violate laws.

Digital content is easy to create and it is also easy to make mistakes. Not to create a hoax and fake information make sure to conduct thorough research.

8. Selling your website

Well, your site has been up and running and has good traffic; but feel like change is good? Consider making money from it.

Sell it. How? Through adverts, social media; indicate the features, impressions, and the amount you are selling.

Selling a site will bring you more cash to start another business or even purchase another site.

9. Accepting Donations

Donations can be created on your site as a way to fund or support the good work you are doing.

It is easy to set up a donation. Look at a page like pexels; people provide their photos and videos for free and there is an open donation platform for everyone who wants to support them.

Making money is the goal for everyone. However, websites cost; especially in maintenance, one needs a way on how to make money with a website.

Making money with your site will save costs. This means that the website will be able to pay for its costs.

It makes sure that you don’t need to go back into your pocket to pay for your website. As we talking about websites here is a good deal.

Deal? Yes…

Truehost Africa has the best deals to keep you online. From servers, cloud backups, hosting, and many others truehost offer the best platform for you.

Truehost is also cheap and reliable. Oh, the support team is the best and always ready to help when you run into trouble. Also, remember to get started at Truehost for the best offers. All the best as you dive into money-making from a website.

Now you have insights on how to make money with a website; use the 9 recommendations and start earning now.


How To Create A WordPress Website

Did you know that WordPress powers about 27% of all websites? Getting to know how to create a WordPress website is undoubtedly a major hack.

In this article, we will guide you on how to successfully create a website and get the best out of the incredible WordPress resource. Are you a newbie in website creation? This article is just for you to unravel the ease in how to create a WordPress website.

Before we dive right into building the website, how about we familiarise ourselves with what WordPress is.

Quick Facts About WordPress

  • WordPress has been in existent for 16 years in 2021.
  • It dominates 76.4% of the Content Management Systems (CMS) market share.
  • WordPress is free and open source which is open for anyone in the world to download and use.
  • It is not owned by a particular company neither does it have a CEO. It is usually run by volunteers from around the world.
  • WordPress provides vast opportunities to professionals worldwide who sell products and services and other solutions provided by WordPress.
  • They have an unmatched record of about 1.48 billion plug-in downloads.
  • It is a multilingual resource that supports more than 68 languages worldwide.
  • WordPress uses the MySQL database in addition to being written using the PHP programming language and 20% of it is written in JavaScript code.
  • It has an inbuilt system that automatically updates itself.
  • You can create multiple sites using a single WordPress installation.

Steps to follow in creating a website

Highlighted below are simplified steps on how to create a WordPress website.

Step 1.

  • Build a brand-new site and come up with a WordPress username and password.
Creating a WordPress site

Step 2.

  • Get started by selecting a domain name.

Getting a domain name is one of the most crucial parts of your website. This will be your identity on the internet and therefore you must do it right. Click here for guidance on smart tips to get a good domain name. A quick pro-tip is making it:

  • Relatively short
  • Match it to your brand name or a name closely related to it.
  • Easy to remember.

Step 3.

Purchase a Web Hosting plan and Domain. After getting a good domain name, you can register it on WordPress for hosting. The domain hosting package comes with the following advantages:

  • Free for the first year
  • Dozens of free themes
  • Access to unlimited email support
  • Money-back guarantee

Before selecting a hosting plan, you must determine the purpose of your site. Most importantly if you want to go big or just maintain a small site. This will inform the plan you choose as they all come with varied functionalities. However, you can always upgrade your site to a higher plan.

The following are the plans that you can choose from.

WordPress picking a hosting plan

After selecting the plan that you will use, you will be taken to the billing page where you can fill in your billing information and confirm your payments.

Ensure that you check all the appropriate boxes, read through the terms of service, privacy notices, and the cancellation policy. Finally, you can click the confirm box to show that you agree with the policies.

Step 4.

Choose a WordPress theme by selecting from one of the numerous templates.

How to choose and install a WordPress theme

On the menu bar at the left side of the dashboard, choose the option “themes” as highlighted above. Scroll down to find a theme that will be suitable for your brand.

If you find that the generic themes do not meet your standards, you can upgrade the premium plan. The good news is that you can always go back and change the theme if you do not like it.

After choosing your preferred theme, click on “Install theme” at the top right corner as highlighted in the image above. This way, your theme will be ready for use on your new website.

Step 5.

Editing your websites homepage

The inbuilt customizer allows you to only customize the outlook of the active theme design that you have installed. To edit the homepage layout, for example adding the header and footer, you have to edit the homepage of your theme.

Normally, you need coding knowledge to customize the homepage of a WordPress theme. Another way to do it would be to use page builder plugins like WPBakery page builder or Elementor. When using these plugins you do not need to have any coding knowledge.

To edit a theme that is build using a page builder, click on the pages section on the left menu bar, find the Homepage and edit the page using the plugin that comes with the theme.

If you want to fully customize your homepage, you can install the Elementor plugin and create a brand new outlook. Here is how to do it:

  1. Install the Elementor plugin

On the menu bar at the left side, select plugins as shown by the red arrow below and then select the Elementor plugin. Remember to select Install on the top right corner and activate it.

Inserting the Elementor plugin on WordPress

2. Create a new homepage

Go to the Pages option on the menu and select New HomePage. Give the page a new title and then select the Elementor Canvas on the page attributes menu. Select the option Edit with Elementor to start customising the homepage.

3. Customize and Publish

When editing using Elementor, you can choose to use a pre-made template or create a design from scratch.

Elementor provides numerous free templates that you can choose from as much as the premium option offers better designs.’

After customizing the homepage to your desirable preference, you can publish the page.

Step 6.

Editing the mobile version of your WordPress site.

WordPress themes have mobile-responsive designs. This advantageous because they are already optimized such that any changes you make on your website will look good on mobile devices.

Some other themes allow you to customize the mobile version separately so that it looks different from the desktop design. You can find these different options on the dedicated theme settings page.

An additional option would be to use a plugin to create a mobile version for your website. This works well for old themes that do not look good on mobile devices.

Remember to install and activate the plugin. Afterwards, you can choose the WPTouch settings page, choose a mobile design, and personalize it to match your branding.

Step 7.

Changing font on WordPress.

Using a great font on WordPress is a great way to improve the readability of your website. This is key especially for those who have blogs, it becomes easier to read the articles with a good font.

Premium themes allow you to make changes from the page customizer. A second option would be to use a third-party plugin to add custom fonts to your site. Another reliable option is to use Google fonts which you can get a free plugin.

In Conclusion

There are numerous things to learn about how to create a WordPress website. However, it is one of the easiest website builders to use. What’s more, is that you can scale your website to any desired level you want to keep your brand thriving on the internet by preferably upgrading to the premium plans.

You can click here to get additional tips in enhancing your WordPress website.


How To Start A Website In South Africa in 2 Easy Steps

In this article, you are going to learn how to start a website in South Africa.

Here, you will get everything you need to know to create your own website as fast as possible.

Without wasting your time, let’s get started.

Why start a website in South Africa?

 Whether you are creating a website for personal or business use, there is something you need to know.

This is a graph of internet users in South Africa as of 2020 (source: Statista).

internet users in south africa

This graph includes a projection up to the year 2025.

As you can see, there were over 30 million internet users here in 2020 here in South Africa.

And that number is projected to go over 34 million by the end of 2021.

What does this tell you?

If you are selling something or seeking to make money in South Africa, you need to be where everyone is; online.

Truth is, there is no better way to do that than having a website.


  • A website gives you the freedom to do other things because it operates 24/7
  • It is automated, which means you do not need to hire anyone to watch over it.
  • Simplifies the money-making process, thanks to set-and-forget systems
  • It is cheaper than any other business out there (more on this later. 

Requirements to start a website in South Africa

What do you need to create a website?

One, you need a domain.

How To Start A Website In South Africa: Pick A Domain Name

What is a domain?

This is the special web address people type into their browser to access your website.

A website name.

For example;

The domain name for this site is www.truehost.africa

Whenever you type that into your mobile/desktop browser and hit enter, you end up on our website.

So, you need one like that.

 how to start a website in South Africa

A domain is in two parts;

  1. The domain name – the first part, like, truehost, Facebook, etc.
  2. Domain extension – that last part, for example; .com, .africa, .co.za

Here is a tip;

Pick a domain name that reflects the topic/niche of your website.

For example;

OnlineTradingGuides.com tells you outright what it entails; online trading, right?

You can follow the same idea.

 Lucky for you, here are some detailed guides we’ve created to guide you through the process.

How To Start A Website In South Africa: Web hosting account

 The next thing you will need is a hosting account.

This is where all of your website files will be stored, things like articles, videos, and images.

It also comes with the resources you will need to run your website.


  • Bandwidth
  • CPU (RAM, and Processor)
  • cPanel account

There are different types of web hosting in South Africa. This article explains everything you need to know.

Also, this article gives you insights.

How much does it cost to create a website in South Africa?

The cost of hosting a website ranges from R50 to R191 per month.

But depending on your needs and the company you chose, you can get different pricing. 


Because different companies have different pricing plans.

For example:

Truehost allows you to host a website from as low as R50 per month. You get a free SSL certificate if you order a hosting plan.

 how to start a website in South Africa

Also, we have all the tools you need to supercharge your website, ranging from WordPress tools such as SEO resources, online marketing tools, and email resources among others.

We have an article discussing hosting pricing in South Africa.

Now, once you have a domain and a hosting account, you are almost done.

Your next step is to install a CMS system.

This is a software/tool you will use to manage your content.

One of the most popular ones is WordPress.

installing wordpress when creating a website in south africa

Here is an article showing you how to install WordPress.

After that, create pages such as;

  • About us page
  • Contact us page
  • Blog section

And then start publishing articles.

 how to start a website in South Africa

And that is how to start a website in South Africa.

How do I create a free website in South Africa?

As you have seen, creating a website comes with a cost;

Question is;

Can you create a free website in South Africa?

Answer; Yes.

And here is how.

To create a website for free in South Africa, go to https://www.olitt.com/

how to create a free website in South Africa

OLITT is a website builder that allows you to create a website for free.

With this tool, you do not need coding skills to start a website in South Africa, thanks to over 200 website templates.

Once on the site, click on the Create A Website button to get started.

Now, pick a website category.

how to create a free website in South Africa


These categories contain website templates you will use to create your site.

For example;

If you are trying to create a website for your marketing agency, choose the agency category.

how to create a free website in South Africa

Browse through available templates and pick the one you like.

The next step is to create an account.

Here, you can either use;

  • Email and password
  • Google Account (Gmail)
  • Apple account.

Finally, editing.

how to create a free website in South Africa

Everything you need is within reach.

Just drag and drop elements to your site.

And that is how to start a website in South Africa for free.

Wrapping up

As mentioned, you need a domain and hosting, use the following links to get started;

How to un install the WordPress installation using softaculous app installer

To uninstall a wordpress installation on softaculous , the installation should be visible under softaculous app installer as below

Login to cpanel to check if your installation is available under script installation


1.Use login details provided by your host to login to cpanel.

2. Under software section , click the softaculous app installer option


3. Click under All installations icon inform of a box on top menu to display all wordpress installations

All installations option

4.If your installation does not appear on list, proceed to fetch it by clicking the Import installation icon on top menu

manual installation on softaculous app installer

Select manual installations options , so system can search for any existing installation

The available installation will now appear under script installations

To remove installation, go to specific link of website which you wish to uninstall, and click the X symbol at its end.

remove installation

The X symbol once clicked will give you a prompt form as below, allowing you to select what to remove.

removing installation form on softaculous app installer

If partially removing some items, deselect the specific selections you wish to retain then click remove installation button.

Tick on all the selections , if removing the whole wordpress installation and click the remove installation button.

A prompt will appear as below

Removal prompt on softaculous app installer

Click ok to confirm deletion process.

Click cancel if you do not wish to proceed with deletion.

On successful deletion, message below will appear:


How to un-install theme on wp dashboard

Login to the wp dashboard of your domain

Go to appearances section, select Themes

Click add theme on top of the page, to select a different theme

Select new theme

Click Install option

On successful installation, click Activate button to make it active.


Now the old theme becomes inactive while new theme added becomes the active theme

The message below confirms successful change of theme.


Click Visit site to see new way the site appears

How to uninstall plugin on wp-dashboard

Login to wp dashboard of your website

Go to plugin section, installed plugins option

uninstall plugin on dashboard

The plugins will be displayed as below

display installed plugins

Click Deactivate option to uninstall the plugin

You may also use Delete option if you no longer need the plugin in future

[Guide] How To Start An Online Business In South Africa

Wondering how to start an online business in South Africa?

In this article, I will walk you through all the steps you need to actualize your online dreams and start making money as soon as possible.

To make it even sweeter for you, I will throw in some of the best and most profitable online business ideas in South Africa.

And to make it more actionable for you, I will use examples on each step from the ideas I will give you.

Sounds interesting enough?

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

What’s an online business in South Africa?

I know what you are thinking;

Who doesn’t know what an online business is, but wait for a second.

Without a clear definition of what we are talking about, it is easier to be lost in the woods.

In fact, this is the exact reason why you’ve been kicking tires and not getting anywhere with your dreams.

And why you are here seeking to understand how to start an online business in South Africa.

As per the dictionary, an online business is any kind of business or transaction executed over the internet.

From this alone, you can a lot about online business;

First, you need a transaction.

This is where the business ideas come in.

The second part is about the internet. This is the medium upon which your transactions will be based upon.

And that is why you need a reliable internet connection to get your ambitions up.

Now, there is an invisible part that is so important to the online business venture.

How important?

Well, without it, I don’t care how great your business idea is, or how fast your internet connection is, you are bound to fail.

So what is it?

Well, it is about the target audience.

I will talk more about this later on, but for now, just know that without the right audience, your ideas are worthless.

Why online business in South Africa?

Why is everyone rushing to start an online business?

What is it about it that is so attractive?

To say the least, running an online business is the ultimate dream maker.

You will understand this if you have an offline business (that electronics shop, a grocery store, and such), also known as brick and mortar business.

See, with such a business, you are required to show up every day for at least 7 hours to make money.

Forget all that with an online business.

You will be open for business 24/7/365.

And yes, you can be making money while you.

How about expertise?

Well, you can start an online business and not do any work.

Yes, you can outsource all the work to be done by experts who understand more about the area.

And one more thing;

You don’t need any capital to start an online business in South Africa, well, not all of them though. Some businesses will require a minimal investment upfront.

Profitable business ideas in South Africa

Your online business is as good as the idea you are chasing.

This means that businesses are not the same. Some make money fast, while others take some time and a little effort for you to see the ROI (Return on Investment).

Question is, how do you know what business idea to pursue?

As Warren Buffett, the best investor of all time, once said, you learn through mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be your own.

By looking at what others are succeeding in, you start to see a pattern emerging. And you almost instantly know that there must be a reason why they are doing so.

Now, based on what everyone is succeeding on, here are some of the best online business ideas to start now in South Africa.


Blogging comes from a blog.

A blog is a website or a web page.

Blogging, therefore, is the art of posting articles or sharing opinions on a blog (website).

To start blogging in South Africa, you need two things;

  • A website – To get a website, you need a domain name. Go here and read a guide on how to start a website in South Africa
  • A topic – they call it a blogging niche. It is essentially the topic you will be writing about.

With all these sets, all you now need is smart work and consistency.

How to make money blogging in South Africa

The reason for starting an online business is to make money, right?

There are so many ways to make money through a website in South Africa, and here are some of them.

  • Offering advertisements – you can sell ad spaces on your blog through AdSense or directly to companies
  • Accept post sponsorships – here, people pay you to post articles on your website reviews – get paid to review products
  • Consulting – you can offer your services to clients through a website
  • Selling leads – you can collect leads and sell them to companies, see below for more on this.

There are more ways to make money blogging in South Africa.

Selling leads

Every business needs customers to survive.

Too bad it is a struggle for some companies to generate leads consistently, which is where you come in.

For example;

You can start a website targeting those people looking for moving services. Collect their details and sell them to moving companies.

It is a lucrative business because the leads can be generated automatically on your website.

And when you wake up, call the companies asking them who wants new customers.

Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, your job will be to promote other people’s products and services.

And in return, they pay you in commissions, as a thank you for sending them paying customers.

For example;

Sign up for our affiliate marketing program and get a 10% commission on every customer you point our way.

You will get a unique affiliate link.

This is what will help us attribute the sales to you, and then getting paid eventually.

Once you have the link, start sharing everywhere you can, but remember to be strategic.

Social media consultancy

Your job here will be to help companies achieve their business goals through social media.

All you have to do is understand what they wish to achieve.

Once you have that, sit down and draw a plan on how to use social media to get that.

For example;

If their goal is to generate more revenue through social media, you can draw strategies like using Facebook ads to drive more sales.

Now, as for the money, you can agree on a retainer basis plus commissions, or one-off payment, whichever works best for you.

Virtual assistant

That is exactly what it sounds like.

You are someone’s assistant, but instead of sitting at the front desk, you are in your house.

Here, you will be helping busy entrepreneurs get some work done remotely.

And in return, you get paid per hour.

To get started, you need skills that people are willing to pay for. Such skills include social media management, content creation, and others.

Once you have the skills, the next step is looking for clients.

Now, these are some of the most profitable online business ideas in South Africa.

I say ‘some’ because the list is long, and couldn’t get all of them here without making this guide on how to start an online business in South Africa long and boring.

With that out of the way, let’s look at how to venture into these businesses.

How to start an online business in South Africa

Once you have an idea, here are steps you can take to turn it into a real business.

Step #1: Find an idea

Well, just adding this to make sure you get it.

A business idea is a must-have.

And as we mentioned, not all business ideas are the same; some make money fast, while others take time to generate results.

To find that better idea, look at the competition.

You don’t have to come up with a completely new idea no one has ever heard of.

In fact, if you find an idea and there is no one already doing it, ditch it like hot coal.

Competition is a sign there is a market and money to be made.

Step #2: Find the market/audience

I know you will be tempted to go directly to executing the idea.

Well, not so fast cowboy!

First, assess if there is a real demand for the product or service you want to start.



If you are starting a blog about online trading in South Africa, go online and see if anyone is looking for answers.

To do that, you can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest.

With no audience, you don’t have a business.

Step #3: Conduct competitive analysis

As mentioned, competition is a good thing when you want to start an online business in South Africa.

You get to prove that the idea is viable, otherwise, they wouldn’t be there, right?

Secondly, you get to learn from their mistakes.

For example;

If you are going after virtual assistants business in South Africa, you can look at what others are charging and their skills.

Also, they help you tailor your pitch to fit the target market.

On the other hand, for blogging, you can look at the keywords the competitors are ranking for, and then target them as well to rank alongside them.

Step #4: Have a business plan

Without a plan, you are planning to fail.

Yes, even an online business in South Africa requires a plan.

For example;

If you are going after blogging in South Africa, your plan should include things like a content plan (article ideas you will be publishing).

Step #5: Get a website and domain

An online business is conducted over the internet.

Depending on the business you are going after, you will need a website.

In this guide on how to start an online business in South Africa, a website is a must-have if you need the best and fast results.

For example;

A virtual assistant business will require a website where you showcase your skills to potential clients.

On the flip side, as an affiliate, you don’t need a website. But having one gives you the power to take control of your revenue.

For example;

You can implement conversion optimization strategies to increase the chances of your visitors clicking on the links, thus making you more money.

Truth is, you cannot do that if you don’t have your website.

Step #6: Go legal

If you take one thing from this guide on how to start an online business in South Africa, take this;

You will need to operate a legal online business.

So make sure you understand the law governing online businesses in South Africa.

This way you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law.

For example;

If you are starting an online store in South Africa, you will need licenses and permits.

Things like registering for taxes and other legalities.

Just take care of them before you proceed.

What to do next

As mentioned, you need;

You have everything you need to start an online business in South Africa.

Guide To Cost Of Hosting A Website In South Africa (Table)

What is the cost of hosting a website in South Africa?

In this article, we reveal the real numbers not mentioned anywhere else. See, creating a website is an investment.

It doesn’t matter why or what you are building it for, at some point, you will have to dip into your pockets to sustain the growth of your site.

And now that online businesses are growing at an exponential rate, the costs and budgets make more sense than before.


Because the last thing you want is ending up closing doors or losing the site you have been working on for a very long time now just because you ran out of funds.

One thing to live by

If there is something you should abide by always on your online business journey is that;

Only spend on what is absolutely necessary. 

Avoid dishing out cash just because you want to have that fancy plugin or that awesome theme. If it doesn’t help put money in your pocket, it is not worth it, trust me.

Now, back to the cost of hosting a website in South Africa.

There are two things you need to know.

What you need to host a website in South Africa

To create a website, you need;

#1. A domain name

This is your website name. That special address people type into their browsers to access your site.

To get it, you need to spend some rand.

And depending on the type of the domain name, you could be spending between R50 and R200.

To put this in perspective, let’s look at the top three domain name registrars in South Africa and how they price the top three domains (.com, .co.za, .africa)


Based on this table, we can calculate the average cost of domains in South Africa.

  • .ORG.ZA – costs R80.66 per year on average
  • .COM – will cost you R181.33 per year.
  • .CO.ZA – costs R107.33 per year on average
  • .AFRICA – R331.33 per year

You need to know that all of them are averages. 

Something else to note is that;

Truehost Africa has one of the cheapest domains in the Country. As such, you could save a lot of money by registering with us.

#2. Web hosting package

Ideally, a website has files, be it articles, videos, audio, and of course images. All of these files need a place to live, that is where the web hosting account comes in.

Besides giving you space you need to store your site files, hosting in South Africa also gives you access to resources to control your site.

For example;

Here at Truehost, all of our hosting accounts come with a cPanel dashboard. Think of it as the control room where you can manage your site.

With it, you can create emails, add new domains, edit core files, and even install new scripts like WordPress.

Cost of web hosting in South Africa

Just like we did with domains, we are going to compare what different hosting providers here in South Africa offer.

Considering most of these companies offer several hosting packages, we are going to look at the entry packages.


Doing an average, you can see that hosting in South Africa costs R69.33 per month, that is if you are going with starter packages.

Moment of truth

Based on what we have seen, the costs of domains and web hosting, and even calculating the averages, what is the cost of hosting a website in South Africa?

Assuming you are going with .CO.ZA domain with an average cost of R107.33 per year, you should expect to pay R901.29 per year on average to host your website.

The best hosting option for you

R901.29 per year may not seem a lot to you, but there is a way to save more.

Truehost is offering you the most affordable web hosting packages in South Africa, with a ton of features and resources to boost your business.

For example;

  • You get a free SSL certificate to secure your site against attacks. It also boosts your chances of ranking higher on search engines
  • One-click installer 
  • Unlimited email accounts and subdomains
  • 99.999% uptime
cost of hosting a website in South Africa

Check them here;

How To Host A Website In South Africa [Helpful Illustrated Guide]

In this guide, you will learn how to host a website in South Africa. 

It is a step by step guide on how to go from not having any website at all to owning a thriving site in a matter of minutes.

But first, what do you need to host a website in South Africa?

Here are the things you need to get started;

  • A domain name – this is your website name. It is a special address your readers will be using to access your website. You need to buy one, I will show you how to get the cheapest domains in South Africa
  • Hosting package – this is essentially a place where your site’s files will be stored. Comes in different plans depending on your budget and needs, but there are affordable ones here.

These are essentially the two most important things you need to get a website up and running.

But there is something you need to take care of before getting started.

And that is the niche or website’s industry. 

Ideally, this is the topic you will be writing about on your website. While some people build a website for an existing business, some do it to kickstart their blogging career in South Africa.

Either way, you will need a website name and hosting account to get that work.

Now, let me show you how to get each of these two.

How to host a website in South Africa

How to register a domain

Buying a domain is nothing like you are used to. There are some procedures you are required to follow, otherwise, you won’t get what you want.


Because the internet is growing by leaps and bounds every single second and thousand of people are getting in every time. This means that without regulations, the whole thing could come back to bite you through scammers and hackers.

First, you need to search and make sure your preferred domain is available.

Why is it so?

As days pass by, people are getting online in thousands, and all are registering domains. Then there is this rule that no two people can register the same domain. And that is why you need to make sure that your chosen website name hasn’t been taken by someone else.

For example;

You cannot register another Facebook.com because first, that is a trademark and brand of somebody else. And secondly, it is already registered.

To get started, you will need a list of possible website names, you know, just in case your favorite is already taken.

With that list, head over to https://truehost.africa/

how to host a website in South Africa

Type your first domain name into the box and hit search.

Two things might happen;

  • The domain name is not available because it is already registered by someone else.
how to host a website in South Africa

And when that happens, strike that name out of your list and move to the next one on the list.

The next thing that can happen is;

  • The domain is available – meaning it is not yet registered.
how to host a website in South Africa

If that is the case and it is the name you wanted, go ahead and click add to cart to start the domain name registration process.

The next step is the domain configuration.

Here, you can add hosting, include some add-ons to your domain.

For example;

You will need the privacy add-on. This one shields your personal information such as contacts from the prying eyes of scammers.

Since you want to learn how to host a website in South Africa, you will need a hosting package to go with your domain.

To do that here is how to add a hosting package to your domain name order.

How to add a hosting package to your domain order

On the configuration window, click on Click To Add (see the screenshot below.

web hosting packages in south africa

You will be redirected to a web hosting shop where you can pick the plans you want.

So we have three plans;

  • Personal SSD Cloud Hosting going for R50 per month. Gives you Unlimited Bandwidth, 30 GB Disk Space, Supports 3 Website, comes with One-Click Installer, and  Free SSL Certificate among others.
  • Business Web hosting going for R70.54 per month. Comes with Unlimited Bandwidth, 50 GB Disk Space, and Supports up to 30 Websites among others
  • Enterprise SSD Cloud hosting at R191.46. Gives you Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space, and Supports Unlimited Websites among other goodies.

It is up to you now to pick the one you want.

For example;

If you are just starting out and building your first ever website, the Personal SSD hosting package will suit you. It is affordable and allows you to host additional 2 websites.

On the flip side, if you are an established online surfer and wish to create an empire of websites, go for the upper packages.

With that said, let’s add a hosting package to your cart.

Once you have decided on the one you want, go ahead and click on Order Now.

how to host a website in South Africa

The next window will ask what domain to use.

Considering you already have a domain on your cart, go with the first option and click on the use button.

domain name registration in south africa

The next move is to pick your preferred billing cycle.

cost of web hosting in south africa

Click on Continue to proceed.

Now you can see you have added hosting to your domain order.

Again, don’t forget to throw-in some add-ons, you going to need them.

Click continue.

Review and Checkout

This the last step on how to host a website in South Africa.

Here, you need to choose your preferred currency, use Promo code if you have one, create a user account, provide billing details, and pick a payment method.

With all these done, do not forget to tick the T&C box.

From here, you can see the summary of your order.

how to host a website in South Africa

Finish by checking out. From here, you can now pay through the method you picked earlier. And then wait for details to be emailed to you, again, through the email address you provided.

What to do next

Now that you have learned how to host a website in South Africa, you can now use this guide to get started.

Use these links to get what you need;

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