Website Builder in South Africa

Are you looking for a website builder in South Africa to help you launch your website online?

Discover a simple landing page builder that will help you publish a professional and beautiful page on the net in just a couple of minutes.

With olitt.com, you do not have to be a pro in coding, all you need is to use the drag and drop editor to create the website of your dreams and gain a robust online presence.

This website builder caters for apps, start-ups, entrepreneurs, SaaS, and every industry or individual looking forward to launching their site swiftly.

The website builder has unique and resourceful add-ons and features that help you create an interactive and stunning website. Let us find out more about them.

The platform

As the name suggests, this is the hub that supports a good number of tools on the website, these include SEO tools, SSL certificates, Domain names, DNS Management, and more that we will investigate in detail below.

  1. SEO Tools

Nobody wants a website without views on the internet. Search Engine Optimization tools are key in helping you get noticed online and reach your audience as targeted. Olitt.com helps you get as many conversions as possible on your website.

  1. Domain names

Did you know that getting a customized domain name increases your chances of being found online faster? At olitt.com, you can buy or transfer your domain name and get to choose from the over 400 name extensions available and at very friendly prices.

  1. DNS Management

Olitt.com simplifies your work by helping you manage your domain name records from a secure DNS management platform at no cost on top of supporting the DNSSEC.

  1. SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are key in securing your site on the wild internet. Olitt.com is a secure website builder as it gives you free SSL certificates for all your landing pages and websites.


Basically, these are landing pages addons that are prebuilt on the website builder to allow you to engage with customers, get feedback from clients, and make payments. Here is a highlight of what each of them does.

  1. Google Webtools

These are fundamental in evaluating your traffic using Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

  1. Payments

Olitt.com enables you to make payments on your websites by using PayPal and Stripe integrations.

  1. Global CDN

With this feature, you can enjoy the fastest loading speed for your pages and websites globally.

  1. Custom code

You can increase your connectivity by integrating platforms like Help desk, Livechat, and Facebook Pixel to your site.


They have one free plan and two that are premium. They are as shown below:

olitt pricing

Advantages of Using Olitt

  • Very affordable custom domain names; probably the cheapest from the market
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Free CDN
  • Hundreds of stunning website templates
  • Pre-built integrations
  • A secure site with free SSL certificates
  • The most affordable pricing plans in the market, with a free web hosting plan.

 Follow this link to learn more about Website Builder in South Africa https://www.olitt.com/ 

Choosing a Domain Name: What Extension and Name is Right For You?

Choosing a Domain Name: How do you get to choose the right domain name?

What should you consider, and what are the benefits of choosing a specific domain name? These questions can be baffling even to an experienced domain internet nerd.

There are hundreds of domain name extensions that are in use today. Making a choice between different domain name extensions can be a hard call considering that there are hundreds of options to choose from.

We would want to explain to you a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect domain name.

#1. Popularity

One of the most common trends in life is to go with what is popular. This is usually the case with domain names.

There are hundreds of domain name extensions that one can choose from but there are some that are very popular. The most preferred ones are the traditional Top Level Domains as opposed to the new domain name extensions. These include:

  • .COM
  • .ORG
  • .NET
  • .CO
  • .US

The above domain names are the most popular and most people will identify them at first sight.

#2. Industry Specific

There are some Domain names that are specific to certain industries or professions. These help the associated websites to be identified as serving a certain industry.

There are hundreds of such domains and examples include

  • .law
  • .edu
  • .engineering
  • .blog
  • .music
  • .tv

#3. Geographic factors

Geography is important when it comes to domain names. This is because many times we are targeting people in a specific location and our websites are meant to serve people in certain locations.

This is not always the case but many times we need a domain that servers a specific location.

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) is the most ideal for targeting a specific country.

A website with a .CO.ZA domain name would be targeting people from South Africa while a .CO.KE targets people in Kenya. This works well for Search Engine Optimization and having such a geography-specific domain name can help you reach specific people.

Here is the list of all the ccTLDs for different countries.

There are also other regional specific domain names that are meant to serve people from a wider geographical location than just a single country. Examples of these include:

  • .EU for Europe
  • .AFRICA for Africa

#4. Availability

Getting a domain name is also a function of availability. You can only acquire a domain name if it is available.

In many cases, people start with a name in mind. This could be the registered business name or just a name with some special attachment such that we would want to use the name. If you find that the name is taken in most popular domain names, you have to choose a different domain extension or even buy the domain name from the one who has it.

Buying can be expensive. One of the most expensive domains ever sold is CarInsurance.Com which costs $49.7 million. Depending on who owns a domain name and the expected traffic which the domain can fetch, the cost of a domain name can vary greatly.

This leaves the best option for getting a suitable domain name is changing the domain extension depending on availability.

For example, if you are looking for a .com domain and you realize that it is not available, you could opt for a .CO.ZA domain or any other extension that has it available.

List of all the ccTLD and their Countries

Country Code Top Level Domains  (ccTLD) are domain names that are used by different countries to indicate that a website has a relationship to that country. This could be in terms of geographical boundaries or languages.

The assignment of ccTLD is done by ICANN. This stands for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It is the body responsible for responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces and numerical spaces of the Internet.

Choosing a ccTLD can give your website some advantage when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when targeting a specific region. For a start, here is a list of all the ccTLD and country/regions they represent.

List of ccTLD

ccTLD Country (or region)
1 .ac Ascension Island
2 .ad Andorra
3 .ae United Arab Emirates
4 .af Afghanistan
5 .ag Antigua and Barbuda
6 .ai Anguilla
7 .al Albania
8 .am Armenia
9 .an Netherlands Antilles*
10 .ao Angola
11 .aq Antarctic
12 .ar Argentina
13 .as American Samoa
14 .at Austria
15 .au Australia
16 .aw Aruba
17 .ax Åland Islands
18 .az Azerbaijan
19 .ba Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 .bb Barbados
21 .bd Bangladesh
22 .be Belgium
23 .bf Burkina Faso
24 .bg Bulgaria
25 .bh Bahrain
26 .bi Burundi
27 .bj Benin
28 .bl Saint-Barthélemy
29 .bm Bermuda
30 .bn Brunei
31 .bo Bolivia
32 .br Brazil
33 .bq Bonaire,  Saba,  Sint Eustatius
34 .bs Bahamas
35 .bt Bhutan
36 .bv Bouvet Island
37 .bw Botswana
38 .by Belarus
39 .bz Belize
40 .ca Canada
41 .cc Cocos Islands
42 .cd Democratic Republic of the Congo
43 .cf Central African Republic
44 .cg Republic of the Congo
45 .ch Switzerland
46 .ci Côte d’Ivoire
47 .ck Cook Islands
48 .cl Chile
49 .cm Cameroon
50 .cn China
51 .co Colombia
52 .cr Costa Rica
53 .cs Czechoslovakia*
54 .cu Cuba
55 .cv Cape Verde
56 .cw Curaçao
57 .cx Christmas Island
58 .cy Cyprus
59 .cz Czech Republic
60 .dd German Democratic Republic ***
61 .de Germany
62 .dj Djibuti
63 .dk Denmark
64 .dm Dominica
65 .do Dominican Republic
66 .dz Algeria
67 .ec Ecuador
68 .ee Estonia
69 .eg Egypt
70 .eh Western Sahara
71 .er Eritrea
72 .es Spain
73 .et Ethiopia
74 .eu European Union
75 .fi Finland
76 .fj Fiji
77 .fk Falkland Islands
78 .fm Micronesia
79 .fo Faroe
80 .fr France
81 .ga Gabon
82 .gb United Kingdom***
83 .gd Grenada
84 .ge Georgia
85 .gf French Guiana
86 .gg Guernsey
87 .gh Ghana
88 .gi Gibraltar
89 .gl Greenland
90 .gm Gambia
91 .gn Guinea
92 .gp Guadeloupe
93 .gq Equatorial Guinea
94 .gr Greece
95 .gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
96 .gt Guatemala
97 .gu Guam
98 .gw Guinea-Bissau
99 .gy Guyana
100 .hk Hong Kong
101 .hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands
102 .hn Honduras
103 .hr Croatia
104 .ht Haiti
105 .hu Hungary
106 .id Indonesia
107 .ie Ireland
108 .il Israel
109 .im Isle of Man
110 .in India
111 .io British Indian Ocean Territory
112 .iq Iraq
113 .ir Iran
114 .is Iceland
115 .it Italy
116 .je Jersey
117 .jm Jamaica
118 .jo Jordan
119 .jp Japan
120 .ke Kenya
121 .kg Kyrgyzstan
122 .kh Cambodia
123 .ki Kiribati
124 .km Comoros
125 .kn St. Kitts and Nevis
126 .kp North Korea
127 .kr South Korea
128 .kw Kuwait
129 .ky Cayman Islands
130 .kz Kazakhstan
131 .la Laos
132 .lb Lebanon
133 .lc St. Lucia
134 .li Liechtenstein
135 .lk Sri Lanka
136 .lr Liberia
137 .ls Lesotho
138 .lt Lithuania
139 .lu Luxembourg
140 .lv Latvia
141 .ly Libya
142 .ma Marocco
143 .mc Monaco
144 .md Moldova
145 .me Montenegro
146 .mf Saint Martin
147 .mg Madagascar
148 .mh Marshall Islands
149 .mk Macedonia
150 .ml Mali
151 .mm Myanmar
152 .mn Mongolia
153 .mo Macau
154 .mp Northern Mariana Islands
155 .mq Martinique
156 .mr Mauritania
157 .ms Montserrat
158 .mt Malta
159 .mu Mauritius
160 .mv Maldives
161 .mw Malawi
162 .mx Mexico
163 .my Malaysia
164 .mz Mozambique
165 .na Namibia
166 .nc New Caledonia
167 .ne Niger
168 .nf Norfolk Island
169 .ng Nigeria
170 .ni Nicaragua
171 .nl Netherlands
172 .no Norway
173 .np Nepal
174 .nr Nauru
175 .nu Niue
176 .nz New Zealand
177 .om Oman
178 .pa Panama
179 .pe Peru
180 .pf French Polynesia
181 .pg Papua New Guinea
182 .ph Philippines
183 .pk Pakistan
184 .pl Poland
185 .pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon
186 .pn Pitcairn Islands
187 .pr Puerto Rico
188 .ps Palestine
189 .pt Portugal
190 .pw Palau
191 .py Paraguay
192 .qa Qatar
193 .re Réunion
194 .ro Romania
195 .rs Serbia
196 .ru Russia
197 .rw Rwanda
198 .sa Saudi Arabia
199 .sb Solomon Islands
200 .sc Seychelles
201 .sd Sudan
202 .se Sweden
203 .sg Singapore
204 .sh St. Helena
205 .si Slovenia
206 .sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen**
207 .sk Slovakia
208 .sl Sierra Leone
209 .sm San Marino
210 .sn Senegal
211 .so Somalia
212 .sr Suriname
213 .ss South Sudan
214 .st São Tomé and Príncipe
215 .su Soviet Union
216 .sv El Salvador
217 .sx Sint Maarten
218 .sy Syria
219 .sz Swaziland
220 .tc Turks and Caicos Islands
221 .td Chad
222 .tf French Southern and Antarctic Lands
223 .tg Togo
224 .th Thailand
225 .tj Tajikistan
226 .tk Tokelau
227 .tl Timor-Leste (formerly .tp)
228 .tm Turkmenistan
229 .tn Tunisia
230 .to Tonga
231 .tp Timor-Leste*
232 .tr Turkey,  Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
233 .tt Trinidad and Tobago
234 .tv Tuvalu
235 .tw Taiwan
236 .tz Tanzania
237 .ua Ukraine
238 .ug Uganda
239 .uk United Kingdom
240 .um United States Minor Outlying Islands*
241 .us United States
242 .uy Uruguay
243 .uz Uzbekistan
244 .va Vatican City
245 .vc St. Vincent and the Grenadines
246 .ve Venezuela
247 .vg Britische Virgin Islands
248 .vi United States Virgin Islands
249 .vn Vietnam
250 .vu Vanuatu
251 .wf Wallis and Futuna (also .fr)
252 .ws Samoa
253 .ye Yemen
254 .yt Mayotte (French region – also .fr)
255 .yu Yugoslavia*
256 .za South Africa
257 .zm Zambia
258 .zr Zaire*
259 .zw Zimbabwe

*Now deleted.

Why Choose a ccTLD

Choosing a domain name is informed by many factors. The choice of a ccTLD would be necessary when one wants to target people in the specific country. It could also work when none wants to optimize SEO to a specific region. The list of ccTLD above can help one identify the domain name that can be used in specific countries.

Web Hosting In South Africa: The Ultimate Guide in 2020

In this guide, you are going to learn about web hosting in South Africa.

In fact, by the end, you will have a deeper understanding of what to do to get the best and most reliable hosting.

But, why is this important?

Well, there is a lot of noise out there, making it even harder to get that ultimate company to help house your website. As such, you should pay attention because if you get any step wrong, you may end up regretting later.

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • What is web hosting and types
  • How to pick the best hosting company/package
  • Best companies to consider
  • Many more

If you are looking for answers to any of these questions, consider sticking around because there is so much you don’t know.

What is web hosting in South Africa? (Why does it matter?)

Web hosting comes from two words: website and hosting.

Website, according to Wikipedia:

website (also written as web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

Hosting on the other hand is the process of allocating your website to the webserver.

Think of it as finding a ‘home’ to your website. And the ‘home’ in this case is a server, which is a special computer set aside to handle such special tasks as web hosting, calculations, storage, etc.

Hosting is a tedious job. You need money to run these servers and that includes maintaining them, updating, and keeping them secure. For this reason, no one individual can host their own website without the help of web hosting providers.

These providers are the ones responsible for everything hosting, all you have to do is pay a small fee and sit tight.

Now, web hosting comes in several sizes. To learn more about it, continue reading.

Types of web hosting in South Africa

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting in South Africa. This is because it is cheap.

Ideally, you are sharing a server with other users and that includes resources such as RAM, CPU, and disk space.

And this is where problems come.

Since you are sharing a server, you are sharing all the problems too. Things like security threats, when one of your neighbors is exposed, you will be too. Also, if one of the users is experiencing a spike in traffic, he will bite a huge chunk of hosting resources, and hence affecting the others negatively.

For this reason, it is advisable for those starting to use this type of hosting simply because their websites aren’t yet grown. But once it does, consider other options. Continue reading to find other better hosting options.

  1. Dedicated hosting

It is the complete opposite of shared hosting.

With dedicated hosting, you are the only one on the server. You aren’t sharing anything with anyone. All the RAM, CPU, and disk space are yours to use.

As you can already guess, it is much expensive as compared to shared hosting. And that is why it is only for special cases.

Who needs dedicated hosting?

  • If your website is receiving a high volume of traffic
  • Wish to run custom software and application
  • Your website or company handles thousands of transactions per day
  • You are looking for top-notch security

Well, dedicated servers cost a little bit higher. But there is a middle ground and you are going to love it.

In fact, what you are about to see gives you a chance to enjoy all the dedicated server features at the cost of shared hosting.

You can call it a middle ground.

  1. VPS hosting

VPS – virtual private server is a type of hosting where you are in the same server with other users, but instead of sharing resources, you have own (private).

Let me explain.

A server is subdivided into virtual department, thanks to virtualization. These sections are capable of running your own OS, which means you can install independent RAM, CPU, and have disk space.

VPS hosting is perfect for:

  • Those who want to upgrade their shared hosting accounts
  • Experiencing increased traffic
  • Looking to install custom applications
  • Enjoy dedicated server benefits at a cheaper cost.

While these are the most common terms you will find as far as web hosting in South Africa is concerned, there are others.

  1. Cloud hosting

Cloud is a network of servers located in data centers around the world used to host websites.

This is the new technology in this industry. Has made it even more secure to build a website.

Here is how it works:

When you host a website on the cloud, a copy of the files will be also made available in all of the servers under the network. So, in case one server goes down, you do not lose anything because the other servers kick-in and take over.

Isn’t that so cool?

Additionally, cloud hosting is more secure than physical servers. And you can access your files from anywhere using any device, as long as you have access to the internet.

Enough for the types of web hosting in South Africa.

Now, as you can see, there are so many decisions to make. For example, what plan should you choose? Which one is perfect for your business?

Continue reading to learn how to pick the best web hosting plan.

How to choose the best hosting plan (tips and tricks)

I will get right into it.

There are three categories of website owners:

Category 1: Those starting out (the beginners)

You fall under this category if you’ve never owned a website before. This is your first website. Even if your website if older but doesn’t receive at least 2K unique visitors per month, you fall under this category.

For beginners, your websites are generally considered ‘young’ and thus doesn’t consume a lot of server resources such as RAM and disk space.

As such, it is advisable to start small, with a shared hosting plan, for one reason.

It is cheap and hence doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your budget.

As you grow, you move to the next category.

Category 2: Growing websites (intermediaries)

You fall here if your website is experiencing increased traffic, at least 3K and above per month consistently.

Because your website is growing, you’ve started experiencing things like slow-loading pages. When you see that, it is a sign you need to upgrade.

Here is why:

You’ve outgrown the shared hosting environment. Technically, websites with higher traffic do not belong on a shared server.

Then where should you go?

VPS servers of course.

In there, you will have your own room and resources to support the growing ‘baby.’ More importantly, you are paying a fraction of less than what you’d have paid for a dedicated server.

Category 3: Big organizations (unique needs)

For big companies with:

  • Thousands of readerships per month
  • Want to run custom OS, applications
  • Receiving thousands of transactions per day
  • Ecommerce websites

And any other person with special needs that a shared hosting nor VPS can solve, a dedicated server is your choice.

With it, you have complete control of the server. Do all the customizations you want.

Take note of this:

It is recommended to start small and move up as you go, and as the need arises.

What you need to host a website

To host a website, you need:

  1. Domain name registration

This an address people will use to access your website.

It should be short, memorable, and have a connection with your business. Once you’ve decided on the name, find a provider to handle the registration.

Importantly, you can get a domain for free. Continue reading to find out how.

  1. Web host provider

 You need a company to handle everything from registration to hosting. Luckily, a dozen host companies are offering different packages. All you have to do is choose the one you need.

Here are some of the best web hosting companies in South Africa:

  • Truehost – offering affordable hosting, cheap domain names, email hosting, among other services
  • Afrihost – offers dedicated servers, Linux, Windows, reseller hosting, etc.
  • Host Africa – gives you affordable web hosting plans

Make no mistake, these aren’t the whole list. But these are the ones you can trust and check out now.

How much does it cost to host a website?

The cost of hosting a website ranges from R7 to R229.

Generally, it depends on your needs and the company you chose. Different companies have different pricing plans.

For example:

Truehost allows you to host a website from as low as R7 per month. You get a free .co.za domain name if you order a hosting plan.

Also, we have all the tools you need to supercharge your website, ranging from WordPress tools such as SEO resources, online marketing tools, and email resources among others.


How to Register a Website Domain

How do you register a website domain name?

A website domain name is the address that you use to access a website online, usually by typing it on the address bar of a browser. It usually goes in the format shown in the image below.

Parts of a Website Domain Name Explained
Understanding the parts of a website domain name

An example of a website domain name is www.google.com, or even www.truehost.africa, which is the domain name you are using to access this page!

What you Need to Know Before Registering a Domain

When acquiring a domain name, one important thing you may need to put in mind is that one is  more of leasing a domain name than buying one. This is because you have to keep paying for the domain name renewal every year. If you do not renew the domain, it will be deleted and any other person will be free to acquire the domain.

You also need to put in mind that while you can change a domain name any time you want by buying another one, that will be like changing the physical location of your office/shop. You will need to let everybody know that you have moved. This is harder to do online because of emails and people are likely to keep sending you emails using your older domain name.

This is why it is important to ensure that you have the best domain name possible for your website and you will not need to keep changing it.

So, how do you ensure that you register the most fitting domain name for your website?

Considerations When Registering a Domain Name

Before registering a domain name, keep the following important factors in mind.

  • A short domain name is easy to master and remember. Try to keep it as short as possible. This might be a bit hard when using the .COM extension because most of the names are already taken. However, you can opt to use other Top Level Domain names or country code top level domain names such as .za where more names will be available.
  • Get a domain name that is descriptive of your work or brand. This will help you get more traffic from search engines. For example, if you have a shop in Durban that sells dairy products, ensure that your website domain name has the keywords Dirban and Milk.
  • Choose a suitable domain name extension depending on the intended use of  your website and your location. For example, if you are in South Africa, you can consider a .co.za domain name in order to benefit from South African traffic. If you are planning to use the domain name for a blog, you can consider a .blog domain name extension.

Process of Registering a Domain Name

To register a domain name for your website, follow the following process.

Decide on a Name

Decide on the domain name that you want for your website. You can use the guidelines above to come up with a name, then use Whois service to identify a suitable domain name that is available. If you are having trouble identifying an available name, try to use a different domain name extension such as .africa, .co.za, .joburg or any one you would like.

Find a Domain Name Registrar

A domain name registrar is the entity that provides domain name registration service. When you are registering a website domain name, you are the registrar and the institution that keeps a record of all domain names is called the registry. To register a domain name for a website, you need to go through a domain  registrar which acts as the link between the registry and the registrar.

There are hundreds of domain registrars such as Truehost Cloud that operate all over the world, and local ones that operate in specific locations. You can find the  list of the leading domain registrars in South Africa on this link.

Order your Preferred Domain Name 

To make an order for the website domain name of choice:

  1. Visit the registrar’s website.
  2. Search for the domain name that you want.
  3. If the domain is available, click add to card.
  4. If need be, add web hosting or any other service need.
  5. Specify the Name servers that you will use with the domain name. These should be from the website hosting service provider.
  6. Proceed to checkout and make payment.
  7. Once done, wait for your domain to propagate. This could be immediate or might take a few hours depending on the domain extension.


Host Africa: What You Need to Know About Them and Best Alternative

Host Africa: What You Need to Know About Them and Best Alternative

Host Africa is a web hosting company here in South Africa. And from its inception, the company has always posted a team of skilled developers as well as managers, working towards offering the best web hosting experience in ZA.

In this article, I will walk you through everything you need to know about Host Africa. Included here is a detailed comparison of their services and products verses Truehost South Africa’s.

In the end, you will have a clear picture of who you should be hosting your website based on the quality of products and available features.

Who is Host Africa?






As we mentioned earlier, though, in brief, this is a hosting company. They have been in business for a long time now, though not long enough when you look at other players like Afrihost.

The company has its headquarters in Cape Town. Here, they have a network of clients both at home and overseas, Germany to be specific.

This gives Host Africa uniqueness as they can tap both expertise and consolidate it to your benefit.

You might hear that they are from Germany and think, will I understand them?

Well, as it turns out, Host Africa speaks English. So you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Host Africa features

HostAfrica gives you a chance to access high-performance features. With them, you get everything you need to build your website as soon as possible.

Here are some of the features that come with web hosting packages:

Though the prices are slightly above the market range, you will find their features handy.

Look at the one-click app installer for example. You don’t have to overthink anything whenever you want to install any script or application.

So you can be sure there won’t be problems with technical jargon whatsoever.

Talk about Host Africa servers.

They have local servers as well as those based in Germany. Looking at the local servers, it is a huge plus for you as the website owner.


Because if your business is focused on the local market and audience, they will experience better loading speeds which are positive now more than ever. Why? Google in the recent past made an update on its algorithm to prioritize websites according to their speeds.

Talking of speeds, Host Africa’s servers run on the latest hardware, RAID5 SSD storage, which are known to be fast when compared to SATA disks.

Pricing and customer support

Right off the bat, these guys’ prices are above the market range. For example, while Truehost is giving you the lowest package at only R7, Host Africa has theirs at R69.

When you look at the features, they are almost the same. Look at the table below, comparing the minimum packages alongside its features.


Features Host Africa Truehost South Africa
Package Name Web Starter Students
Free domain Yes yes
Disk space 2GB 1GB
No. of websites 1 1
Uptime 99.99% 99.99%
One-click installer Yes Yes
Prices R69/Month R7/Month


As you can see, there is no much of a difference.

On the high-end, Truehost is giving you unlimited everything for just R190 per month. On the flip side, you’d have to part with R299 for the same features at hostafrica.co.za.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Host Africa has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

But Truehost has double that. You get 30-days risk free. This means, you can test-drive our services for a full 30 days, and in the end, if you don’t like them, ask for a refund. No questions asked.

HOSTAFRICA offers 24/7 customer support. You can contact them at any time since they are very responsive.

You can use tickets, Skype, email, or live chat to get your issues or questions answered.

What to do next

Now that you have an idea of what you are getting into, the decision is yours. Continue sampling the hostafrica.co.za services and also look at our hosting plans here.

Best Domain Name Generators: Top 5 Free Tools in 2020

Do you want the best domain name but stuck and don’t know how to get it? In this article, you will learn about a hustle free way of generating websites’ names without many headaches. We are talking about the best domain name generators.

What is a domain name generator?

The domain name generator is a very important tool that helps you generate hundreds of website name ideas. All you have to do is input a seed keyword, hit generate, and you are good to go.

As you already know, a domain name is like a brand. And you will be stuck with it for a very long time. As such, it should be short, catchy, easy to remember, and most importantly, should be available.

What does that mean?

You see, today more than ever, people are registering website names in thousands per day. As a result, there is a high chance that your website name if not already taken, will be very soon.

How does the website name generator work?

Say you want your website to include words like ‘car’, ‘fast’, ‘luxury.’ Well, you could create a combination of the three words and end up with a domain name like www.CarFastLuxury.com

Can you see what is wrong with such a name?

First of all, it is long and not memorable.

Second, it carries no meaning at all. Just generic.

So what do you do?

That is where the domain name generator comes in. Just feed it with the keywords you already have and let the search begin. Once you do that, you also specify whether you want a .com, .co.za, .org, or .net extension. It all depends on your needs.

Once you feed the necessary ingredients, the generator algorithm goes into search mode, combining the keywords, adding a suffix or a prefix here, and so on.

When it is done, your job is to pick the one you like from the list.

Here are some tips you should follow to make sure that you actually pick the right website name for you.

  • Pick the shorter domain name – they are easy to type and remember
  • Consider the domain extension – there are popular ones like .com, .net, and .org. But think about your line of business. For example, if your business will serve users from ZA, go with the co.za domain name. If you are an online store, .store extension could be the best
  • Go with the most catchy names – easy to remember because they actually stick on the mind
  • Avoid ones with hyphens and numbers – such names will cause you problems

Having said that, here are 5 best domain name generators you can try them now.

5 best domain name generators

  1. BizNameWiz


I consider it one of the best domain name generators.

All you have to do is enter the keyword and hit generate. Once you get the results, you can filter them based on the industry, specify the character count (remember we said the best website name should be 6-14 characters long), and also adjust to get one word or two-words domain name

  1. NameCheap

best domain name generators

NameCheap allows you to generate website names for free, thanks to its Beast Mode tool.

Once you are on their website, click on Beast Mode, and then add up to 5000 keywords, select preferred TLD (extensions), pick the category, and specify if you want to see the unavailable ones.

  1. Shopify Business Name Generator

best domain name generators

Shopify is an e-commerce site. But what you don’t know is that they have a very powerful business name generator available free of charge.

Although it may sound like you are looking for a business name, this tool actually gives you domain name suggestions, thus making to our list of best domain name generators you can try.

  1. NameBoy


Nameboy calls themselves the best domain name generator. It is easy to see why.

It is the oldest and most popular domain name generator in the world. Here, you can search for new business name ideas and get the website name instantly (before someone else does).

  1. Lean Domain Search


Lean Domain Search is a great tool you can use to come up with website ideas in seconds.

Just type the keyword into the search box and have a ton of ideas within no time.

Final thoughts

I have given you 5 best domain name generators. These aren’t all of them, but they should help you pick the best website name. And once you do, come back and start registering the website name.

Best Domain Name in South Africa: Must Read Before You Register

You are ready to build your own website but stuck on what name to pick? You are in the right place. In this article, I will walk you through 7 things you need to consider now when choosing the best domain name in South Africa.

But why is this important? Why should you pay attention?

Well, for starters, a domain name is a permanent thing.

What do I mean?

Once you’ve picked and successfully registered a domain, there won’t be another chance to change it. Yes, you will be stuck with it for the entire time, of course, you can stop renewing it, but that’s something.

As such, it matters to be attentive from the start so that you don’t end up with a disaster down the line.

I can’t tell you how many people end up registering a new website name months after starting a website. And you can’t blame them.

Blame haste and excitement.

But with these tips, you should be able to be objective and intentional as far as picking the best domain name in South Africa.

What is a domain name?

For the new beginners, you might be wondering what a domain is.

Well, this can be explained in a couple of ways. But I will take the easy route. You see the website you are about to build, it will have files – think images, articles, videos, audio, etc.

All these files need a place to live – a home.

That home is a server, a special computer dedicated to housing website files, and serves the users whenever they request.

So there are two things here:

The server and the user (a web visitor). One is a human and the other is a machine, but they must communicate.

To make this possible, the server assigns the website an IP address, I’m sure you’ve seen a string of numbers like 193.234.456. That’s an IP address. But there is one problem.

Would you be able to remember all the IP addresses of your favorite websites? I bet not. And that is where the domain name comes in. Its purpose is to mask the IP address, by making it ‘human friendly’ – think easy to remember and read.

You didn’t need all that though but thought you should know. It’s cool stuff.

Moving on, a domain is a web address people use to access your website.

Importance of picking the best domain name in South Africa

I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t rush things when it comes to choosing the best website name, reason being, it is kind of harder to change things down the line.

Other reasons include:

  • It is the first thing people see when they visit your website. Ever heard of first impressions matters? Well, it applies to web hosting too. You should aim to leave a positive impression on whoever visits your website. A bad name can send users running never to look back
  • A good website name can help boost SEO efforts. For example, having the target keyword on your domain name contribute positively to your ranking efforts.
  • Whatever name you decide on boils down to how much it contributes to brand recognition.

While these are not the only ones, they comprise of the reasons why you should always go for the best domain name in South Africa.

Tips to consider when choosing a website name

  1. Decide on the right domain extension

A domain extension is that last part of any domain name.

For example:


  1. Domain (website) name
  2. Domain extension

There are several domain extensions, but the best and most popular ones include

  • .com – a popular extension powering at least 43% of the internet
  • .net
  • .co.za – this is a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) reserved for South Africa only
  • .org – popular with non-profit organizations. Though open to anyone, it is rare to find businesses using it

You should pick an extension from this list. Anything outside here needs much thought.

  1. Brandable over generic names

Tell me something, which of these websites would you recognize as a brand?

  1. net
  2. com

The second one, right?


Because it is not generic.

Take a look at the first one, HealthInsurance.net. It is a branch from Insurance.com, and there are a thousand of them. They don’t carry any meaning.

It’s easy to find people talking about how much they like Nike.com or CocaCola.com. I can’t say the same for HealthInsurance.net and others like it.

Having said, you may now be confused, what is the difference between the two?

A brandable name is unique and stands out from the rest. On the flip side, the generic website name is hard to remember and often keyword-stuffed. Consider that before the domain registration process.

  1. The shorter, the better

Among the best domain names in South Africa, three-quarters of them are short (12 characters long). This is not a coincidence.

Short names are better than longer ones, here is why.

They are easy to remember and always stand out from the noise. Here is a little experiment, think of any website name. Now, look at the length of the name, was it long or short?

I bet it is short.

Pick a name, not more than 6-14 characters.

  1. Should be easy to type

Facebook, Twitter, Truehost, CNN, Afrihost, etc.

What do they all have in common?

If you answered easy to type, you are correct.

A website name should be easy for the user to type, or you will lose them to rival websites.

As such, on your conquest to picking the best domain name in South Africa, stop and ask yourself, is it easy to type? Do this, find three people, and ask them to write down the name. Compare the results. If even one of them had a challenge, that should be a sign to pick another name.

  1. Avoid the use of dashes and numbers

best domain name in south africa

You see things like Domain-name.com and DomainName2020.com shouldn’t be on your list.

They are hard to remember and very confusing. And that is the quickest way of losing users to other websites.

For example, if your website has a hyphen and a user type one without it, they either get an error or end up somewhere else. In both instances, you lose.

Save yourself headaches and stick to the alphabet.

  1. Consider using a keyword on the name to reflect your niche

Look at our name, Truehost. We are a web hosting company, and that explains the ‘host’ in there.

You should do the same. Look at the industry you wish to enter and find a way to incorporate that into the name.

But be warned.

If you overdo it, you risk ending up with a generic name as we had mentioned earlier. So tread carefully.

  1. Think about the future

This is the main reason people end up creating a new website – they ended up doing more than they first intended.

Let me explain.

Say you want to start selling mobile phones now, so you build a website and named it mobilephones.com. But as the years pass, you realize that you want to expand and stock other electronics, but your website reads you only sell phones.

In such cases, the only thing you can do is create a new website.

How can you avoid this now?

Ask yourself this, is there any chance you could expand in the future? If yes, what can you do now to make sure that future changes will be within the current choices?

The best domain name in South Africa is the one that does not pin you down but allows room for more in the future.

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