Web Hosting In South Africa: The Ultimate Guide in 2020

In this guide, you are going to learn about web hosting in South Africa.

In fact, by the end, you will have a deeper understanding of what to do to get the best and most reliable hosting.

But, why is this important?

Well, there is a lot of noise out there, making it even harder to get that ultimate company to help house your website. As such, you should pay attention because if you get any step wrong, you may end up regretting later.

Here is what you are going to learn:

  • What is web hosting and types
  • How to pick the best hosting company/package
  • Best companies to consider
  • Many more

If you are looking for answers to any of these questions, consider sticking around because there is so much you don’t know.

What is web hosting in South Africa? (Why does it matter?)

Web hosting comes from two words: website and hosting.

Website, according to Wikipedia:

website (also written as web site) is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

Hosting on the other hand is the process of allocating your website to the webserver.

Think of it as finding a ‘home’ to your website. And the ‘home’ in this case is a server, which is a special computer set aside to handle such special tasks as web hosting, calculations, storage, etc.

Hosting is a tedious job. You need money to run these servers and that includes maintaining them, updating, and keeping them secure. For this reason, no one individual can host their own website without the help of web hosting providers.

These providers are the ones responsible for everything hosting, all you have to do is pay a small fee and sit tight.

Now, web hosting comes in several sizes. To learn more about it, continue reading.

Types of web hosting in South Africa

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting in South Africa. This is because it is cheap.

Ideally, you are sharing a server with other users and that includes resources such as RAM, CPU, and disk space.

And this is where problems come.

Since you are sharing a server, you are sharing all the problems too. Things like security threats, when one of your neighbors is exposed, you will be too. Also, if one of the users is experiencing a spike in traffic, he will bite a huge chunk of hosting resources, and hence affecting the others negatively.

For this reason, it is advisable for those starting to use this type of hosting simply because their websites aren’t yet grown. But once it does, consider other options. Continue reading to find other better hosting options.

  1. Dedicated hosting

It is the complete opposite of shared hosting.

With dedicated hosting, you are the only one on the server. You aren’t sharing anything with anyone. All the RAM, CPU, and disk space are yours to use.

As you can already guess, it is much expensive as compared to shared hosting. And that is why it is only for special cases.

Who needs dedicated hosting?

  • If your website is receiving a high volume of traffic
  • Wish to run custom software and application
  • Your website or company handles thousands of transactions per day
  • You are looking for top-notch security

Well, dedicated servers cost a little bit higher. But there is a middle ground and you are going to love it.

In fact, what you are about to see gives you a chance to enjoy all the dedicated server features at the cost of shared hosting.

You can call it a middle ground.

  1. VPS hosting

VPS – virtual private server is a type of hosting where you are in the same server with other users, but instead of sharing resources, you have own (private).

Let me explain.

A server is subdivided into virtual department, thanks to virtualization. These sections are capable of running your own OS, which means you can install independent RAM, CPU, and have disk space.

VPS hosting is perfect for:

  • Those who want to upgrade their shared hosting accounts
  • Experiencing increased traffic
  • Looking to install custom applications
  • Enjoy dedicated server benefits at a cheaper cost.

While these are the most common terms you will find as far as web hosting in South Africa is concerned, there are others.

  1. Cloud hosting

Cloud is a network of servers located in data centers around the world used to host websites.

This is the new technology in this industry. Has made it even more secure to build a website.

Here is how it works:

When you host a website on the cloud, a copy of the files will be also made available in all of the servers under the network. So, in case one server goes down, you do not lose anything because the other servers kick-in and take over.

Isn’t that so cool?

Additionally, cloud hosting is more secure than physical servers. And you can access your files from anywhere using any device, as long as you have access to the internet.

Enough for the types of web hosting in South Africa.

Now, as you can see, there are so many decisions to make. For example, what plan should you choose? Which one is perfect for your business?

Continue reading to learn how to pick the best web hosting plan.

How to choose the best hosting plan (tips and tricks)

I will get right into it.

There are three categories of website owners:

Category 1: Those starting out (the beginners)

You fall under this category if you’ve never owned a website before. This is your first website. Even if your website if older but doesn’t receive at least 2K unique visitors per month, you fall under this category.

For beginners, your websites are generally considered ‘young’ and thus doesn’t consume a lot of server resources such as RAM and disk space.

As such, it is advisable to start small, with a shared hosting plan, for one reason.

It is cheap and hence doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your budget.

As you grow, you move to the next category.

Category 2: Growing websites (intermediaries)

You fall here if your website is experiencing increased traffic, at least 3K and above per month consistently.

Because your website is growing, you’ve started experiencing things like slow-loading pages. When you see that, it is a sign you need to upgrade.

Here is why:

You’ve outgrown the shared hosting environment. Technically, websites with higher traffic do not belong on a shared server.

Then where should you go?

VPS servers of course.

In there, you will have your own room and resources to support the growing ‘baby.’ More importantly, you are paying a fraction of less than what you’d have paid for a dedicated server.

Category 3: Big organizations (unique needs)

For big companies with:

  • Thousands of readerships per month
  • Want to run custom OS, applications
  • Receiving thousands of transactions per day
  • Ecommerce websites

And any other person with special needs that a shared hosting nor VPS can solve, a dedicated server is your choice.

With it, you have complete control of the server. Do all the customizations you want.

Take note of this:

It is recommended to start small and move up as you go, and as the need arises.

What you need to host a website

To host a website, you need:

  1. Domain name registration

This an address people will use to access your website.

It should be short, memorable, and have a connection with your business. Once you’ve decided on the name, find a provider to handle the registration.

Importantly, you can get a domain for free. Continue reading to find out how.

  1. Web host provider

 You need a company to handle everything from registration to hosting. Luckily, a dozen host companies are offering different packages. All you have to do is choose the one you need.

Here are some of the best web hosting companies in South Africa:

  • Truehost – offering affordable hosting, cheap domain names, email hosting, among other services
  • Afrihost – offers dedicated servers, Linux, Windows, reseller hosting, etc.
  • Host Africa – gives you affordable web hosting plans

Make no mistake, these aren’t the whole list. But these are the ones you can trust and check out now.

How much does it cost to host a website?

The cost of hosting a website ranges from R7 to R229.

Generally, it depends on your needs and the company you chose. Different companies have different pricing plans.

For example:

Truehost allows you to host a website from as low as R7 per month. You get a free .co.za domain name if you order a hosting plan.

Also, we have all the tools you need to supercharge your website, ranging from WordPress tools such as SEO resources, online marketing tools, and email resources among others.


Web hosting packages in South Africa (2020 Update)

Are you looking for affordable and quality web hosting packages in South Africa?

This is the article for you.

In this guide, I will walk you through Truehost South Africa’s web host packages and why they are the best hosting deals you can get now.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in creating an online business. What do I mean?

We have web hosting packages for everyone: from those just starting their online journey to entrepreneurs and developers looking for an ultimate powerhouse to power their websites.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Affordable web hosting packages in South Africa

Students web hosting package

This is one of the cheapest web hosting packages in South Africa.

It is perfect for newcomers who are just out there trying to test waters and build their first online business.

When you hear of ‘student’ I know what you are thinking:

That this is just another web hosting package in South Africa.

That’s where you are wrong.

Here is the thing:

Student hosting comes with premium features we are giving you for free. But here is what you don’t know:

You won’t find them anywhere else for free.

Here is what you get with student web hosting plan:

  • Host up to 1 website
  • One-click installer
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free SSL certificate among other features

How much does this cost? Only R7.00 per month

Personal web hosting packages in South Africa

Personal hosting plan is good for you if you are a small business owner or looking to start a personal blog.

With unlimited bandwidth and storage space of 30GB, you cannot get it wrong with this web hosting plan.

Also, you don’t have to worry about how to install the website or plugins. That is covered: it comes with a one-click installer.

How about security?

We believe the security of your website is paramount. As such, you will get a free SSL certificate in South Africa when you purchase this web hosting package.

Other features:

  • Infinite email accounts
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Numerous database accounts


R50.00 per month

Business hosting package

What can you do with unlimited bandwidth and 50GB storage?

One, you can grow your online business or two, anything else that needs optimal server power and reliable customer support.

Business hosting plan is one of the best web hosting packages in South Africa. Why? Just look at the feature below:

  • Build up to 30 websites
  • Email accounts for everyone in your company
  • Unlimited databases
  • Subdomains among other premium features

On top of all these, you are guaranteed that your websites will be available all the time, no downtimes, thanks to our award-winning cloud hosting in South Africa.

For as little as R70.00 per month, all of these can be yours now.

Enterprise website hosting package

Well, this is the holy grail of web hosting packages in South Africa.

It is the ultimate power you need to power your business to the next stage.

web hosting packages in South Africa

Who needs Enterprise hosting package?

  • If you are looking for a room to grow your website
  • Big organizations serving thousands of customers per month
  • eCommerce entrepreneurs

For just R190.00, you can be the happiest online entrepreneur in South Africa.

What you get with Enterprise package

  • host any number of websites you want
  • unlimited databases
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • one-click installer
  • free ssl certificate in South Africa

Why should you buy these web hosting packages in South Africa?

After all these and you are still on the fence on getting these web hosting plans, let me tell you something:

For every web hosting package you get, there is a free .co.za domain name. This means that, you don’t need to worry about purchasing cheap domain names in South Africa.

 Additionally, you will get:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  • Online marketing resources to jump-start your online journey
  • Free website builder you can use even if you don’t know anything about web design
  • Risk-free web hosting packages. Get 30-day money-back guarantee

What to do next

So what are you waiting for?

You don’t have an excuse now because here is the cheapest web hosting company in South Africa. And you can build a beautiful website in just minutes using a free web builder with thousands of templates to choose from.

Here is what to do next:

Visit this page and order a web hosting package.

Cheapest VPS servers in South Africa: Benefits of VPS Hosting in 2020

Cheapest VPS servers in South Africa: Benefits of VPS Hosting in 2020

Looking for the cheapest VPS servers in South Africa?

Let me guess, you are ready to start a website and that is why you are looking for a reliable web hosting in South Africa.

Well, you are in the right place.

Here, I will reveal why VPS hosting is the right choice for your website and why you should choose Truehost as your VPS web hosting provider in South Africa.

For the sake of beginners, I will start with the definition of terms.

What is a VPS server?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Network.

You see, when you start building a website, you will be uploading pages, content (posts, images, videos).

All of these require storage space, and hence the need for a server.

How does a server work?

A server, therefore, is a computer that stores your website data and files. It doesn’t stop there.

Whenever a user goes to your website and starts reading a blog post or downloads a file (like a free ebook), the same server will ‘serve’ the visitor per the request.

For instance:

If the visitor wants to download a free Ebook, the server will access your folder, retrieve the ebook (you uploaded in there) and make it easy for the visitor to download it.

Where am I going with all these?

I want you to understand how a server works so you can be in a position to understand what a VPS is.

Though this is a basic explanation, but you get the idea.

Types of servers

Now that you understand how a server work, there is one more thing.

Web hosting servers come in three types:

  • Shared web hosting – this is where you share the server resources with other users. For instance, you share the storage space, the CPU, etc
  • Dedicated hosting – the opposite of shared hosting. Here, you have all the server resources to yourself. Simply put, the server is solely there to handle your website’s needs
  • VPS hosting – has both dedicated and shared hosting qualities. Think of it as a ‘hybrid’ web hosting. Continue reading to learn more.

VPS web hosting in South Africa explained

So far, we have looked at two types of web hosting servers: shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting is in between the shared hosting servers and dedicated servers.

Let me explain.

VPS uses virtualization technology to partition a server into multiple independent servers.

Independent because they no longer rely on the main server’s resources, rather, they can run their own. For example, they have a separate CPU, disk storage space, etc.

They are called virtual servers because they are there, but you can’t see them and private because you can host your website in them without sharing with any other user.

Sound interesting?

Continue reading to find out more including how to get the cheapest VPS servers in South Africa.

Benefits of VPS servers in South Africa

Here is the thing:

Shared hosting even though cheap, has its share of drawbacks. A good example is when one user is having a spike in traffic.

This means that he will be using more server resources like the RAM and storage space, leaving the rest of you scrambling for the remaining bits.

When that happens, it leads to a slow-loading website, which in turn scares your visitor and Google penalizes you.

On the flip side, dedicated hosting tramps shared hosting by far.

In fact, it is the best web hosting plan you can get, especially if your website is attracting a ton of traffic or you’d love to install custom software.

But there is a catch:

It costs more than shared hosting. But the benefits cloud the cost.

For this reason, VPS servers in South Africa is the sweet spot you are looking for.

Here is why:

VPS benefit 1: increased performance

Unlike shared hosting where there are hundreds, if not thousands of users in the same server, VPS server gives you a private room to run and manage your website.

Remember users sharing a server affect each other. But with a VPS hosting plan in South Africa, your website’s performance will never be tired of your next-door neighbor’s performance.

Additionally, the reliability of your website increases tremendously. There will be no downtimes as a result of server issues.

In fact, reliability is what you need to think about any time you are starting a website.

For example:

If you are running an online business, eCommerce website, you need to be available all the time.


Because every minute you are down is a customer lost. Lose customers and you will be out of business sooner.

VPS benefit 2: saves you web hosting costs in South Africa

VPS server empowers you to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather pay to make sure my website is working perfectly and making me money.

In addition, VPS hosting saves you the time and resources you would have lost if you were using shared hosting.

For example:

Losing visitors because your site is down and inaccessible.

VPS benefit 3: fully managed services

Let me guess:

You probably don’t know how to code, configure a server, right?

Well, don’t fret.

Because we offer managed VPS hosting. Here, we handle everything from server configuration to managing so you don’t have to.

But of course, if you want to manage your own VPS server, well and good. We have unmanaged VPS hosting as well.

We will take care of the security patches, virtualization procedures, and even maintain as well as update your VPS server hardware.

Interesting, right? Look at our VPS hosting pricing here.

Moving on:

VPS hosting benefit 4: multiple domain hosting

With our VPS servers, you can build and host multiple websites because you have enough CPU, disk space, and RAM.

This is something unheard of when running on shared hosting.


Having more websites on such a server takes a toll on its reliability, thanks to limited resources.

But with a VPS hosting plan availability of resources is not an issue. In fact, you can even start web hosting reselling in South Africa.

Benefit 5: round the clock support

We are offering our customers 24/07 access to our team of experts to stand by ready to walk with you.

This means that in case you encounter a problem or need some technical help with your VPS hosting account, we are a phone call, email, or chat message away to help you out.

Benefit 6: scaling your business

If you own a small business, you may be able to predict the size of traffic coming to your website.

When the time comes to scale, your customer base will stand expanding and so does your traffic.

This is a good thing. But becomes a problem if you are hosting your website on a shared server because of the reasons we have already discussed, including limited resources.

At such times, VPS servers in South Africa will come in handy to help you scale your business and serve even bigger customer base comfortably.

Benefit 7: you gain greater control

A very common issue I see most entrepreneurs who aren’t on a VPS hosting plan is a lack of access to the root environment.

Without root access, you are left with no choice but to work with the software you are given by the hosting provider.

This becomes a problem if your business is running on industry-specific software and may not be supported by the web hosting provider in South Africa. As a result, your business will suffer.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

A VPS server gives you access to the root folder. Therefore, you can easily install and run custom software without conflicting with anyone.

VPS server benefit 8: security

In a shared environment, a breach of security in one site exposes all the other websites because you are sharing resources.

This is not the case with VPS.

Here, though you are in a shared server, your website and its files are all locked away in a private environment.

And this is what makes VPS server the best web hosting plan in South Africa.

Final thoughts on VPS web hosting in South Africa

In a nutshell, VPS hosting gives your online business wings to fly as you have seen with these benefits.

There is no doubt it plays a crucial role in growing your online business because you have flexibility, security, and unlimited resources.

With that said, here is what you should do next:

Follow this link to view Truehost VPS hosting packages. And Cheapest VPS servers in South Africa.

Cheapest domain names in South Africa: Beginners guide to picking the best website name

Cheapest domain names in South Africa: Beginners guide to picking the best website name

You are now ready to build a website in and that is why you are looking for the cheapest domain names in South Africa.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a personal blog or building a business website, you will need a perfect name to call it.

For this reason, I compiled this article to not only reveal the best domain registration company in South Africa but to also help you out in picking the best website name.

Here is the thing:

The name for your website is a big deal. And if you thought you’d get away with just any name out there, think again.

Let me tell you something:

Your domain name is the most crucial element of your website. If you get it right, it will boost your success. On the flip side, if you get it wrong, let’s just say you will be stuck with the wrong for a very long time.

And now you are thinking:

Why is the domain name so important?

Good question.

  1. Your domain name is the first thing people see when they visit your website. Think of it as the ‘first impression’ because if it is a good name, it will leave a positive and lasting impression on your visitors. What if it is a ‘bad’ one? Well, it will send your readers running and never looking back.
  2. A domain name you pick affects your search rankings. This is known as SEO. While the Exact Match Domains (EMDs) is no longer necessary, having a keyword in your domain name can help boost your rankings
  3. Your domain name is a prime chance to represent your brand. Therefore, you should consider a name that positively depicts your business. Continue reading to learn more.

Make no mistake, I haven’t scratched the surface of reasons why you should pay more attention to the domain name you pick in South Africa.

With that in mind, how, then, can you make sure that the name you want to pick is the right one?

How do you choose the best domain name?

Fortunately for you, I will walk you through a simple domain name checklist used by the industry pros to pick the perfect website name.

How to choose the best domain name in South Africa

If you are looking for the best domain names in South Africa, continue reading.

  1. Choose the best domain name extension

First things first:

For beginners, a domain name is that short URL address people type into a web browser search bar, in order to access a website.

For example:

Google’s domain name is https://www.google.com

Now, pay attention to this next statement.

Do you see the last part of the above domain name? I mean the .com part.

That is referred to as the domain extension.

There are very many types of domain extensions. But the most popular ones are .com, .org, .net.

But here is my recommendation:

If you are starting a website only targeting the South Africans, go with .co.za extension.


Because with that extension, people searching about your topics, products or services in South Africa will be more likely to land on your site.

In fact, Google knows the location of every web user through their device’s IP address. They, therefore, use this information to serve them relevant information based on their location.

Otherwise, the .com domain extension is the best. You can’t get wrong with it and avoid generic and weird extensions such as .club, .pizza, and so many others.

  • Your domain name should be brandable

As we have already mentioned, a domain name is a perfect place to start communicating your brand identity.

You should, therefore, avoid generic website names that have no meaning.


Because a well-thought and brandable wins every time.

As such, have this in mind:

Your domain name is how your readers will find, remember, and talk about your business across the internet.

It is the foundation of your brand identity.

So, how do you differentiate a brandable name from a generic one?

That is so simple.

A brandable name is unique and stands out. On the flip side, all the generic names are usually keyword-stuffed and really hard to remember.

Take a look at these example 1:

HealthInsurance.com, NewHealthInsurance.com, CheapHealthInsurance.net. What is common between these names?

They are all generic. I bet you can’t find anyone talking about how awesome Cheaphealthinsurance.net is.

In fact, these are just variations of the Insurance.com

Example 2:

UnitedHealthCare.com, Shopify.com. Such domain names stand out because they mean something.

Here are some tips on how to pick a brandable and memorable domain name in South Africa:

  1. Use new but catchy words. Look at Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, etc.
  2. Leverage thesaurus to identify interesting words that describe your brand
  3. Domain name generators can help. Look for those that ask for keywords and ideas so they can use it to spit out domain name suggestions.
  • The shorter, the better

When it comes to choosing the best domain name in South Africa, the shorter, the better.

According to research done by our friends at DataGenetics.com, they found out that most popular (receive the most traffic) domain names across the web were at most 12 characters.

As such, you make sure the name is somewhere between 6-14 characters. But there’s one problem with this:

You will find that most short names are taken and maybe they are being sold for thousands of rand.

If that is the case, make the name brandable. Look at our own, Truehost. Cool, right?

  • Should be easy to type, spell, and pronounce

Just for a second, think about the most recognizable and popular brands around the world.

I can bet you thought of Facebook, Nike, CNN, Google, and Uber among others.

What do they have in common besides being billion-dollar companies?

They are easy to spell, write, and pronounce.

Here is the thing:

If you have to explain the spelling for someone to understand, forget it. That is too complicated.

Rather, pick a name that your visitor won’t have problems typing and pronouncing.


Because the last you want is for your visitors to end up on a completely different website just because they didn’t get your name right.

So, here is a simple exercise to help you out:

Invite 10 people to spell your new domain name. If more than half of them are struggling with it, it is a sign you should ditch that name and look for another one.

  • Stay away from hyphens and numbers

We have mentioned that your domain name in South Africa should be easy to spell and type.

But using hyphens and numbers will violate this simple rule because it makes it harder to remember and type.

Imagine explaining Truehost if it had a hyphen…

“Have you heard about True-host? By the way, there’s a hyphen in between the ‘True’ and ‘Host’”

Do you see how awkward that would be?

This is what I mean:

A domain name should be punchy. But hyphen and use of numbers take that away.

Stick to the letters only.

  • Consider using Keywords to demonstrate your niche

A niche is simply the topic (industry) your website covers. We offer the best web hosting services in South Africa. And that is why our domain name includes the keyword, ‘host.’

The presence of a niche-specific keyword boosts your search engine optimization efforts.

But be careful.

There is a thin line between this and generic domain names like we have seen above.

If you stuff keywords into your domain name, you will end up with a generic domain.

  • Think long-term

As I had mentioned earlier, your domain name will be your identity for a very long time.

In fact, changing a domain name costs you a lot:

  • You lose rankings
  • Costs money
  • Will cost you branding

That is a big loss.

You should, therefore, think long term when choosing a domain name,

Let me explain using a simple example:

Say you are starting a company to offer SEO services, you can go with a domain name like SEORankings.co.za.

That is good, for now.

If you think you might branch out and start offering additional online marketing services in the future like Facebook ads, email marketing, Google Ads, among others, then you might want to sit down and reconsider your website name.


Because SEORankings.co.za will limit you to only offering SEO services. Hence making it hard to expand your services.

As a result, you should think about where you want to be in the coming years. Then let that reflect on the domain name decisions now.

Where to get the cheapest domain names in South Africa

With this simple checklist, you can easily brainstorm domain name ideas. Once you have picked the best, you should register it immediately so no one else can.

Fortunately, we have the cheapest domain names in South Africa and fast domain name registration.

Start building your website today by purchasing a domain name here.

.CO.ZA Domain Name @ R 50 + 30 GB Hosting @ R 250 /YrGET IT NOW
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