Google Domains South Africa

Google Domains South Africa

Google Domains South Africa: Getting a domain name South Africa usually involves searching for it in Google and registering it with a domain registrar. Usually, one needs to find the best domain name for their website and find the best registrar among the hundreds that operate in South Africa. Google

Afrihost Domain Registration

Afrihost Domain Registration

Afrihost Domain Registration: Afrihost is a South African company that offers various ICT services. These include Broadband Internet, Web Hosting and Telecoms Services.  It is one of the leading companies offering domain registration services in South Africa, with additional related services such as hosting. About Afrihost Afrihost was founded in

Free Domain Registration

Free Domain Registration and Why You Should Consider It

Most people in South Africa look for free domain registration service in order to cut down on the cost of having a website, running a school project or having professional emails for their venture or side hustle. Where can one register a free domain name, and is it actually free?

Best Domain Registrar in South Africa

Who is the best domain registrar in South Africa? There are tens of domains registrars operating in South Africa, both local and international companies. This includes both ICANN accredited registrars as well as other registrars who are not ICANN accredited, but are registered with ZACR as domain registrars in South

Email Domain Registration in South Africa (2020)

Email Domain Registration: Email services are an integral part of the business and personal communication in South Africa. One needs to have a reliable email service under a credible domain name that will ensure that your message is delivered to the recipient. In this article, we explain the process of

Register Domain SA

Register Domain SA: Registration Providers (Steps To Take)

Register Domain SA: Domain registration refers to the process of acquiring a domain name, which is a name that allows people to locate resources that are stored on the internet. The most popular domain that is registered in South Africa is the.co.za domain name, which is the domain name extension

.CO.ZA Whois: Know Who and Where a Domain is Hosted

.co.za whois: .za is the country code top level domain for South Africa, while Whois is a service that is used to check the registration information of a domain name. The .co.za domain is the most popular ccTLD in Africa with thousands of domain names registered. It is administered by

Most Popular Domain Names in South Africa (Extensions)

In this article, learn more about the most popular domain names in South Africa   ZACR is the South African Country TLD Registry. ZACR provides .za domain Names, .africa, capetown, .durban and .joburg ZACR  Stats provided  as at November 2019 were. South Africa Domain adoption rate; ZACR DOMAIN COUNT: 1,275,758
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