Best VPS servers South Africa: Fast and Reliable

Best VPS servers South Africa


Best VPS servers South Africa: Looking to host your website independently at a cost that won’t scratch your budget?

Then VPS hosting is the way to go. Virtual private servers (VPS) lie somewhere between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You share the same physical space with other website owners but get to run your own copy of OS.

Why VPS hosting?

With VPS hosting, you enjoy greater performance and scalability compared to shared hosting. That’s because you get a defined share of resources that other site owners within the same space can not maliciously access. The disc space is also usually larger than what you’d have in shared hosting.

The best part it is that, although it mimics a dedicated server in many ways, the services come at only a fraction of the cost.

The table below gives a list of companies that offer the best VPS servers in South Africa, their starter prices and other features:

Starter Price (Rand/month)RAMStorageBandwidth/Traffic
Host KingR590.5GB10GB100GB
Truehost AfricaR762GB20GBUnlimited
Web Telecoms ServicesR991GB20GB100GB
Telasera technologiesR991GB20GB100GB
Virtual servers.co.zaR991GB20GB500GB
Host AfricaR1001GB10GBUnlimited
Paradigm SolutionsR110512MB20GB2TB
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