GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Which is the best in South Africa

When it comes to creating an online presence there are two giants ready for this. In this post, we’ll talk about GoDaddy vs Afrihost.

Online presence is an important aspect of our activities. Almost everything is being done online; news, schooling, businesses and so much more.

Being part of the online community is essential. The online platform is one of the best places that are supporting everyone.

These days thanks to technology it has become even easy to create a website. In less than 10 minutes your website can be live. The best part being it’s free!

Yes, you don’t have to spend a dime to be online. Technology is offering flexibility and ease to get online and grow your ideas.

Before we dive into GoDaddy vs Afrihost, let’s know more about each platform. First, let’s begin with GoDaddy.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is an American company that provides various web services, such as:

It is also a web hosting provider which began in the year 1997. It has now grown to become one of the leading website providers in the world.

GoDaddy South Africa Before GoDaddy was born there were only a few organizations offering what GoDaddy is. But now GoDaddy has grown to become a widely used service provider across the globe.

GoDaddy is making it easy for everyone to launch successive online platforms. It’s offering the best and affordable tools to make it happen.

GoDaddy features:

1. Support

GoDaddy makes sure that the client issues are always handled well. It offers live chat support, email support, and calls to its clients.

Leave an email or call them and they will get back to you within 24 hours. They will be able to answer all your questions and even resolve the issues.

In case of any downtime, they will notify you about it via email within few minutes.

2. Domains

There are over 60 TLDs for you to choose from. Each TLD has its own unique features and prices. It’s always good to check them out before choosing what you want.

GoDaddy also provides domain privacy which keeps your domain name anonymous. One can use a Whois Lookup tool to get your personal information. GoDaddy helps protect your personal information.

3. Web Hosting

GoDaddy also provides web hosting services. It has a wide range of plans to choose from.  However, they are not much pricey as it is for the top-level domains names.

They have the best plans that are affordable for all. GoDaddy is making it easy for everyone to launch online securely and affordably.

4. Web security

GoDaddy takes security very importantly. When it comes to websites they have SSLs, Backups, and antimalware protection.

They ensure that your data is safe. Security is always an issue when it comes to online systems. GoDaddy makes sure you are protected.

There is much that GoDaddy has, but let’s talk about Afrihost.

What is Afrihost?

Afrihost is an Internet Service Provider based in South Africa. They have been providing world-class service at affordable costs.

Afrihost is an internet service provider that offers various web solutions, such as:

  • Web Hosting,
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Domains
  • And more

Afrihost It has grown to become Africa’s largest hosting provider with more than 118 000 unique visitors each day. They have also made a good name from the wonderful services they provide.

Afrihost features:

1. Affordability

Creating your online presence with Afrihost is easy. They offer one of the best deals in South Africa.

Happens to have different plans which are ideal for all kinds of businesses and websites.  Also,  have special offers that you can avail yourself of to save money.

2. Security and performance

Afrihost provides SSL protection to its clients’ websites by default for free. They also have a backup that saves your website and files on a daily basis.

They offer cPanel as well as Fantastico to their clients. Their support team is always online 24/7 to assist you with any issues that might come up.

3. Reliability

Afrihost boasts of its in-house designed data centers. They are powered by a generator in case of a power outage.

Their network has been expanded with the latest fiber-optic technology. This offers more stable bandwidth for all their clients’ websites.

Afrihost has a lot more to offer. When comparing GoDaddy and Afrihost, we get these in common.

Characteristics of both GoDaddy and Afrihost

  • Both GoDaddy and Afrihost offer similar services at different prices.
  • GoDaddy and Afrihost both offer domains and hosting.
  • Both provide excellent customer support.
  • When it comes to affordability they all provide the best prices.
  • They all started a while ago.

GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Which is the best in South Africa

1. GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Packages

Afrihost offers a range of packages at affordable prices. Afrihost’s services are affordable and the quality of their services is excellent.

On the other hand, GoDaddy offers various packages. Most of these packages are for small businesses and start-ups.

Both are great hosting services, but GoDaddy is best suited for those who have deep pockets. You will get what you pay for with this service provider as it is top-notch.

2. GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Ease of use

Afrihost uses an advanced cPanel control panel. This makes it easier for you to manage your website and server.

It has also partnered with Cloudflare which helps to improve your website performance. Security too is also guaranteed.

On the other hand, GoDaddy offers email and chats support for its users. For ease of use, Afrihost makes it easy.

GoDaddy takes the win for ease of use. Besides their interface is far much simpler than Afrihost’s.

3. GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Features

Afrihost offers unlimited bandwidth for each of its hosting plans. GoDaddy has limits per plan. Afrihost also provides unlimited email accounts for all its hosting packages.

In the case of GoDaddy, you have only 250 email addresses per package. GoDaddy offers a free domain for your first year while Afrihost requires you to pay.

GoDaddy has more features compared to Afrihost.

4. GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Pricing

The prices of GoDaddy are affordable than those of Afrihost. Their .com domain is R189 while in Afrihost it’s R220.

However, on the web hosting GoDaddy starter is R49, and Afrihost is R39(Shared hosting). Afrihost hosting plans are much affordable.

If you want the best services, then GoDaddy would be a wise choice. On the other hand, if you have a budget and are looking for something affordable, Afrihost is definitely the right choice for you.

5. GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Reliability and performance

Afrihost enjoys some of the fastest hosting speeds on the internet. They have top-notch data centers which ensure maximum uptime and freedom from downtime.

GoDaddy’s performance is also exceptional. GoDaddy has a load balancing technology that ensures that your website experiences faster speeds.

Both ensure fast speeds for their clients. Their services are well maintained and accessible for all.

6. GoDaddy vs Afrihost: Support

Afrihost has great customer support. They will help you in case any issues arise or if there are any changes to your website.

GoDaddy also isn’t left behind on support. Actually, it’s extensive with the more content it provides. They have a blog and videos that help you solve issues.

GoDaddy takes the win for the extensive support it offers.

Well, when it comes to web services both GoDaddy and Afrihost are great. They are on the frontline to ensure all customers succeed online.

They have been operational for a while and have good reputations. But it all comes down to what a customer wants.

Take your ideas online easily with GoDaddy and Afrihost. There are also alternatives to the two which are also making efforts to make people succeed online.

These alternatives are:

1. Truehost Africa

As the name is, it’s built-in Africa. Truehost values clients and offers the best services for all at affordable pricing.  It’s a web service provider and offers the following:

  • Website builder
  • Domains
  • Web hosting
  • SSL 
  • And more.

Truehost South Africa. Features

  • Great support- they provide 24/7 support on emails, chats, and calls. Ensure clients’ issues are solved fast.
  • Affordability- they have different plans for everyone even when tight on budget.
  • Ease of use- acquiring a service from them is easy.
  • Secure-  have implemented the best security features to keep you safe.

2. HostKing

It’s a web service provider providing the best services. HostKing is known for its pricing which is very affordable for all. It has helped many businesses launch easily and keep growing. 

Here is a list of what HostKing offers:

  • Domains
  • Web hosting 
  • SSL
  • Servers
  • And more

HostKing Features:

  • Cheap- HostKing ensures everyone goes live instantly. They have customized plans for everyone.
  • Reliable-  their services are always available.
  • Secure- have implemented the best security measures to protect everyone.
  • Support- they have reliable customer service for all.

There many other alternatives one can use. Such include:

  • Sasa Host
  • Bluehost
  • Wix
  • DreamHost 
  • And so much more.

Establishing an online presence is easy. It has also become affordable and flexible for all to go live and start transaction safely. Always get a platform that offers you the best services.


GoDaddy Web Hosting In South Africa

You have probably heard of GoDaddy but did you know about GoDaddy web hosting? Well, in this post I will share more on GoDaddy.

Today everything is possible and can be done easily. Businesses are going global and reaching out to many easily.

From technology, bridges have been built. It has become easy for all to get access to products and services easily.

Well, security also has become a major concern. These days malicious people have found new ways to exploit systems and manipulate data.


Well, GoDaddy is a web service provider that has been helping many go live instantly. It’s also an all-in-one platform that provides:

GoDaddy South Africa GoDaddy has the best-customized plans for everyone. It’s also easy to sign up for GoDaddy and its services; no special skills are needed.


1. Website builder

Create stunning websites fast and easily. You don’t have to learn how to code or design skills to have a great website.

Besides, it’s free- yes it costs you nothing to create and go live instantly. Create any website without hassle and get transacting.

2. Ease of use

GoDaddy ensures everyone can go live instantly. With their affordable plans, it’s easy for anyone to take their idea online fast.

Their design is easy and responsive. Creating with GoDaddy is easy and everyone can become a developer in less than 10 minutes.

Perform tasks fast and easily with GoDaddy. Get to host and manage all your platforms under one place; GoDaddy web hosting.

3. Data backup

GoDaddy saves your data and makes it easy for you to access data anytime. However, they charge you a fee when restoring it.

No more worrying about losing data. Work effectively and keep your data safe with GoDaddy web hosting plans that are affordable.

4. Security

Keep your website, clients, and data safe with their antimalware and SSLs. Keep your website safe from malicious people and codes.

Interact easily with your clients and share easily. Get to share your files safely, receive transactions safely, and grow effectively.

5. Marketing

GoDaddy plans also include email marketing. From email marketing, one can grow their brand and target specific clients.

They also have other plans such as Digital Marketing Suite,  GoDaddy Studio, and more. They guarantee that your business grows.


  • Speed- their servers have a good running speed and uptime.
  • Reliability- GoDaddy gets its reputable name from the reliable services it provides.
  • Payment plans- one is not limited to one payment option.
  • Affordability- they have all plans for everyone.
  • Free domain- purchase yearly plans and get a domain.


  • For most plans, you have to sign up for 3 years to get a discount.
  • It costs you to restore data.

GoDaddy login

Logging in to GoDaddy is easy especially when you have an account. Also, no users can create an account and get GoDaddy services.

A GoDaddy account enables one to order a service, receive invoices and so much more. Use GoDaddy login to manage your services.

The GoDaddy platform is easy to use. It ensures that all people take their ideas online fast, easy, and in a secure way. Helps newbies become developers.

Godaddy hosting plans

Web hosting is the service that allows your website to be accessed over the internet. It’s simply the home for your website.

When you sign up for web hosting you get a platform that you can store, build and go live securely. Without hassle, you can have the best websites.

Everyone is a developer and a web service provider with GoDaddy web hosting. You can also sell at GoDaddy and provide services.

What does GoDaddy web hosting provide?

1. Building platform

GoDaddy as a service provider prides itself on giving everyone a chance to build and establish an online presence fast. Enables newbies to grow their skillset and reach out to many.

Its technology is making it easy for businesses and people to make sure their ideas can be accessible to everyone online.

2. Online presence

We all want to establish an online presence. Each day new platforms are formed and all these platforms need web hosting services.

GoDaddy makes sure one is part of the technology and the growth it brings. One can create, share and showcase their work and products.

3. Branding

GoDaddy makes sure you are noticed. They have email hosting plans where you can customize them and use them to get clients.

Target the clients you want for your business. Make it grow easily and reach out to many with your branded business email.

The above are just a few things GoDaddy web hosting provides. There is so much more that Godaddy provides for you.

GoDaddy pricing

Domains pricing:




Web hosting plans:


  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1 website
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 30 GB storage
  • 1 database
  • Standard Performance
  • 1 website
  • 100 GB storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 10 databases
  • Standard Performance
  • Unlimited websites
  • 25 databases
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Increased processing power
  • Unlimited websites
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited databases

All plans include:

  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • 1-click install of over 150 free apps.
  • 24/7 network security.
  • Resources on-demand.
  • 1-click domain name setup.
  • Global data centers.

Alternatives to GoDaddy web hosting 

1. Truehost Africa

It’s a web service provider that provides the best plans for your online presence. Truehost provides the following:

  • Domains
  • Web hosting
  • Servers 
  • SSL 
  • And more.

Truehost South Africa. Features:

  • Free website builder- create any website for free.
  • Free domain transfer– transfer your domains to Truehost for Free.
  • Affordable- launch your idea online affordably.
  • Support- get the best team solving your issues fast.
  • Reliable- their services are always available.
  • Secure- take the best necessary measure to safeguard users and data.

2. Bluehost

One of the largest web hosting providers that powers millions of sites. Bluehost has a good reputation for the wonderful services it provides.

Here is what Bluehost provides:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Hosting
  • Domains
  • Online Store
  • Professional Services
  • Services
  • And more.

Bluehost Features:

  • Ease of use- Bluehost has made it for everyone to make it online.
  • Fast and reliable- no need to worry about deployment Bluehost is reliable and fast.
  • More tools- Bluehost has the best tools to ensure you launch instantly.
  • Support- have 24/7 support ready to help.

There are also others like:

  • HostKing
  • Dreamhost
  • Hostinger
  • Dreamhost 
  • And more.

GoDaddy web hosting is making it easy for everyone to launch online. Get your idea and share it with the world fast and easily.


GoDaddy In South Africa

Today we’ll be sharing more about GoDaddy in South Africa. It has been around for a while now and has helped many go live instantly.

GoDaddy In South Africa

It’s a United States-based company but is the largest domain name registrar and cloud computing company hosting in the world.

It has about 60 million customers who use its services each month. They use it for various activities such as registering, transferring, or renewing their domains. 

GoDaddy also provides other services such as web hosting, website builder, and search engine optimization and also offers several other services including:

  • Email hosting
  • Web designing
  • Domain names 
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Registration of various gTLDs

South Africa today has about 12 million internet users which amount to 65% of the population having access to online services. 

That number makes it the highest internet penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa beating Nigeria by six percent(6%). 

Also within that, there are some 500,000 businesses online with most of them being small businesses.  In addition, about 1/3 of all businesses are listed on Google. 

This makes it more important for businesses to improve their search engine rankings. 

What is GoDaddy?

It is an all-in-one platform that is helping all go live instantly. GoDaddy has a good reputation and has over 60 million users.

It’s home to over 25 million active registered domains. GoDaddy also has secured a good name and has become the best web service, provider.

GoDaddy in South Africa

What does GoDaddy offer?

GoDaddy does not just offer domains but also offers other products and services that are Internet-related. For the customers who do not need hosting, GoDaddy can offer several products such as:

  • Websites
  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • Email Services
  • Online Store Hosting
  • And more.

GoDaddy still goes further than just a domain registrar and offers domain website hosting solutions. The most commonly offered solutions for domains are Web Hosting, Enterprise Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Server Solutions. 

All these types of hosting offer customers different options depending on their needs. Even though GoDaddy hosts over one million websites on its servers, it does not stop there as it keeps on growing bigger by offering more advanced features to the customers’ different types of website needs.

GoDaddy is a worldwide leader in the domain registration and hosting market. The company has over 63 million unique customers and more than 25 million domains under management.

Registering an account with GoDaddy is easy and fast. By just creating their username, password, and general information about the website that they want to register then fill out the sign-up form on its website. 

Within seconds one can own a personal or business website. Customers who love shopping online can also register their .co.za domain name from here so as to proceed with making an online store for selling products or services on the internet. 

It also offers hosting services for up to 50 websites which come at affordable costs as compared to other hosting companies.

A domain name leads one to a website of his or her choice which can either be personal or business. Once registered, it helps one to promote his business properly on the Internet so as to drive more traffic towards it and grow its reputation online.

The pros and Cons of GoDaddy in South Africa

GoDaddy is great but also comes with some downsides. However, it has its pros:

  • Has a good name- has been around for a while and many trust it.
  • Variety of services- GoDaddy doesn’t just offer domains there are other services available.
  • Ease of use- newbies can navigate easily on GoDaddy.
  • Free stuff-  Free Domain, Office 365 Email, Webmail, and more when you sign up.


  • It costs you to restore your website data.
  • Renewals are a bit expensive.

GoDaddy in South Africa alternatives

1. Truehost Africa

Truehost Africa is the best web service provider alternative for GoDaddy in South Africa. It offers the best and reliable services at pocket-friendly prices.

They make sure that everyone is able to get their idea online fast. Also, they value the customer’s input and are always ready to help grow your business.

Truehost Africa

Here is what they provide:

  • Web hosting
  • Domains
  • SSL certificates
  • VPS servers
  • And more.

The pros:

  • Reliable support- have a 24/7 support team that is always ready to help in case of issues.
  • Affordable- all their plans are easily affordable for all.
  • Vast resources- there are more resources available to use.


  • The free plan is only for a month.


This is a web service provider established in 2004  in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company offers numerous web hosting plans including VPS hosting and dedicated servers. 

Hostinger also provides e-mail, domain name registration services, and other value-added services such as free domains and site builder tools.

Hostinger in South Africa

One of the most attractive features is that they offer a free website builder service for everyone.  This means you can create a website without knowing anything about HTML/CSS or any other coding language.

They have great templates built-in to their website builder tool which is called Site Generator. Building these websites does not take more than 5  minutes.

Websites that are created with Site Generator can be transferred to your own host or you can keep it on their hosting service.

Pros of Hostinger

  • Unlimited features- Hostinger provides one with unlimited bandwidth, emails, and much more.
  • Secure- provides users with free SSL security that helps them secure their sites.
  • Free domain- one gets a domain once they sign up for Hostinger services. 
  • Reliable support- always ready to help on live chats.


  • No daily backups.
  • No phone support.


It’s one of the best web service providers and GoDaddy in South Africa alternative. You can start your blogging journey for a very low price. 

Bluehost has been around for about ten years now. It is also affordable, reliable, offers 24/7 support, and has an easy-to-use interface on its Cpanel control panel software. 

Bluehost in South Africa

With this WordPress hosting option, you cannot only get a website started but it will give you enough space to work with.

You also don’t feel bothered again by the lack of space on your account when starting out. It is recommended that you start with a starter package.  

Once you have your blog up and running, if the initial space provided does not suffice, you can switch to another hosting package or upgrade at any time without having to worry about complex migration processes. 

Bluehost offers unlimited bandwidth so there’s no constriction on how much information will be uploaded to your website. 


  • Affordable plans- get online fast and easily, it costs you less than other companies.
  • A lot of addons-  install WordPress and many others with just one click.
  • Reliable support- they have a good customer service team ready to help.
  • A lot of addons- Get SSLs and Google Ad credits to advanced features like Cloudflare integration and more.


  • Expensive renewal rate- lure customers through cheap plans.
  • It costs you to migrate data.

GoDaddy in South Africa is making businesses boom. It’s giving opportunities to many to grow and make it in the online market. The above are just some GoDaddy in South Africa alternatives. Here are some more:

  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • NameCheap
  • Hostpapa
  • And much more.

Get your idea online with GoDaddy In South Africa. Also, get to utilize its alternatives and become successful.



#1 Best Afrihost Web Hosting Alternative You Don’t Know About

We all use and visit websites daily. For that website to be live it needs hosting. Afrihost web hosting is a reliable service provider.

What is Afrihost Web Hosting?

It’s a web hosting and domain registrar company and other internet services. Afrihost Web hosting makes sure one gets their ideas online easily.

Afrihost is based in South Africa. An Internet hosting company is a business that offers to rent server space on the internet or just provide a domain registration facility.

It caters to most of the needs of both webmasters and web design companies. They can assure their clients will have what they need to get their tasks accomplished.

The domain authorities are some of the best that you can find in South Africa and the web hosting packages are not too expensive.

Afrihost web hosting

History of Afrihost

Afrihost is certainly one of the best online service providers in South Africa. It provides internet solutions for both home users and businesses alike. 

Their business strategy has been to invest heavily in its network infrastructure, which allows it to offer its service at very competitive prices. 

The company prides itself on the fact that it is a 100% South African company. It’s therefore committed to ensuring that they play a vital role in assisting the development of this country.

The company offers clients hosting services using Linux servers. All of its web hosting plans are backed by high-performance servers with unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Such advancements make it possible to handle large traffic volumes on these sites. The plan also includes free email accounts, many tools for improving your website’s search engine rankings, FTP access, and more.

They also have top-level security features including daily backup of your account information for peace of mind. They also have firewalls that will protect you against all manner of potential hacking attempts.

Afrihost web hosting provides you with all the resources you need to take your idea online. Web hosting is the service that allows you to put your ideas online.

It makes sure many can access your website, transact, and more. One needs web hosting to conduct transactions freely.

Why use web hosting?

To have control

Get to decide how to utilize your resources, tweak settings, access methods, and more. Make your site secure and faster.

Besides, it’s easy to fix your website issues. One get’s to configure how things run.

To get secure storage

Hosting provides you with storage that is not restricted to what data they can store. This means that you can keep your files safe.

Also, there are many methods of securing it. Decide how you will utilize the storage for both your website and your other data.

Customization Options

Having your own hosting means that you have freedom. Add, remove and make changes to your data, security features, files, and more.

One chooses to configure the server to their own liking.

There is more to using web hosting. Well, now that we know about web hosting let’s dive into the best alternative to Afrihost and how they compare.

Truehost Africa

It’s a web hosting and domain registrar company. Truehost offers the best affordable plans for everyone to startup and grows their startups.

Truehost Africa Truehost has value for its clients and has different plans including free options. Here is what Truehost Africa also provides:

The pros and cons of Truehost Africa


  • Reliable- their services are always available and handle customer issues fast.
  • Affordable- they have customized plans for all. Besides they also have free plans.
  • Secure- provide extra security for the services they offer like SSL certificates.


  • The free plan is only 30 days.

Afrihost vs TrueHost Africa



ProductAfrihostTruehost Africa
Web HostingWindows Web Hosting

  • Silver Home- R89/Month
  • Gold Home- R109/Month

Reseller hosting

  • R510/month
Silver SSD Hosting-  R50/Month

Gold SSD Hosting- R70.54/Month

Reseller hosting

  • R230/month cheapest!
Domains.com- R220

.org- R280

.net- R270

.com- R100

.org- R157

.net- R127


Truehost Africa is more affordable as compared to Afrihost. Makes it easy for everyone to take their ideas online and share them with everyone fast.

Truehost on the other hand offers free hosting for a month. It gives everyone a chance to startup and upgrade as the business grows.

Features and products

When it comes to products and features Afrihost takes the lead. It’s expensive but it does come with a ton of options one can choose from.

Well, Truehost Africa boasts of having the best-customized plans. The case of shared hosting in Afrihost comes with:

  • Bronze Home and Bronze Pro
  • Silver Home and Silver Pro
  • Gold Home and Gold Pro
  • Platinum Home and Platinum Pro

Truehost Africa has the 4 plans only.  Afrihost Web Hosting offers more plans to guarantee your business success and growth.

Customer Support

Truehost Africa has 24/7 customer service. It’s reliable and always ready to help everyone in case of any issues that arise.

Both Truehost Africa and Afrihost web hosting have a support ticket system, email, or telephone, live chat, and WhatsApp line.

They both take support and clients’ issues seriously. It’s a tie for both since they all provide quality support for their clients.

To add to this they have articles and tutorials on how to use their services. Make sure that you get all the help you need when you run into issues.

Other alternatives to Afrihost web hosting

There many web hosting service providers one can choose from.

However, before choosing one, one needs to consider the following:

  • Cost- how much are you paying? Is it affordable? Well, once you answer these it makes it easy.
  • Features- what are getting from the host? Are they sorting all your needs? A good web host needs to provide all for you.
  • Support- how is their customer service? Do they respond immediately or take time? Consider this before diving into a host.
  • Reliability- how long are their services online? Are there downtimes? 

Well, there is a lot to consider before getting the best host. Afrihost web hosting and Truehost Africa are making it easy to go live instantly.


Reasons To Invest In Small Businesses

Each day new ideas are transformed into cash-making alternatives that are; businesses. In this post, we gather the reasons to invest in small businesses.

Every day we are finding ways to increase our revenue, money is scarce. Thanks to technology it has become easy to start and promote the growth of a business.

Many investments started small but now they have become large corporations. With the right team and management, it’s easy to grow.

Growth is about input and isn’t simply an overnight thing. One needs consistency and dedication to keep the business operations growing.

These days it has become easy to transact, showcase products and services with just a click of a button. No more queuing to get a product.

Get to choose over the many options that are readily available to transact. One has flexibility in transactions and much more. Before we get to reasons to invest in small businesses, let’s get insights.

What counts as a small business?

A business is a transaction between a buyer and seller. This means that one has to provide for the other who needs it. However, the seller has to earn a profit.

A small business means a privately owned company, partnerships, or sole proprietorships that have few employees and low revenue.

What do you need to start a business?

A business name

This is the name that people will know your business for. It’s a brand that people will recognize, you will showcase and share with others.

A business name describes what the business is about. Before choosing a business name one needs to have conducted market research. 

Have a name that defines the operations of your business. Also, make sure not to infringe the rights by using the name of another business.

Read more here.


These are the driving force of the business. Without money, the business cannot operate smoothly. A business needs funds to secure assets and more.

Funds also help in the registration of the business, paying for office supplies, and more. One must then have good financial plans.

Money will also help you grow your business. Marketing, hiring staff, product selling; all these need money to grow.


This is finding the necessary information about the business. Research helps you know about your competitor and different methods you can implement for your business.

Research helps you know about your competition. Most business ideas are already implemented but it’s up to you to choose the best way of implementation.

One can plan ahead with the right information. Always ensure you are informed about everything before even deciding to invest in small businesses.

Business plan

These are the strategies that one uses to grow the business. They are the steps one needs to consider for business success.

A business plan shows how every asset will be used, different market plans that one needs to consider. One needs to take time to create a good plan.

The plan should be sustainable and realistic. Should be informative enough and show every detail of the business aspect operations.

Business licenses

These are the permits that one needs to operate. Many ignore this and say that a small business doesn’t need licenses. Well, that’s wrong; every business needs to be licensed.

Licenses allow the business to operate easily and securely. A license also means that your business is recognized by law and is safe to transact with clients.

They also open opportunities for growth. Of course, when seeking loans or fundings the parties need to assure that your business is legal and licensed to operate.

Make sure to get the right business licenses that cover all the business operations.

Business structure

Business structure means how the business is recognizable by different jurisdictions. There are four different structures a business can be recognized for:

  • Sole proprietorship-  this means the business is owned and operated by a single individual.
  • Partnership- this means that the business is made up of many parties. One cannot control all the business operations. General partnerships operate the business together and settle the business issues together such as debts. The limited partnership has both the general partnership members who will settle for the business and the limited partners function as investors only.
  • Corporation- it’s a complex structure, this entity means many parties or companies coming together as one. However, the business is separate from its owners. 
  • Limited Liability Company-it’s a hybrid of corporations and partnerships.

Find the right choice that best fits your business. One that protects you and your business associates as well as the clients.

Business accounts

Having a financial management plan is crucial. Money is scarce and every business needs it to keep operating efficiently.

One needs to hire a good manager that will ensure that the business resources are utilized productively. One who ensures the business doesn’t run on debts.

Why choose to start a business?

To have financial freedom

Unlike employment, a business guarantees you pay. Besides, there are no deductions and many other cost expenses from the organization.

One gets to choose how much they should earn. Besides, you have job security and you don’t need to worry about promotions or being fired.

To employ creativity

Daily we come up with ideas, these ideas are unique. Using the ideas to start a business will ensure that you grow successfully.

However, they have to be informed about the market they are going to establish. Creativity makes you grow your idea and earn from it.

To follow passion

Passion makes one committed, we see people quit jobs and start their own businesses and become successful than they were before.

When one is doing what they love it makes them committed to what they do. It makes them perform efficiently. No one keeps following you up and you know the rewards to a job well done.

Consider turning your passion to venture for your earning. Make money by doing what you love and commit to it for growth.

Be of service

When you start a business you open up opportunities to many. One can offer jobs to the people and also support the community.

It also promotes other businesses easily, especially to invest in small businesses around the locality. More can be done by just owning a business.

To create a legacy

Most businesses are run by families. Such kinds of established businesses are a legacy. This means that the business has been running on the family for generations.

One may start a business for that sole reason. This ensures the family is recognized and doesn’t lack a source of income.

A business provides many resources and the family also will benefit from it. A legacy is not about the family name but also the growth of the business.

There are many other reasons why one chooses to start a business. The above are just a few reasons one would choose to have a business.

Reasons To Invest In Small Business

They are a source of income

Small businesses employ more people than large companies. Each day new small businesses are being created and cultivated.

Such businesses are later becoming investments. For this reason, small businesses offer opportunities to many to allow them to grow.

Once you start a business you create opportunities for many. Also once you invest in the idea and make it successful you create a source of income for many others.

Contribute to the growth of the economy

Small businesses are part of the economy. They help grow and decide different aspects of the business growth and the market pricing.

Investing in small businesses gives them a chance to grow. It makes it easy for the business to expand and continue providing for the community. 

The growth of the community gradually transforms into the growth of the economy. 

Are home to large corporations

Every business once started as a small business. Once you invest in small businesses you are creating a pathway for a big corporation.

Small businesses make up the market. They influence the growth and operations of many other corporations so investing in them is the best thing to do.

To grow the business

Small businesses like many other businesses also face challenges. Investing in them will ensure they survive and keep growing.

Money is essential for every business. It’s a scarce resource that one needs to keep the business operating successfully.

To earn

You don’t have to promote the business by investing in it. The investment can be a source of income for you too. This is when both parties agree to the terms and conditions.

There are many reasons one chooses to invest in small businesses. At times it can earn you a lot or one can just be promoting the business.

We ought to always have a plan before diving into the business markets. We also should be informed and keep researching market trends. 


000 Free Web Hosting: What You Need To Know

Have you heard of 000 free web hosting? Well if you haven’t we’ll get to know the insights and more about it…

Building your online platform is easy and fast. It’s also flexible and cost-saving. One doesn’t need to waste time and money before reaching out to the world.

Did you know that you can create a website for free? Yes, zero spendings and you have your website and can begin transactions too.

The best part is that you can create in less than 10 minutes. Amazing right? Thanks to technology one can do the impossible easily.

One can get value for their money by just applying technology. Before we get into 000 free web hosting let’s gather more insights.

What is web hosting?

It’s a service that allows you to post your website live. This means that people from all over the world can visit and access your site easily.

It is a home for your website. It stores all your website files and gives it the necessary resources to make sure your sites are always live.

The web host has different plans and is responsible for the protection of your data. There are many types of web hosting but here are the common:

Dedicated hosting

This means uninterrupted server access. One gets to own the whole server and no sharing of anything. One has root privileges; get to customize to your liking. 

It’s expensive but efficient. Often recommended for companies dealing with real-time data. 

Shared hosting

In this hosting people share the server and resources. There are no root privileges and require little knowledge to set up.

It’s cheap and well-suited for a startup.

VPS hosting

This is a special hosting. It has both the shared and dedicated hosting aspects. This means that you share the server but different resources.

Also, one gets a secluded space on the server in that that your data is kept safe. It’s efficient and can handle data keeping your files protected.

It’s a bit expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated hosting. Well suited for a growing business that has a lot of potential clients.

Cloud hosting

Is a special hosting where your files reside in a cloud. This means a cluster of servers where your data bits are stored.

It’s reliable and secure. Access to data is quick and easy. The clusters store a copy of data and in case of one server failure data is still accessible.

Doesn’t cost much since you pay for what you need. Easy to upgrade and downgrade.

There are other hosting types like:

Without web hosting one wouldn’t be able to take their website live. It helps you store your data safely and allows you to transact securely.

Choosing a web host

  • Features- what are you getting from the web host? Does it fit your criteria for your web hosting plans? Once the host fits in your criteria it becomes good for you.
  • Cost- what plans do they have? Are they affordable? Are there any other hidden costs? Well, if a host falls under your budget it’s good for you.
  • Control- are you going to manage your hosting plans or will they do everything for you? What is going to do and not be able to do?
  • Support- how is the customer support? Is it quick to respond? Support is essential because one can run into issues and they need to be there to help.
  • Related service they provide- apart from the hosting, will security be available for you? Getting all services from one host will increase flexibility.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a web host. However, it all depends on what you need and what you are getting from the host.

What does web hosting provide?

Storage and Bandwidth

Web hosts give you storage space for your websites and it’s files. It allows you to input your data and keep it safe for easy access.

Allow you to add, remove or edit your website. Give your website a chance to be accessible and conduct transactions online. Bandwidth is what allows many people to access your site easily. 

Without the two web access would be hard. 


Once you use a hosting platform you assign a guard to your data. Although different plans are user-dependent; web hosts also provide extra protection.

This means your data is safely protected and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. Keeping data safe is key.

Many are losing millions when data security is infringed. Putting up security measures will save you a lot of hassle and cost.


People all over the world are able to access your website. Web hosting allows you to share with the world and showcase your work, products, and more.

It also allows you to change, edit and update your website. Gives you all you need to reach out and make the best of your website.


It is the ability to change. This means that as your site grows in customers, transactions and visitors; web hosting is able to accomodate all that.

Can web hosting be changed?

Yes, it’s easy to transfer to a new host.  Besides, changing is easy and doesn’t affect the SEO of your websites. 

It involved these steps:

  • Sign up for a new hosting provider.
  • Save your website’s files.
  • Export your database.
  • Create a new database.
  • Import your database.
  • Modify your website’s files.
  • Upload your website’s files.
  • Test your website.

What is 000 free web hosting?

It’s a web hosting company that allows one to host data for free. No spending any dime to have your website up and running.

000 free web hosting allows you to take your ideas to live. Make it easy and fast to share with the world what you do and what you provide.

Here are their plans:


PlanCostWhat you get
Free Web HostingFree
  • 1 Website
  • 300 MB Disk Space 
  • Limited Bandwidth (3 GB)
  • No Email Account
  • 24/7/365 Support
Single Shared Hosting$1.39 /month
  • 1 Website
  • 30 GB Disk Space
  • Limited Bandwidth (100 GB)
  • 1 Email Account
  • 24/7/365 Support
Premium Shared Hosting$2.59 /month
  • Unlimited Number of Websites
  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free Domain
  • Weekly Backups
Business Shared Hosting$3.99 /month
  • Unlimited Number of Websites
  • 200 GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free Domain


000 web hosting also offers:

000 free web hosting provides the best to keep your data and website operating. Your business doesn’t have to stop because of downtimes; guarantee a 99% uptime.

Where to get free web hosting?


It’s a domain registrar and web hosting company. It’s providing the best affordable services for all. One doesn’t need much on their budget.


Truehost also provides:

  • Hosting
  •  Domains
  •  Servers & VPS
  •  Get a Free Website More
  • And more.

Here are some of their plans:


PlanCostWhat you get
  • Visits per month- up to 500
  • Total Sites- 1
  • Bandwidth per month- 1GB
  • Cloud Storage- 1GB
SliverKshs. 1,499
  • Visits per month- up to 10,000
  • Total Sites- 3
  • Bandwidth per month- Unlimited
  • Cloud Storage- 30GB
GoldKshs. 3,499
  • Visits per month- up to 50,000
  • Total Sites- 30
  • Bandwidth per month- unlimited
  • Cloud Storage- 50GB

Visit Truehost for more.

Well, 000 free web hosting is best for startups. In line with Truehost, both will help you take the business to the next level. You don’t need a huge budget to go live.

Also one can get free hosting from:

  • Google Cloud Hosting
  • Amazon Web Services
  • WordPress
  • And more.

Now you got insights on 000 free web hosting. Consider bringing your idea to life for cheap pricing.  Also, get to share with the world fast and easily. 


The Best Email Hosting In South Africa

In this post, we’ll know about the best email hosting in South Africa. Well, technology is changing the way of things.

Each day there are new trends in the market. The market keeps expanding and providing new ways of handling things.

Websites too are part of technology. They are providing security and convenience for all online transactions.

Technology has eliminated ques and saved costs. One can transact fast and easily without having to queue to get a product.

Well, technology too has its flaws. Security is a major concern when it comes to online systems. Before going live systems must be tested and passed.

However, malicious people i.e hackers have found new ways to exploit different systems. They are causing havoc.

Millions are spent when such systems have been tampered with. Repairing patches also takes time and may inconvenience users.

It’s up to us to take security measures to ensure we are safe. Besides, vulnerabilities are exploited from the user’s end.

 Well, let’s get to know about the best email hosting in South Africa.  

What is email hosting and how does it work?

Email hosting is a service that allows one to send, receive and store emails provided by the hosting provider.

It is a service that offers storage for your emails. It simply rents out email servers to its users to conduct business well.

Email hosting involves the storage of email data. The email domain you use will match your website to give it a professional look.

Benefits of using email hosting

Promotes your brand

An email name associated with your business ensures that your business is recognized. If a consumer connects your brand from an email, it makes it easier for them to connect.

Email hosting allows one to customize their emails. It helps your customers get to know which is the right team to reach out to when they have issues.

Besides, having a strong accessible brand makes it easy for potential buyers to find you.


Daily people are paying the cost of data breaches. Information is being altered and systems destroyed. Security is a major concern for all.

Security needs to be implemented to safeguard all. One needs to keep the client’s data safe as well as safeguard it in transit.

Email hosts provide security for your server.  Ensure your data is encrypted before during transit and prevents unauthorized access.

It’s also easy to reach out to support and allow them to handle your security issues. 


Each day a business grows and needs more resources. Having an email server means that you account for storage.

Email hosting provides a quick way to upgrade or downgrade fast. It’s also easy to add or remove users from the system.

Emails are the most formal way of communication. With your email server, you can meet your requirements fast and easily.


An email host is a managed service that you pay for what you need. Unlike the free service, one is guaranteed uptime.

This means that you don’t miss an update or message from your clients. Your support system will always be ready to help.

Reliability is very important in the success of a business. It builds trust and allows you to relate well with clients.

Email hosting provides more than this. It is a quality service that ensures you keep operating flexibly and providing the best.

Email hosting providers

Over the internet one can get anything they need. Here is a list of the email hosting providers:

Truehost Africa

This is one of the best email host providers. They have customized plans to fit any business needs. Also, have the right customer support that is always available to assist. 

It’s also a domain and web hosting company that offers services utilizable by all people. It gives you value for your money.

Here are their email hosting plans:




What you get

Cloudoon Personal Email 


  • 15GB Storage

  • 1 email account

  • Web Application Access

Private Mail Server 1


  • 20 GB SSD Disk

  • 20 Email Accounts

  • Realtime Mobile Access

Bulk Email Server


  • 2 TB HDD Disk

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

  • Unlimited Domains

  • Realtime Mobile Access

Professional Business Email


  • 30 GB Storage

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

  • Realtime Mobile Access



Get more about Truehost Africa email hosting here:


It’s a web hosting company that powers millions of websites. Here are their email hosting plans:




What you get



  • 15GB Mailbox

  • 1 mailbox & calendar

  • Outlook web access



  • 50GB Mailbox

  • 1 mailbox & calendar

  • Outlook web access



  • 50GB Mailbox

  • 1 mailbox & calendar

  • Outlook web access


Check out more here.


It is a web hosting solution that helps you get your ideas online. They provide the best plans to ensure you keep growing.

Well, here are their email hosting plans:

Check out this for more.

There are other emails hosting providers like:

  • Truehost Kenya.

  • Google Workspace

  • Zoho Mail

  • And many more.

Truehost Africa provides the best email hosting in Africa. They also have the best support that ensures you’re online.


What Happens To Expired Domains

In this post, we’ll know about domains and what happens to expired domains. The Internet has existed for a while.

These days also it has come to be flexible and easily accessible. It’s also providing opportunities for people to take their ideas online.

One can own a website without spending a dime. Yes, for as low as $0 you can create a website and begin transactions.

Also, one doesn’t need the skills of coding or design. With just dragging and dropping elements you create a stunning site fast.

Setting up a business also has become easy and cost-saver. The internet has become the hub for all services.

One can also transact online easily. Just buying or selling online at the comfort of your home. Before we get to expired domains, let’s get more insights.

What are domains?

These are permanent addresses to your website. They are names that people use to access a certain website.

Can also be the name we type on search bars and search engines to reach a website.

A domain has two parts:

Let’s use truehost.africa as an example.

truehost- this is the website name.

.africa- this is the domain name extension.

What do domains offer?

  • Credibility- a domain creates an identity that one can easily check out. People can also share it.
  • Promotes your brand- once you provide the best, people are able to promote and share around with their friends.
  • Shows professionalism- many sites provide subdomains which is long and one can’t be able to remember. A domain will solve this and make it simple.
  • Increases ranking- The more people search and share your site, it becomes popular and easy to rank.
  • Sells your business- domains make people recognize you. A good name speaks for your business.

How to buy a domain?

Well, before you buy a domain you need somewhere to buy it from. Well, Truehost Africa is the best place to get a domain.

They have the best prices and offers on all web services. Here is how to buy a domain from Truehost.

It’s a very simple 4 step process. Here is how to do it.

1. Visit Truehost Africa Homepage:

From the homepage scroll to a domain search bar and enter your domain and search.

Truehost Domain Search

2. Adding to cart

Here you select the extension you want and the type of currency you want to use. Also, you get to know whether your domain is available.

Domain Cart Domains Configuration

Here is where you select to add addons that will make your domain perform fast.

Domain Configuration Checkout

Here is where you make the final adjustments before you pay. This means choosing a currency to use,  continue shopping, or empty cash.

Domain purchase checkout One also needs to register an account. This account will be used to receive invoices and more information from Truehost.

That’s how you register a domain in South Africa.

What are expired domains?

They are unrenewed domains after expiration or those that have been terminated and not active for a while. This means the domain is available for bidding and someone else can buy it. 

Once a domain has expired the emails stop working and the website isn’t accessible. However, once you renew it everything works.

An expired domain is limited. One also can’t be able to transfer it until they renew it.

Reasons why people abandon domains:

  • Warnings for trademark infringement.
  • Failure of the website project
  • Expensive to renew
  • The domain doesn’t bring the desired results.
  • The registrar company was liquidated.

What Happens To Expired Domains

1. International Domains

The likes of .com, .info, and others have 90 days before the domains are released and one can re-register them.

However one has 30 days grace period then it proceeds to be available for purchase and re-registration.

Grace period- this is the time one can consider paying for their before it becomes available for re-registration.

During this period one can renew their contract without any other additional charges.

Redemption period- the time when a domain has been put for bids. Here you pay more than you would in the grace period.

Also, at this period someone else can pay and get your domain.

Alternatively, one can wait after 90 days and buy the domain afresh. However, you might not be lucky someone else may purchase it.

2. Other domains


This domain has no redemption period. They offer you 90 days to renew your contract or else the domain is out and can be sold to someone else.


This is a tough one. Once the domain has expired you have 5 days grace period. After 30 days it’s released and people can buy it afresh.


It goes to a pending suspension state for 0-5 days after the expiry date. (here it is renewable and transferrable  without extra charges.)

Then it remains in suspension for 5-10 days after expiry ( here domain can be renewed but not transferred.)

This means you have 10 days of grace period before the domain enters the redemption period. After the grace period, the domain enters the closed redemption. 

During this phase, the domain is restorable at an additional fee; a restoration fee. The closed redemption lasts for 11-25 days after the expiry date.

The domain enters the pending deletion. Nothing changes. The period lasts for 5 days.

Thus za domain is out for fresh registration to the public after 30-45 days from the expiry date.

One can’t own a domain; one just leases a domain name and pays for a period of time.

Once you stop paying for it expires with its services. And it’s available for someone else to re-register it and use it for their website.


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