9 Best Web Hosting Companies in South Africa (2020)

Here are the Best Web Hosting Companies in South Africa 2020. 

1. BlueHost: Best Web Hosting Customer Service

BlueHost Homepage

BlueHost offer great web hosting services in South Africa from $4.00/month. Uptime is 99.99% with a Storage of 50GB. BlueHost has great customer service of a minute wait time.

Special features are:

  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 1-click WordPress Install
  • Unlimited websites (for plus plan)

2. SiteGround: The Fastest Web Hosting Speeds

SiteGround Web Hosting Services

Having a Load Time of 615ms and a cost of $5.00/month, SiteGround offer the fastest speeds.

Together with speed SiteGround also offers:-

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free email account
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free daily backups

3 Truehost.africa: Best Web Hosting Plans in South Africa

Why is Truehost Best Hosting Provider?

Truehost.africa is one of the best web hosting companies in South Africa. Truehost offers great Web hosting features. Pricing Plans are:-

Why is Truehost.africa among the best hosting service providers?

Special Features on Truehost

  • 30-Day Money Back
  • FREE Domain
  • Feature-Rich Cpanel

4. Xneelo (Hetzner): Great Web Hosting Speed

Xneelo Web Hosting South Africa Homepage

They start at a moderate $7.00/month which gives a user unlimited bandwidth, 5GB of SSD storage, hosting up to 10 domains and 1 FTP account. Speeds are 617ms with an uptime of 99.90%.

5. AfriHost: Best Local Web Hosting

Afrihost best web hosting homepage

AfriHost offers Basic Package ($3.50/month, 2GB storage) and Silver Pro ($7.57/month, 10GB storage). Their plans lack SSL Certificates and have limited storage.

Their Gold plan has useful benefits such as:

Another Best Web Hosting Companies in South Africa 2020:

6. 1-Grid: Web Hosting with Best Database Deals in South Africa

1-grid web hosting with best database deals in south africa

1-Grid offers superb hosting packages each coming with Unlimited MySQL Databases.

  • Small $4.18/m, storage 2GB
  • Medium $7.00/m, storage 5GB
  • Large $16.90/m, storage 50GB

7. Hostinger: Cheapest Web Hosting in South Africa

cheapest web hosting in south africa server racks

Some of the standout benefits of Hostinger include:

  • Price: $0.79/month, Uptime: 99.90% Storage: 10GB
  • 100GB of bandwidth
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • Weekly backups

8. Domains.co.za: Best Hosting without Contract

Web hosting in south africa premium wordpress

Domains offer a 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee, 99.9% UPTIME and NO CONTRACTS (opt out anytime). Each package comes with MySQL Databases.

  • Budget $4.88 (2GB Storage)
  • Value $8.85 (5GB Storage)
  • Pro $13.38 (15GB Storage)
  • Expert $17.34 (20GB Storage)

9. Web4Africa: Best Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth

african man

Web4Africa offers 3 packages. these are Mercury ($1.97/month, 2GB storage); Bronze ($4.93/month, 10GB Storage); Silver ($7.40/month, 20GB storage) and Gold ($14.80/month, unlimited storage). All the packages come with SSL Certification.

Top 10 Cheapest SSL Certificates South Africa (Affordable)

The top 10 cheapest SSL certificates in South Africa. Compare the costs for cheapest SSL certificates providers.

various symbols for SSL certificates

1.Ask SSL

  • Ask SSL starter certificates $3.99,
  • Multi-Domain SSL $16.99/year,
  • Wildcard SSL $45.99/year.

2.Truehost SSL Certificates.

Truehost has the most exhaustive list, and cheapest SSL certificates in South Africa. Prices are as follows;

  • Comodo PositiveSSL $5.00
  • Comodo EssentialSSL $14.34
  • Symantec Secure Site $310.80

And many more.

3.Absolute Hosting provides;

  • Comodo Positive SSL $12.49/year
  • Rapid SSL certificate $15.19/year.

4.ZA Domains

ZA Domains provides among the cheapest SSL Certificates in South Africa. These include:-

  • Comodo PositiveSSL $12.49/year,
  • Rapid SSL $13.88/year
  • Rapid SSL Wildcard $149.17/year
  • TrueBusinessID $110.11/year.
 SSL certificates help when using credit card online
SSL Certification protects your websites visitors

5.Host Africa SSL Certificates.

Host Africa are among the cheapest SSL Certificates providers in South Africa. They provide four SSL certificates which include;

  • Rapid SSL $17.28/year,
  • GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium at $76.29/year,
  • GeoTrust True Business ID at $97.00/year and
  • Rapid SSL Wild Card at $138.69/ year.

6. Web Guru provides;

  • Rapid SSL Domain Validated SSL at $15.19/year

Apart from the above, Web Guru provides the following Comodo SSL Certificates as well.

  • First is Comodo Wildcard SSL at $97.00/year which is popular
  • Secondly they offer Comodo Multi-Domain SSL at $110.94/year and,
  • Third is Comodo Extended Validation SSL​at $166.94/year which is the most secure.

7.Ecotel SSL Certificates South Africa.

Ecotel Provides the following SSL Certificates.

  • RapidSSL Certificates at $13.18/year
  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificates at $71.46/year
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID at $97.13/year
  • RapidSSLWildcard Certificates at $0.78/year.
mouse pointer on SSL Certificates  security
Secure your connections

8.Smart Web Cheap SSL Certificates

Smart Web also provides some of the cheapest SSL certificates in South Africa.

  • Comodo Positive SSL at $13.53/ year,
  • Rapid SSL at $17.35/year
  • Thawte SSL123 at $41.56/year.

Smart Web also provides Comodo SSL Certificates. These are:-

  • First, Comodo Extended Validation SSL at $131.75/year,
  • Second is Comodo Extended Validation SSL Multi-Domain at R $277.45/year,
  • Third, Comodo Multi Domain at $41.28/year
  • Last is Comodo Extended Validation SSL Multi-Domain at $277.45/year.

9.Register Domain (Cheapest GeoTrust SSL Certificates)

Register Domain sells GeoTrust SSL Certificates. These are listed below.

  • The first one is GeoTrust RapidSSL $17.28year,
  • Followed by GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $69.31/year,
  • Third is GeoTrust True Business Extended Validated $208.14,
  • And GeoTrust Business Wild Card at $398.94/year.
browsing a website with an  SSL Certificate

10. SSL4LESS South Africa

SSL4LESS sells various SSL Certificates. These include:-

  • SuperFAST SSL $4.93/year
  • Rapid SSL $31.85
  • Symantec Secure Site SSL $363.83
  • DigiCert Wildcard Plus $518.07

Cheapest Domain Registrars South Africa: Top 10 Providers

Cheapest Domain Registrars South Africa you can trust.

1.     1and1.com

1and1 is among cheapest domain registrars in South Africa charging US$ 0.99 with an annual renewal of US$ 14.99. They, however, do not have discounts for multi-domain registrations.

Cheapest domain registrars

2.      Namecheap.com

If you are aiming just to purchase domain names, Namecheap.com can be a great option. Private registration costs US$ 2.88 per year, whereas renewals cost US$ 10.69.

3.     Moniker.com

Moniker.com started as a domain name registrar but has grown to offer hosting and email services has an annual fee of US$ 11.99 with private registration costing US$ 4.00.

4.     Blacknight.com

One of the most popular domain name registrars, Blacknight offers US$ 6.69 for the first year and a renewal rate of US$ 15.58.

5.     Truehost.Africa

cheapest domain registrar

Truehost is among the cheapest domain registrars in South Africa. Their domain name registration costs are US$ 8.49 for the first year with renewal costs at US$ 9.99.

The reason you should choose Truehost is the handsome bulk domain discounts as well as discounts on multi-year registration.  They also offer hosting, SSL certification, virtual machines and email services.

6.     GoDaddy

For a regular domain purchase, GoDaddy is one of the cheapest domain registrars in South Africa charging US$ 8.99 per year with renewal costs of US$ 14.99 annually.

For more than 6 domains the cost is $9.99 per domain and with free private registration. Compare with this price.

7.     Hostway.com

Hostway known as a hosting company offers some of the best domain name registration rates of US$ 9.95 per year, with renewals at the same rate.

8.     Netfirms.ca

Netfirms.ca provides a domain hosting and email services. The annual fee is US$ 9.95 for the first year and the renewals cost US$ 11.99 per year making it among the cheapest domain providers in South Africa.

9.     HostGator.com

HostGator have wonderful hosting plans for whoever registers at a cost of US$10.00, with a renewal fee of US$ 15.00 per year. Their discounts are on hosting, not domain purchase.

10.     Network Solutions

Network Solutions sells a hosting package at US$ 34.99 per year which includes the costs of registering a domain name. They offer many free services to those who register.

Cloud Storage Services in Kenya: Reliable and Affordable

Cloud Storage Services in Kenya: Cloud storage is the way to go when you need some extra space to keep your videos, photos, documents, and other files. It is a service model whereby data is managed remotely.

Unlike traditional storage devices like personal hard drives, cloud storage offers almost unlimited space. You also get to only pay for what you use.

With cloud storage, you are guaranteed reliability, security, scalability, and accessibility from any device, anywhere, through the internet as a medium. In case you also need to share your files with friends and family, or collaborate on your business projects, cloud storage offers the right solution.

Internationally, you will find cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Cloud storage services are also offered in Kenya at affordable prices. Here’s a list of some of the cloud storage service providers in Kenya:

1. Cloudpap.com

A dedicated cloud backup and restore software and service provider, serving enterprise and professional clients in Kenya and Globally.

Amazing Offers for Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup Services of all Devices such as Automated Hourly Backup and Restore for Servers for Ksh.2500 per month – Includes 1TB cloud storage. Can backup Windows, Linux, SQL Servers and allow fast restore option. Can backup hourly or Daily or Weekly or event triggered.

Hourly VPS Backup and Restore is available from Ksh.900 per month and includes 1TB of cloud storage.

PC/Laptop and Backup Daily Backup Software is also available at Cloudpap.com from Ksh. 700 per month – Includes 1TB of cloud storage and allow daily, weekly or monthly backup.

Allow backup of whenever you got WIFI only.

2. TrueHost Cloud

The company offers not only Web hosting services in Kenya for your website and email hosting in Kenya, but also cloud storage as a service. With as little as Kshs. 399 per month you can get the cloudpap1 20GB storage package that comes with unlimited transfer.

For more space, scale up to the cloudpap3 80GB storage plan and part with Kshs. 2234 per month. Also, they offer domain name registration services.

3. Safaricom

Safaricom also does it for you with their 100GB storage plan going for Kshs. 1392 per month. In case you’re dealing with a lot of big and complex data for your business or organization, Safaricom offers up to 20TB at Kshs. 237,000.

4. Jiji

With Jiji cloud, you can store your music, videos, photos, documents, emails, and database with as little as $23.00 per month or $263.00 annually for a 500GB disc space. The company offers up to 5TB at $230 per month or $ 2623 per year.

5. Web host Kenya

Web host Kenya assures their customer fast, efficient, and secure storage services. The 100GB backup plan goes for Kshs. 1400 per month. The highest plan, 5TB backup is priced at Kshs. 23200 per month.

Other cloud storage providers in Kenya to also look out for include

Web hosting Companies in Kenya and Their Valid Contacts

Web hosting Companies in Kenya: You don’t need to be tech-savvy to launch your website on the internet. With a little help from the experts, you can have the website up and running in no time.

Web hosting companies provide the services needed to allow online visibility for your website. And it gets easier- most of the hosting companies offer additional services for your convenience. Ranging from domain registration to email hosting to cloud services, you get all you need at a go.

It is important to consider certain factors when choosing the company that hosts your website. These include the price, disc space, network connection, email features, security and technical support.

Here’s a list of website hosting companies in Kenya whose service you should look out for:

1. Truehost Cloud (Best Web hosting company in Kenya)

Address: Ryanada Place off Thika Superhighway

Contact (Phone): 0734919116

At Truehost, you get affordable services that are suited to meet your personal, business, or organization needs. The bronze package, ideal for starters in the web business is completely free of charge. With this package, you get 1GB storage and 1GB bandwidth. Register your domain at a small fee and you are good to go. Products you’ll find with True Host include domain name registration, extensions, with the cheapest (.xyz) going for just Ksh. 100 per year, email hosting services in Kenya, dedicated servers, VPS, SSL certificates, phone to phone data transfer, and other cloud computing services.

2. Hostking Kenya

Address: Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: +254739416724

HostKing offers solutions in domain, website and email hosting. The starter web hosting package goes for Kshs. 1800 per year. It comes with a 30 GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. Domain extensions range from Kshs. 100 to Kshs. 1000 per annum. Other products you can get include the bulk SMS program, M-pesa integration, and e-commerce tailored hosting packages.

3. Kenya Website Experts

This is another Web hosting Companies in Kenya.

Address: International House, 4th floor

        Mama Ngina Street, Opp Hilton hotel.

Contact: 0722209414 (Safaricom)

        0733367596 (Airtel)

Kenya Website Experts has a solid reputation for domain, website hosting, and email hosting services. For starters, a .CO.KE domain extension goes for Kshs. 399 per year. The web hosting service prices range from Kshs. 2100 (30GB disc space) to Kshs.14100 (Unlimited disc space) per annum. Other products to look out for include VPS, dedicated server, cloud hosting, windows ASP.NET hosting, website builder, and SSL certificates.

4. Sasa Host Limited

Address: Even Business Park, Block 3C

        Airport North Road, off Mombasa Road

        Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: 0713478555/ 0732478555

Incorporated in 2009, Sasa Hosted Limited is an IT company offering a range of hosting services in packages to fit all budgets. A basic/personal host package ranges from Kshs. 2500 to Kshs. 10500 per year in price. The managed dedicated server package, most suitable for websites with high traffic ranges from Kshs. 22500 to Kshs. 47500 in price. Besides the hosting services, the company also offers domain services, e-commerce solutions, server virtualization, backup services and web security products such as SSL certificates.

5. Webhost Kenya

Address: George Padme Road

Contact: 0700337799

Webhost Kenya assures customers a secure and reliable online presence with their quality services. The basic web hosting package dubbed ‘silver’ goes for Kshs. 2100 per year whereas the highest diamond package goes for Kshs. 5800 per year. All the hosting packages come with free SSL certification. Other services include web design, logo design, website builder, website security, malware scan and SSL certificates.

6. Web Host Kings

Address: View Park Towers, 12th fl Suit 19


Contact: 0713006251


Web host Kings is a web hosting company providing domain names and hosting services such as shared, reseller server, dedicated server, Windows, cloud and VPS. The web hosting prices starts at Kshs. 2000 yearly. The company also provides web design services and online marketing services such as social media branding.

7. Bad.Domains

Address: Information house, 5th Floor,

        Nairobi CBD

Contact: +254727047732

 Bad Domains offer cheapest prices of Domain Names in Kenya. Bad.Domains comprises a team of IT experts providing solutions in web hosting, web security, web design, domains and cloud services. The company sells a range of local (.co.ke, .or.ke, .ac.ke) and international (.com, .net) domain extensions. .CO.KE cost less than Ksh. 500. The start up web hosting package is offered at Kshs. 1500 whereas the enterprise package goes for Kshs. 3500. Bad.Domains is serves local and international clients – especially Bulk Domain Name buyers.

8. Safaricom Cloud Services

Address: Waiyaki Way, Nairobi- Kenya

Safaricom offers web hosting services in packages that range from Kshs. 1500 to Kshs. 7100 per annum in price. Other services offered by the company include domain names, internet services, safaricom fiber, ecommerce, and elearning services.

9. Webscreation Design

Address: Kenya Cinema Plaza, Moi Avenue,

        4th Floor, Room C7

        Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: 0721998368


Web creation designs is one of the web hosting companies found in Kenya. The company is involved with web hosting solutions, that is, VPS, reseller, dedicated and bespoke hosting. The starter hosting package goes for Kshs. 2000 per year. Other services offered are logo design, search engine optimization (SEO) and SSL certification.

10. Host Poa

Address:10th Floor, office number 13

        Development House

        Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: 0720502500

Host Poa is a company specialized in web hosting, web design, and domain registration. You can get a domain with them for as low as Kshs. 250. The hosting packages start with ‘Base’ at Kshs 995 per year, a simple package suitable for a starter. The unlimited package, going for Kshs. 3364 per anum is ideal for large enterprises. You can also buy SSL certificates separately.

How to register a domain

How to register a domain

A domain name is a unique name that points to an ip or server ip , on which content could be hosted.

Therefore a domain is just a memorable address for websites, blogs and any web service online

To register a domain, you need to identify a domain registrar – domain registrar is a company that provides domain search, domain registration and domain management tools at a fee to anyone looking to own a domain.

The Domain Registrar is Woza.io – see https://woza.io

Try Bad. Domain and give your feedback.

They have better prices than Godaddy.com and more simplified tools to search, register and manage your domain than Namecheap.com

  1. Go to https://woza.io/dash/
  2. Search your Domain Name
  3. Select the domain with your best TLD (domain extension i.e .com, .net, .uk, us, .ca) or register multiple
  4. Add to cart
  5. Check out
  6. You got your domain Registered.
.CO.ZA Domain Name @ R 50 + 30 GB Hosting @ R 250 /YrGET IT NOW