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Afrihost Domain Registration: Afrihost is a South African company that offers various ICT services. These include Broadband Internet, Web Hosting and Telecoms Services.  It is one of the leading companies offering domain registration services in South Africa, with additional related services such as hosting.

About Afrihost

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Afrihost was founded in the year 2000 by three South Africans who shared a common passion for technology and the internet. They came together to form a Web hosting and IT company which has now grown to be Afrihost. Currently, Afrihost is headquartered 376 Rivonia Boulevard, Sandton, Gauteng, and offers a wide range of products and services.

Domain Registration Service

Afrihost is a leading domain registration service provider in South Africa. They offer registration of all local domain names and even global domain names. These include .co.za, .durban, .joburg, .capetown, .co, .org, .io, .net and others. The domain services offered by Afrihost include:

  1. Domain search. This is where you can search for a domain name to find out if it is available, and also the registration details of the domain name such as the registrar, the registration and expiry dates, and other whois information.
  2. Domain registration. You can register any available domain name on Afrihost’s platform. The registration process will give you the domain price for registration and renewal.
  3. Domain pointing. Afrihost offers a domain pointing service, where you can point a domain or multiple domain names to one domain. This is useful if you have several domains and you need all of them to point to one website.
  4. Domain Parking. This is a service that keeps your domain in a presentable way before you build a website. It could be a simple landing page that lets your clients know that a website is coming sooner or later.
  5. Domain Email. One of the main uses of domain names is to have custom email addresses. Afrihost offers email services for your domain name so that you can have professional emails and gain credibility.
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