About New gTLDs

The New gTLD program is one ran by ICANN with an aim of bringing diversity and expanding the DNS. A Top Level Domain is what comes at the end of a web address on the internet; comes at the after of the (dot). Generic TLDs (gTLDs) are those not assigned to a particular territory or country such as the .com

The gTLD .com has been popular and dominated the web space for over 30 years. It shared this space with a few others such .org, .dev, and .mil. However, things have been changing over the years. ICANN has been releasing new gTLDs for users gradually since 2014. Some of these new entries include; .top, .xyz, .world, .buzz, .icu, .life, among others

New gTLDs are gradually gaining popularity such as the .top and .xyz. Brands such as Alphabet have embraced the new gTLDs, having their domain name as abc.xyz.

Their affordable pricing and availability is making this possible. More people have the opportunity to own domain names that resonate with intended purpose such as emails, blogging, marketing and even entertainment. 

There are domains for specific industries such as Food (.catering, .diet etc) , Law (.legal, .attorney ), Music (.hiphop, .guitar), Business (.store, .shop), Professions (.dentist, .florist) among others. Other domains such as .top, .xyz and .buzz can be used by anyone. 

Most people search for .com addresses on the web. True. After you have registered your desired domain name, you can also register the .com version (if it is available) and redirect it to your domain. If you already have an existing domain name, you can register others with the new gTLDs. This will come in handy in protecting your brand from fraudsters online.

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In conclusion, new gTLDs are bringing some freshness to the market. You have a variety to choose from now. From as low as $1, you can own a domain name and build your presence online.

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