How much does a domain cost in South Africa? (Revealed)

How much does a domain cost in South Africa?

How much does a domain cost in South Africa? This is the question most of you green website owners struggle with. But this ends today.

In this article, I will guide you through the cost of domain names in South Africa.

And if you stick around until the end, I will reveal how to actually get a free domain name. That is right. You can get a domain name with no cost.

How is that possible?

Continue reading to find out.

But in the meantime, the cost of domain registration is not a whole figure you can dish out and say, this is the cost of a domain. No, it doesn’t work like that.


It is because there is so much going on behind the scenes that end influencing the cost of domain registration.

Let me make something clear first:

When say the cost of domain registration, I mean the cost of a domain name. No web hosting company charges you for the registration process. But what you pay for is the domain itself.

A good example of factors influencing the cost of a domain is owned. If you want a domain already owned by someone else, it will cost you a lot more than registering a new one.

What is a domain name?

What is this thing you want to spend money on?

Basically, a domain name is the address readers will type into their web browsers to access your website.

Normally, a domain name starts with http(s) or www and ends with .com, .co.za, or .org etc.

That last bit is known as the domain extension.

For example:

www.google.com and www.News24.com

Now that you understand what a domain name is, you might be wondering why you need one.

Why do you need a domain name?

Again, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something you don’t need. As such, purchasing a domain name can be an option for some of us. But those who are smart know have realized that it is actually a smart decision.

If you fall into any of the following categories, you are right to ask how much does a domain cost in South Africa.

  1. You want to start a website

Do you intend on building a website in South Africa?

Well, let me tell you this for free:

You can’t create a website without a domain name. In fact, it is the #1 thing on your list when starting a website.

Do I have a choice?

Mmm… no. You can’t run away from this.

Think about it:

From our definition above, we mentioned that a domain name is an address pointing to your web pages. This means that without that address, no one can find your website.

  • You are considering a business idea/ website idea

Here is the thing:

Domain names in South Africa are selling like hotcakes. Everyone and their grandmas have a website nowadays.

What does that mean?

It means that if you have a business or website idea you want to start, you better rush now and reserve that domain name before someone else does.

And remember, once it is registered, you cannot get it, unless you purchase it from the owner.

This buying and selling of domain names bring me to the third category of people who need a domain name.

  • You want to use it to make a profit

Did you know a domain name can make you rich?

If you don’t believe me, here are some examples:

  • Voice.com was sold for over $30 million
  • Toys.com was acquired for over $5 million
  • Tesla.com paid over $11 million for their domain

And the list continues.

So what is the secret?

If you can identify a domain name that isn’t registered and you think it’s going to be in demand in the future, you can buy it now and wait.

How much does a domain cost in South Africa?

For those getting started with building websites, the best option available is to register a new domain name.

 A new domain will cost you between R50 and R337 per year. This figure is not encrypted on a stone. The cost of a domain name will depend on the type of extension.

This could be the answer to how much does a domain cost in South Africa question.

But there is more.

A free domain name in South Africa

You can actually get a free domain name now.


Every web hosting package comes with a free CO.ZA domain name.

This is what you must do to get it:

  • Order a web hosting package of your choice
  • Finish the registration
  • You will get za domain free of charge

Factors influencing the cost of domain name

Here is why the cost of a domain may vary

Domain company you picked

 A domain registrar or company is an organization mandated to sell and register domain names. Each of these domain registrars charges different prices, making it hard to answer how much does a domain cost in South Africa query.

As such, first look at the company you picked, is their prices cheap? Are they trustworthy?

If at any time you find yourself second-guessing, don’t overthink it. You have other options, like Truehost. We offer the cheapest domain names in South Africa.

As a rule of thumb, only buy from domain companies that are registered by ICANN.

One more thing:

Here is a little secret:

If you find a registrar offering additional packages alongside the domain, like free website builder, free DNS management, you got yourself a winner. Because this will save you a lot of money.

Top-level-domain you picked

TLD is a domain extension (the last part of the domain name). the most popular one is .com.

But that’s not the only one.

You must have seen other websites ending with .org, .net, .co, .gov among other domain extensions.

What do they mean?

These domain extensions tell you something about the website. For example:

  • .co.za – known as country-code top-level domains. They represent a specific country
  • .org – used by non-profit websites
  • .gov – used by governments
  • .edu – associated with educational websites

In the end, you may find that the .org domain costs more than the .co.za domain, because of what they stand for and significance associated with it.

Others that aren’t that popular, like .xyz and .pizza are cheaper.

How long will you keep the domain?

The length of the contract affects the price of the domain. If you intend to keep the domain for a longer period, you will pay more. This is because domain companies require you to renew the domain annually.

So if you choose for 5 years, you will pay 5 times more.

This is a good thing because you won’t have to worry about domain renewals for the next 5 or so years.

Domain add-ons

Along with domain names, some registrars may offer additional services such as domain privacy at a small fee.

While this is absolutely up to you to grab it, if you do, it will increase the cost of the domain name.

And if you don’t need them, you don’t have to add them

Frequently asked questions

How do I buy a domain name in South Africa?

To buy a domain name in South Africa, you need a registrar like Truehost.

  • Navigate to domains page
  • On the search box, type your domain name and hit search. If it is available, continue to the next step. But if it isn’t, repeat the same process with a different domain name
  • Hit order now and follow instructions to complete the domain registration

That is how to buy a domain name in South Africa

How much does a domain cost per year?

The domain name cost per year will depend on the type. For example CO.ZA costs R50/year, .com costs R129.05/year, .co costs R337.29/year, etc

How much does it cost to host a website in South Africa?

The cost of hosting a website in South Africa depends with the type of hosting package you picked but ranges between R7 and R190 per month. Also, the package comes with different premium features. As such, you should pick a package depending on your website needs. For example, Student hosting plan costs R7 per month, Personal plan costs R50 per month, Business costs R70 per month.

Buy a domain name now

This Is Why co za domain name Is So Popular in 2020!

This Is Why co za domain Is So Popular!

If you’ve been researching domain names in ZA for some time now, you must have come across the co za domain.

And you must be having a lot of questions. Like:

  • What is the co.za domain name?
  • Is it better than the .com domain?
  • Why is everyone rushing to acquire one?
  • And where can I get a co za domain?

If you are looking for answers to any of the above questions, then this is the article for you.

I will walk you through what co za domain is and reveal the reason why it is so hot right now as far as web hosting in za is concerned.

To get you started:

What is the co za domain?

First, this is just a domain name, or basically, a website name. As you already know, you cannot build a website or acquire a web hosting package without first having a domain name.

If web hosting is the ultimate home to your website, then, a domain name is the address pointing to this home.

Think of it this way, can you visit a place or send a letter without first knowing its address?

It is almost impossible.

The same applies to hosting a website. You will need a link between the web files and the user requesting it. That’s is where a za domain comes into play.

So where does co za domain fit in?

It will be clear in a second.

Actually, domains come in three broad categories:

  • Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) – I bet you’ve seen domains ending with (extensions) .com, .net, .org, etc. They all fall under this category. In fact, they are the most popular domains around the web today
  • nTLDs – this category brings together some of the new entrants into the domain market. Domain extensions like .voyage, .pizza, .cool, etc. Such domains are geared toward establishing brand recognition. For example, if you are pizza joint in town, you would acquire a .pizza domain name
  • Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLDs) – these are extensions reserved for a specific country. In most cases, they are two-letter domain extensions. For example, za is only reserved for South African websites, .uk is for the United Kingdom websites and the list goes on.

Is co za domain better than .com name?

Continue reading to find an answer to this question.

Here is a scenario that will make this clear:

You constantly use search engines right? Like Google.com.

Now, did you know that in most cases, Google serves you answers based on your location?

I don’t know I should freak out or be happy. Why? Because Google actually knows where you are.


Well, your IP address of course.

And they use this location information to give you relevant answers to your queries.

For example:

If you go to Google and search, ‘best web hosting companies around me’ you will receive answers of za companies.

How do they do that?

How does Google know that this particular website is serving users from this specific location?

One, there is what we call geo-targeting. This is where the website owner actually tells Google that he wants his content to be served to people from a specific location only.

So if you are in South Africa and own an e-commerce website, you would specify that you only want visitors from ZA.

Alternatively, Google uses ccTLD domain extensions to determine who sees your web content.

As such, if you are using a co za domain, you’d find that you easily rank for South African queries.

How cool is that?

With a co.za domain name, no geo-targeting

Here is the thing:

For those using a .com domain name and wish to target specific locations, your best bet is using geo-targeting.

But if you are using a co za domain, you don’t need to do that because, from your domain, search engines can already tell who you want to target.

Why is .co.za domain so popular now?

Everyone is looking for a .co.za domain name because it helps them with SEO efforts.


Remember how I mentioned that Google knows where your website is from?

Well, it turns out, Google actually loves websites using ccTLDs extensions like the za domain. In fact they love it so much that it tops their list of determining content location relevance.

What does that mean?

It means that, if you are looking for a way to rank fast on Google and start receiving organic traffic, co za domain is your savior.

Where to get za domain

Before I revealed how to get a free domain name in South Africa, I want to add this:

Every time you want to conduct domain registration, you will naturally fall for .com domain.

You are not alone. Most website owners do.

But did you know that the best domain names are already taken?

Don’t believe me?

Think of a really cool website name, like KidsClothes.com, and go try to register it. You will be met with an ‘unavailable’ error.

co za domain

And the only thing you can do perform a quick domain check to see the owner.

Have you found yourself in the same situation?

Za domain is the answer.

If your chosen website name is already owned and assuming you don’t have a budget to buy it from them (that is if it’s up for grabs), there is a high chance that a za domain of the same name is available.

za domain

Get za name (free and paid)

There are two ways you can acquire a co za domain now: free and paid.

If you want a free co za domain, go to this link and purchase a web hosting package now. Because for every hosting plan, you will get a free .co.za domain name.

But if you just want to register a domain name now, visit this link and start the registration process. It is easy and smooth.

unlimited web hosting in south Africa (Cost and Where to get it now)

Looking for unlimited web hosting in South Africa? Truehost has the answer.

You see, when your business is growing rapidly, it will need a space.

For example:

If your business website is receiving at least 100K visitors per month, you know how hard it can be especially if you are using hosting packages with limited bandwidth.

Truth be told, scaling a business will a lot more resources than you initially thought. Imagine handling things like invoices, government compliance, and ensuring that the customer actually gets what you promised.

When you add all these up, you end up with a clogged to-do list and a full appointment list.

Now tell me, where is the time to handle your website needs?

And no, don’t even think about ignoring it.

Why you cannot afford to ignore your website now (unlimited web hosting in south Africa)

 Well, you didn’t hear it from us:

Did you know that at least 36.9 million people are shopping online in here in South Africa?

And over 75% of them agreed to have purchased something at least once per month.

One more thing, the revenue of the eCommerce industry in the country is expected to hit the US $5,408M by 2024.

Tell me one thing:

Are you willing to forfeit all this money on the table and say, I don’t need a website?

Think about it.

Online business is the future. Unfortunately, the future we are talking about is already here. Just look at the above statistics.

For this reason, now than ever, it makes more sense to start an online business than, say, 5 years ago.

As such, you will need unlimited web hosting in south Africa as a surefire way of securing your spot on the internet.

How to get unlimited web hosting in south Africa

Having a business website comes with responsibilities. The success of the business solely lies with the web hosting provider you pick.


As your business grows, you will need additional resources. My worry is, what happens if your current hosting company cannot provide what you need?

And that is why every time you are shopping for a web hosting provider, you need to be keen.

You need to make sure that the company has everything you will need as you scale.

Introducing unlimited web hosting in south Africa.

Truehost has several web hosting packages. Each comes with premium features that our competitors will charge. But here, you get them for free, for example, with every hosting package, you get a free domain name (co.za domain name).

Here’s an article discussing more on cheap web hosting packages in South Africa.

But here, I will be diving deeper into unlimited web hosting in south Africa.

Enterprise web hosting package

This is the holy grail of web hosting in South Africa.

It comes with all the features you will need to grow a website from a couple of hundred visitors per month to hundreds of thousands and even a million readers per month.

Forget about running out of disk space, or running into bandwidth issues. With Enterprise hosting plan, you get unlimited everything.

Other features include:

  • Free SSL certificate – secure your website from unauthorized access and keep your data safe. Also, Google nowadays uses the security of sites as a ranking factor.
  • One click installer – with this tool, you can install your favorite software with just one click, everything else is taken care of
  • Unlimited email accounts – create professional email accounts for all of your stuff.
  • Infinite subdomains – create multiple landing pages, contact forms, forums, membership sites, etc.

How much does this cost?

I can tell you for sure, having unlimited web hosting in South Africa is with no doubt, beneficial for your business.

But there is one big problem.

ou may need to dig deeper into your pockets to enjoy them, that is with other web hosting companies in South Africa.

But with us, you don’t need to break a bank.

Truehost is one of the cheapest web-hosting providers in South Africa, offering quality products and services.

With only R190.00, you can get unlimited web hosting in south Africa.

Is that too much for you?

I thought so.

One more thing:

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What to do next

So what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose.

Read this article on how to host your website now and start your journey to internet dominance.

Revealed: Checklist to Create Your Own Website In 2020

Congratulations on wanting to create your own website. And by the fact that you are here, it means you aren’t just looking for just another site on the web. You are looking for a perfect website that can bring you readers and sales.

It is rare to find people like you who are constantly looking for the best ways to build a website.

And in this article, I want to reveal a checklist you will use to create your own website.

Why checklists (create your own website)?

Well, first I love checklists.

They make complex situations manageable by breaking the huge tasks into small pieces you can easily complete.

The thing is:

Checklists have this way of nicely laying out everything you need. Think of it as a roadmap. Without a roadmap, your chances of getting to your destination are slim.

I know how it feels when creating your own website, especially if you have never done this before. You feel completely lost and have no idea where to start.

This ends today.

One more thing:

When creating a website, there are some things you think you need and then there are things you actually need.

Here, I will reveal what you actually need and what you don’t need. Such that, you’d spend less time spinning your wheels because that never gets you anywhere.

Checklist – what you need to create your own website in 2020

Let me make this clear right off the bat.

If you are looking to create a website where you don’t accept any form of online payments, don’t need any sort of online booking, or a membership site, then this checklist is for you.

#1 – Get a domain name

A domain name is the address people will be using to access your website. As such, it is often the first thing you need to create your own website.

Because without it, you don’t have a website.

How do you get a domain name in South Africa?

Well, there are two ways you can get a domain name

One, purchasing it. And no, it doesn’t cost thousands of rand. See the prices of domain names here.

Two, get a free domain name when you order a web hosting package. That’s right, every hosting plan on Truehost.africa gets free .co.za domain name.

Also, you will need to pick the best website name, use this article to guide you on how to do that exactly.

#2 – acquire web hosting

Web hosting like a home to your website. It is where your website files will be stored.

Web hosting comprises servers, special computers tasked with storing website data and making retrieval easy for anyone requesting it using your domain name.

And that is why a domain name is vital: it links your website with the hosting servers.

Now, running a server is a tedious job that needs a lot of resources and manpower. Luckily, you don’t have to do it from your home. There are web hosting providers in South Africa that can do that on your behalf and at a small fee.

All you have to do is choose a web hosting package that suits your needs.

With that in mind, here is an article showing you some of the cheapest web hosting packages in South Africa.

#3 – get a business email address

If you are serious about building a sustainable online business, you will need a professional email address.

Tell me something:

Which of the following emails would you reply really fast?

[email protected]” or

[email protected]

The first one looks like it belongs to a spammer out here to disturb your peace. I know that sounds judgemental, but that is how people think. I sure do too.

If you want to create your own website, earn trust, and build credibility, start with a business email address.



Either get a G Suite in South Africa or use your own domain name.

#4 – decide on website building software

You will need a software to create your own website.

Lucky for you, there are several popular web builders you can choose from:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly

Also, if you don’t want to hire a web developer, we have a free website builder in South Africa.

It will help you create a professional site even if you don’t know how to code.

#5 – choose a website template

A website template is a ready-made website design you can easily use to create your own website in South Africa.

If you are using our site builder, you will have access to hundreds of premade-website templates.

This way, you save thousands of rand you would have otherwise spent on hiring a web developer.

Here is a guide on how to use a website builder.

#6 – get high-quality images

There is a magic way to build a beautiful website without a designer, can you guess?

It is using unique and high-quality images.

That’s right.

High-quality images will make your new website look 100X better.

And if you are not a professional photographer like, you will need an alternative option to source the images.

Here are some places you can check:

  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • 500px
  • GettyImages.com
  • Pixabay

#7 – Get Google Analytics account

To be able to grow your website to thousands of visitors, you first need to understand how they interact with your website.

You need to know things:

  • Number of visitors
  • Top pages and posts
  • How long the readers stay on your site

These and other data come from Google Analytics.

With such data on your hands, you can easily plan and adjust when need be.

For example:

If you find that a certain post on your website receives a lot of attention, you can replicate the post to come up with more like it.

What to do next

Here is what you should do now:

Get a web hosting package (comes with free domain name) and start building your website now.

Web hosting packages in South Africa (2020 Update)

Are you looking for affordable and quality web hosting packages in South Africa?

This is the article for you.

In this guide, I will walk you through Truehost South Africa’s web host packages and why they are the best hosting deals you can get now.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are in creating an online business. What do I mean?

We have web hosting packages for everyone: from those just starting their online journey to entrepreneurs and developers looking for an ultimate powerhouse to power their websites.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Affordable web hosting packages in South Africa

Students web hosting package

This is one of the cheapest web hosting packages in South Africa.

It is perfect for newcomers who are just out there trying to test waters and build their first online business.

When you hear of ‘student’ I know what you are thinking:

That this is just another web hosting package in South Africa.

That’s where you are wrong.

Here is the thing:

Student hosting comes with premium features we are giving you for free. But here is what you don’t know:

You won’t find them anywhere else for free.

Here is what you get with student web hosting plan:

  • Host up to 1 website
  • One-click installer
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free SSL certificate among other features

How much does this cost? Only R7.00 per month

Personal web hosting packages in South Africa

Personal hosting plan is good for you if you are a small business owner or looking to start a personal blog.

With unlimited bandwidth and storage space of 30GB, you cannot get it wrong with this web hosting plan.

Also, you don’t have to worry about how to install the website or plugins. That is covered: it comes with a one-click installer.

How about security?

We believe the security of your website is paramount. As such, you will get a free SSL certificate in South Africa when you purchase this web hosting package.

Other features:

  • Infinite email accounts
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Numerous database accounts


R50.00 per month

Business hosting package

What can you do with unlimited bandwidth and 50GB storage?

One, you can grow your online business or two, anything else that needs optimal server power and reliable customer support.

Business hosting plan is one of the best web hosting packages in South Africa. Why? Just look at the feature below:

  • Build up to 30 websites
  • Email accounts for everyone in your company
  • Unlimited databases
  • Subdomains among other premium features

On top of all these, you are guaranteed that your websites will be available all the time, no downtimes, thanks to our award-winning cloud hosting in South Africa.

For as little as R70.00 per month, all of these can be yours now.

Enterprise website hosting package

Well, this is the holy grail of web hosting packages in South Africa.

It is the ultimate power you need to power your business to the next stage.

web hosting packages in South Africa

Who needs Enterprise hosting package?

  • If you are looking for a room to grow your website
  • Big organizations serving thousands of customers per month
  • eCommerce entrepreneurs

For just R190.00, you can be the happiest online entrepreneur in South Africa.

What you get with Enterprise package

  • host any number of websites you want
  • unlimited databases
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • one-click installer
  • free ssl certificate in South Africa

Why should you buy these web hosting packages in South Africa?

After all these and you are still on the fence on getting these web hosting plans, let me tell you something:

For every web hosting package you get, there is a free .co.za domain name. This means that, you don’t need to worry about purchasing cheap domain names in South Africa.

 Additionally, you will get:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  • Online marketing resources to jump-start your online journey
  • Free website builder you can use even if you don’t know anything about web design
  • Risk-free web hosting packages. Get 30-day money-back guarantee

What to do next

So what are you waiting for?

You don’t have an excuse now because here is the cheapest web hosting company in South Africa. And you can build a beautiful website in just minutes using a free web builder with thousands of templates to choose from.

Here is what to do next:

Visit this page and order a web hosting package.

Free website builder and hosting South Africa (Build a Website in 3 Easy Steps)

Free website builder and hosting South Africa

Are you looking for the best free website builder and hosting in South Africa?

You are in the right place.

In this article, I will show you how to create a website in under 30 minutes without the need of hiring a web developer using our website builder.

You see, as a business owner or an individual, you may not have a budget to afford a professional web designer. Even with that, you still need a professional-looking website that drives sales, don’t you?

So what options do you have?

Well, someone else could just sit around and moan how life is unfair, while the savvy ones like you go out looking for the best website builders. And that is why I am writing this guide: for those looking for the free website builder and hosting in South Africa.

To get you started, allow me to introduce you to website builders.

What is a website builder in South Africa?

According to Wikipedia:

Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing.

In other words, a website builder is a tool, better yet, a software, that helps you build a website even if you don’t know how to code.

This is a deal-breaker.


Because some years ago, you had to learn how to code in order to build a website. But today, all you have to do is sign up for a website builder which does all the heavy lifting for you.

Now, are you ready to see how to use free website builder and hosting in South Africa?

Free website builder and hosting in South Africa

Online website builders are very easy to use. For this reason, everyone, including complete beginners can create professional websites in just a few steps by leveraging a drag-and-drop editor feature.

Here is a step by step guide on how to build a website in South Africa for free:

Step 1: Choose your website design

When starting a website, you already have a picture in mind of what it will look like. You know what colors you want to use, fonts, etc.

Our website builder has been designed to make your dreams come true.


We have a library of website templates you can choose from depending on the type of website you want to build.

choosing website templates Free website builder and hosting South Africa
Website Templates

For example:

If you want to start an eCommerce website in South Africa selling printed T-shirts, this is what you’d do:

On the left side of your screen, you will see a list of website templates. Select the eCommerce one

free website builder choosing ecommerce template
Choosing website template

And you will see types of e-commerce website templates. Select one

selecting the right type of ecom template

And click select.

Move to the next step.

Step 2: Start editing your website

You see, every website template in our library comes with built-in content and elements. All you have to do is start editing the content to add what you want using editing tools available on top of your screen.

Free website builder and hosting South Africa editing tools

Here, you can replace an image or text by just clicking on it.

click to edit an element on the treuhost website builder

Additionally, drag and drop an element to a new position. This way, you can easily re-arrange page elements (texts and images) by dragging and dropping.

You don’t have to stop there.

A good website has other elements such as videos, testimonials, social sharing buttons, pages such as contact us, about us page, etc.

Use the buttons below

Lucky for you, you can add any of these easily using these buttons

website hosting in south africa additional elements

Step 3: Publish your new website


You just created a website using a free website builder and hosting in South Africa. The only thing left is to launch your new website for the world to admire.

But first, click on preview to see how your new website looks.

If you are satisfied, click on Publish

build a website for free and publish to the internet

And now anyone can access your website on the internet.

Why choose Truehost website builder?

Here is why you should choose our free website builder and hosting in South Africa:

  • Easy to use – you don’t need website coding skills to start building a website, thanks to dragging and drop feature
  • We offer 24/7 customer support. Anytime you need help, you can easily reach us through phone, email, or chat.
  • A ton of website templates to choose from. We literally got everything for everyone. All you have to do is choose the template you like, start editing it, and publish your website
  • Anyone can afford it.

So what are you waiting for?

Start building your website for free now.

How do I host a website in South Africa? (Simple guide for Beginners) in 2020

How do I host a website in South Africa?

How do I host a website in South Africa? In this article, I will answer this question. That is not all. You will also learn about:

  • What it means to host a website
  • Types of web hosting services you can choose from
  • The cost of hosting a website
  • A step by step guide on hosting your website with Truehost South Africa

So, if you are looking for answers to any of the above questions, you are in the right place. I’d encourage you to continue reading because, within this guide, I have revealed a secret of how to get a free domain name in South Africa.

What’s that, you ask. I’ll tell you in a minute. But first, let’s make some introductions, shall we?

What does it mean to host a website in South Africa?

There is one thing you need to understand first.

Your website is made up of pages, files, or data (whichever you prefer) that people can access right from their phones.

These web files need a ‘home,’ a place you can store them.

This is where website hosting in South Africa comes into play. Ideally, hosting a website means putting these website files on a server (a special computer). In turn, this special computer makes your website files available to the public through the internet (anyone can read them).

To make this possible, I.e. making your website files accessible to everyone around the world who has an internet connection, these special computers have to be installed with a special piece of software known as a web server.

Basically, the web server acts as the link between the user and the server where your files are stored.

Here, the webserver receives incoming requests and relay them to the directed server (containing your files). Then it fetches the requested pages and displays them on the user’s browser.

And now your head is spinning because of the technical jargon. Well, you are right, all of these are complicated, especially if you don’t have any computer programming knowledge.

But wait.

All is not lost.

no technical knowledge? no problem

In fact, you don’t have to learn any of this technical stuff to successfully host a website in South Africa.


Because, there are hundreds, if not thousands of companies offering web hosting services.  

Here is the thing:

All websites around the internet use a web hosting company to run their websites.

Take Netflix for example.

It is a billion-dollar company. And you’d expect it to be advanced but their website is hosted on Amazon. So does PayPal who hosts theirs on Google Cloud hosting. The list goes on.

Moving on with answering: how do I host a website in South Africa…

Requirements for hosting a website

If you are looking for web hosting in South Africa, you must have the following:

  • A domain name
  • A web hosting provider

Let me explain.

Web hosting service providers give you a ready-to-use web server. This way, you can easily host your website without the need to know about technical stuff because it is taken care of. All you have to do is manage your hosting with the tools made available to you.

The next big question is, how do your readers access this self-hosted website?

Well, this is where the domain name comes in.

You see, a domain name is a link between the users’ browser with the server where your website is stored. How?

Ideally, a domain name is your website address that people use to access your website.

Think of it this way:

Home and address

If the hosting is a ‘home’ to your website, then the domain name is the address pointing to your ‘home’ in this case, your website.

Make sense?

With that mind, you now see how important a domain name is, right?

How then, do you get a domain name in South Africa?

You are in luck because I have written a complete guide on how to choose the best domain name in South Africa along with a step by step guide on registering it. I suggest you read that later.

Moving on, there are different types of web hosting services in South Africa. Hopefully, this will answer your question: how do I host a website in South Africa.

Types of web hosting services in South Africa

Here is the thing:

Not all the websites you see around the internet are the same. Some are small in terms of the amount of traffic (readers) they receive, while others are bigger in the sense that they receive a ton of readers per month as well as getting more content.

For this reason, it is safe to conclude that a smaller website requires fewer resources than a larger website does. Why? Because the latter requires to run efficiently, thanks to its huge readership.

Now, web hosting companies in South Africa offering hosting services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of every website owner. As such, depending on the size of your website, you can purchase a hosting plan that suits your needs.

Here are some types of hosting services:

  • Shared hosting

This is the best web hosting service for blogs, small websites, and anyone who is just but starting out.


Shared hosting allows multiple users to share the same server. As a result, the operating costs are reduced. And that is why this is the most affordable web hosting service in South Africa.

Here, you can see some of our web hosting packages.

  • VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server is a special type of shared hosting, in that your website is actually hosted in a shared environment.

However, you are in your own virtual server where you cannot share resources such as disk space, CPU, and RAM.

Think of it as a server within a server. The server is partitioned such that you can have control of your hosting.

VPS hosting is the best option for websites experiencing a spike in traffic. In fact, it is the best way to enjoy both worlds of web hosting: cheap costs of shared hosting and flexibility that comes with using dedicated resources.

Learn more about our VPS hosting plans here.

  • Dedicated hosting

With dedicated hosting in South Africa, you have the entire website to yourself. You don’t have to share server resources with anyone else. And you have access to advanced management tools.

Also, you can install custom software and own OS.

Dedicated hosting is best for:

  • Highly popular websites
  • Companies handling huge transactions daily such as eCommerce stores
  • Big organizations

Follow this link to learn more about dedicated hosting in South Africa.

How much does it cost to host a website in South Africa?

Up to this point, we have been looking at the cost of web hosting companies. However, how much it will cost you to host a website in South Africa will depend on many factors.

Among them is the hosting plan you select.

It is wise to start small and upgrade once your website grow. This way, you make sure that you are paying for the resources you are actually using.

Once your business or website is established, expenses will start trickling in. Things like software, website templates, all of which will be looking at your budget.

For this reason, your ultimate goal from the start should be to pay for what you need, and take advantage of freebies whenever you can.

Talking for free stuff, with every web hosting package you purchase, you get a free .CO.ZA domain name.

And now the part you’ve been eagerly waiting for:

How to host a website on Truehost South Africa

This is a step by step guide on how to host your website with us. Follow these steps to successfully purchase your hosting plan and get a free domain name in South Africa.

But before we start:

You need a domain name. Purchase it here first then come back and continue reading.

It is recommended that you use the same web hosting company to purchase both the domain name and web hosting plan to make things easier for you.

While registering your domain name, you will see an option asking you to add a hosting plan.

How do I host a website in South Africa

This is the place you can use to purchase a web hosting that is if you want to register a domain name other than a .CO.ZA type.

In this guide, I’m assuming you don’t have already purchased a domain name. And this is actually where you get the answer to how do I host a website in South Africa.

Step 1: Go to https://truehost.africa/ and you will see a Product menu. Click on it and select Web Hosting. It is the first from the list.

click on products and select Web hosting
Click on Products and select web hosting

Step 2: You will see several web hosting packages, namely, Student, Personal, Business, and Enterprise

Truehost South africa web hosting packages
Truehost South Africa web hosting packages

Go through all the plans and see its features then choose one that suits your needs. Click on Order Now to continue

order now button
Step 3: Choose Domain

This is the place where you are asked to choose a domain name

choosing a domain name

You have three options here: register a new one, transfer from another registrar, or use existing domain name by changing the nameservers.

Choose one depending on your situation. I will go with register a new one. I will input the name here:

checking the availability of the domain name

And hit Check to ascertain its availability. I won’t go into details here because I explained it in this article


Seems my domain name is available

the domain name is available
Domain name is available

I will then go ahead and click continue

Step 4: web hosting configuration page

This is the page where you get to configure your account before moving on

web hosting configuration page on Truehost South Africa
Web hosting configuration page

Choose preferred billing cycle

choose currency

View your order summary here

order summary

And click continue

Step 5: Domain configuration

Review your domain name here and make some add-ons if necessary

domain name configuration

Click continue

the continue button
Step 6: Review your cart

Here, review your shopping cart

Select preferred currency

Have a discount code? Input in this box

input discount code
Step 7: Provide billing details

If you are an existing customer, click on Existing customer to login. But if you are new, create an account by providing a valid name, phone number, and email address

creating web hosting account on Truehost south africa

Your address

provide your billing address

Create an account password

creating account password

Ensure it is a strong password: hard to guess but easy for you to remember

Next thing is to choose domain registrant information

cheap web hosting in south africa

You have an option to use what you have already provided above or an alternative address.

Next, select the payment method. We support two options, bank cards, and PayPal.

choosing hosting package payment plan in south africa

Want to join our email list and receive exclusive deals and content? Good idea. Leave the button as shown below.

join truehost email address

Remember, you can unsubscribe anytime.

In the next box, enter any additional information you’d like to be included in your order

web hosting in south africa additional information
Step 8: Checkout

Review your order summary

If everything is as you want, click Checkout to complete the purchase of web hosting package in South Africa.

The next step is to follow instructions on how to complete the payment. Once done, you will receive directions through the email address you provided above, so make sure it a valid email.

Wrapping up how to host a website in South Africa

Are you still asking how do I host a website in South Africa?

I have answered it fully.

So, follow these steps to get a domain name and web hosting in South Africa.

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