Game server hosting in South Africa (2020 update)

Game server hosting in South Africa

Game server hosting in South Africa: If you are a serious gamer, you must have heard about gaming servers. It is the holy grail of video games in South Africa and everyone is going crazy about it. Why? Because every time you sit down to play, all you want is to have a good time and win.

Unfortunately, this is dependent on the performance of the gaming systems you have in place. Whether you enjoyed playing or dreaded every minute of it always comes down to the game performance.

But today, I will reveal the secret used by your peers to ensure that they experience the best gaming performance and at the same time, have a good time with friends.


Introducing game server hosting in South Africa.

Don’t worry, I know you have so many questions about it. But by the time you finish reading this article, all of your questions will have been answered.

Let’s get started right away.

What is a game server?

Have you overheard your friends talking about a host in between gaming conversations?

Well, actually, what they are talking about is a game server.

You see, when playing multiplayer video games in South Africa, where do you think all the events come from?

Or better yet, what do you think to bring all the players together?

It is the game server. It acts as the central repository of data and commands used within the video game.

For complete beginners, a server is a special computer used to store files and data. And you can retrieve them any time anywhere (depending on the type of the server).

This way, the game server transmits game data to you and other players such that all those connected to it can accurately maintain their version of the game in real-time.

Additionally, a game server receives and processes every players’ input.

With that in mind, it is fair to conclude that without a game server, how you play and experience video games would be completely different.

Now that you know what it is, let’s move on to game server hosting in South Africa.

Types of game servers in South Africa

Gaming servers come in all sizes and effectiveness.

Dedicated gaming server

This is a type of gaming server where your only connection to the server is through a completely separate client program.

Such servers host video games but don’t support direct input or output of data, with an exception of admins.

And that is why if you play a video game in such an environment, you need the client program to connect you.

One huge plus for dedicated gaming servers is that they are perfect for storing them in professional data centers. This way, you can easily host your video games remotely.

Remote hosting, on the other hand, eliminates low-latency advantage. This is the scenario where the user hosting the game server has some degree of advantage over the rest of the players simply because he or she hosts or is near the server.

How much is a game server hosting in South Africa?

But don’t be fooled.

Dedicated gaming servers in South Africa costs a lot of money to run. For this reason, it is best to rent a gaming server from a hosting provider like Truehost South Africa.

What happens is that we take up all the responsibilities associated with gaming servers in South Africa so you don’t have you. Things like regular maintenance and monitoring will be undertaken by us.

This way, you can focus on getting the best out of the game and putting your name out there in the gaming world, thanks to perfectly working gaming servers.

If you are looking for a game server hosting in South Africa, you are in the right place. Follow this link to learn.

Listen server

Listen servers works like dedicated servers but with one major difference.

It relies on the hosting player’s internet connection to connect with the remote players.

Such game servers experience instances of reduce game performance, simply because the systems running server must generate an output image.

Additionally, if you are playing directly on the Listen server, you get a large latency advantage over other players. This ceases to exist once you exit the game.

Don’t get it wrong though:

Listen servers are free and don’t require you to have any setup infrastructure. In fact, Listen servers are common in console games in South Africa.

Reasons for getting a game server hosting in South Africa

Still in the fence about getting a game server hosting in South Africa? The following reasons will convince you.

  1. Access to instant support

So you are playing with your gang and boom! Game over, thanks to technical glitches in the computer system. At that point, who do you call? Do you call it quits and try another time?

You don’t have to choose between having a good time and resolving technical issues. This is true because we have a team of experts in standby waiting to help you out 24/07.

Here is the thing:

With a game server, you will occasionally run into technical issues. And that is why it gives you peace knowing that there is some you can either email, call, or text to bail you out.

  • Your server, your rules

When you acquire a dedicated gaming server, for example, it rules your rules running the day.

Want to only play with friends? Want to try a mode or version that isn’t commonly supported?

You see, with a game server, you have access to a wide range of settings giving you the power to run customizations to your liking.

  • Cherry-picked performance

If you’ve been using PC for gaming, you know how important system specs are when it comes to a superb performance. Now imagine having a couple of friends over and you want to play, which calls for a better server.

As such, with your own gaming server in South Africa, you can easily choose a setup that will guarantee a seamless gaming experience.

In fact, game server hosts in South Africa, like Truehost, offer a wide range of options. Talk of entry-level servers with a few GB of RAM, to gaming powerhouses like Intel Xeon.

What you need comes down to the type of game and the number of players.

What to do next

Follow this link to view gaming server plans available.

Dedicated servers in South Africa (2020 update)

Dedicated servers in South Africa

Dedicated servers in South Africa: As you were researching web hosting in South Africa, I bet you came across things like shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Well, in this article, you will learn more about dedicated servers in South Africa, why they need it, and where to get it cheaply.

For you to better understand the whole thing, I’d love to first start from the basics such as what is a server and so on.

So, what is a server?

A server is a special computer used to store website files. As such, whenever someone searches your website’s address or domain name, their browser links with the server to request the content. Then displays them on the user’s screen.

Such servers are run and managed by web hosting providers like us, Truehost South Africa.

Now, these companies have different hosting plans depending on users’ needs and budgets. This is where the types of web hosting servers come in.

In fact, there are several types and I will cover them in brief.

  • Shared hosting – this is where you share the server with other users. It is the most popular web hosting plan because it is cheap
  • VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server is a special type of shared hosting. Instead of sharing resources such as RAM and disk space, you have own space within the server separated by virtual walls.
  • Dedicated hosting – continue reading to learn more

What is a dedicated server in South Africa?

As you have already seen, you can actually share a server to host your website files with several other people.

Well, with a dedicated server, you don’t have to do that. This is a type of web hosting where you have the whole server to yourself.

This means that resources like ram, disk space, and bandwidth are all there to serve your website needs.

You see, with shared hosting servers, you are sharing resources. And you know the challenge of sharing limited resources, someone is bound to miss or suffer in some way.

For example:

When one of your neighbor sites experience increased traffic, your own website will experience challenges such as slow loading. This happens mostly because you are using the same RAM as them.

Dedicated servers in South Africa eliminates this problem for good.

And this explains why it is the best web hosting plan for website experiencing high traffic, running heavy applications such as games, or any other hosting needs that calls for top-grade performance needs.

How does it work?

Well, a dedicated server is actually no different from the normal server. It acts as the central repository of data where users can store and retrieve data. Only that in this case, the files belong to you alone.

Additionally, the server resources are a little bit different. It comes with enterprise-grade components that enable it to churn out very high computing power.

Talking of components, let’s briefly look at things like RAM and the CPU

Dedicated server RAM

As expected, its RAM is something that you can’t find anywhere else. In fact, dedicated servers in South Africa are using the ECC (Error Correcting Code) type of RAM. This type of RAM is very reliable and of course more expensive than the normal RAM you’d expect to find in PCs or laptops.

The ECC RAM comes with special hardware fitted to prevent cases of data corruption. Sincerely speaking, data corruption is the most common challenge when using servers. They may be caused by things like electrical surges or cosmic rays.

This is where the ECC RAM excels. It is capable of detecting and correcting the errors automatically.

As s result, dedicated servers in South Africa are reliable and efficient, especially when used to power heavy applications.

In fact, dedicated servers run 24/7 without downtime. They do that because they are fitted with high-quality components. Also, you can install several memories into one server, unlike the average machine.

Dedicated server processor

Their processors as you guessed it, are the best and most powerful in the industry. In fact, chip manufacturers produce special processor designs such as Xeon Range by Intel, special for servers.

Such processors are designed with optimal speed, reliability, and scalability in mind.

Here, when we talk about scalability, it actually comes down to the number of processors you can install on the server.

In fact, the most powerful server comes with upwards of 40 processor cores, making it the perfect machine for crunching a huge amount of information.

With all this power, comes great responsibility. And that includes how you will put to use the dedicated server.

Why would you need a dedicated server? (4 crucial reasons)

Since you now know what a dedicated server is capable of and also that it is the best web hosting server. However, you may be wondering if you need it.

To help you out, here are four use cases of dedicated servers in South Africa.

  1. If your website is experiencing a spike in traffic

Is your website growing? Are you anticipating an increase in traffic?

You will need to invest in a dedicated server.


You see, increased traffic means that your server will be receiving more page view requests than the usual. If you are in a shared hosting environment, this can cause slow loading problems.

Remember, users, are running out of patience nowadays. So a second lost is a customer lost.

To avoid all these, you can migrate your website to a dedicated server before it is too late.

  • Hosting multiple websites

Several web hosting service providers host their websites on a dedicated server. In fact, most of these smaller web hosting companies in South Africa lease dedicated servers from companies like Truehost South Africa.

You see, a high-end dedicated server has the power to adequately serve thousands of websites (provided they receive moderate traffic).

So, if you are looking for reseller hosting deals, this is it

  • Running database servers

If you are running a business that receives and handles thousands of transactions daily, you need a dedicated server.


As such a business, you need a quick, reliable, and efficient way of reading and writing data. Because a minimal delay could potentially cause huge losses and uproar from clients.

  • Running custom applications

Are you looking for the best gaming servers in South Africa?

Dedicated servers are the best. You can easily mount heavy applications and make custom configurations to the server to offer optimal service.

Wrapping up about Dedicated servers in South Africa

If you are looking for dedicated servers in South Africa, you are in the right place.

We offer top customer support, thanks to our team of experts working round the clock. Besides, we are the best web hosting providers in South Africa, ask around. We provide state-of-the-art tools such as web design, SEO tools, and database management resources.

Check it out NOW.

Best web hosting in South Africa: Everything you need to know in 2020

Best web hosting in South Africa

Once you have picked and registered the best domain name, the next step in starting a website in South Africa is getting web hosting.

Here is the thing:

Everybody needs a home. And your website is a ‘person.’

Let me explain:

When you acquired and registered the domain name, you had a goal in mind. It could be that you wanted to start a personal blog, or better yet, wanted a website to represent your business.

As such, the website represented something dear to. For this reason, you need the best web hosting in South Africa.

In this article, I will walk you through everything you need to know to acquire affordable web hosting.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

What is web hosting?

I know you feel like you already know what web hosting in South Africa is, but hear me out.

Web hosting is a service that allows website owners to post a website or a web page to the internet.

To do that, you will need computers called servers to store your files.

It’s that simple.

Since this is a service, who is the provider?

Well, that would be the web host or web hosting provider. They are the ones running and maintaining the hosting servers so you don’t have to.

How do web hosting servers work?

Good question.

When a user wants to access your website, they type into the browser your domain name or the website address, for example, www.truehost.africa.

What happens after it is so interesting.

Their browser will connect with the server where your website files are stored. And at an instant, their browser displays the content they asked for (if it is available, but if it isn’t, there will be an error like Error 404, Page not found or something of the sort). So cool, right?

Now, that is the reason why you had to first purchase and register a domain name. Because without one, you don’t have a website.

With this basic understanding of web hosting, here is a recap:

Think of web hosting as the home where your website actually lives. If that is the case, then the domain name is the address that actually leads people to this house.

One more thing:

All the websites you see around the internet need web hosting.

Moving on:

The special computer (server) where your site files are stored, allocate the resources (RAM, disk space, and bandwidth) to you. This allocation of resources depends on the type of web hosting plan you purchased from a web hosting provider in South Africa. This is where the best web hosting in South Africa comes into play.

Types of web hosting plans

You see, to be in a position to choose the best hosting plan for your needs, you first have to know what is available as well as the difference between them. Hold onto your seat because we are doing this.

Type #1: Shared hosting

You can already tell from its names that you are sharing something, right? Well, that is correct. Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in South Africa where you will be sharing the server resources with other users.

Remember the RAM, bandwidth, and disk space? All the users within a server share them.

As such, it is the best web hosting package for those starting and not the large commercial websites, an eCommerce for example.


You see, since you are sharing resources, somebody will suffer.

For example:

If one of the users you are sharing the server with experience a spike in traffic, it will take up a huge chunk of the server resources (RAM, Bandwidth, and disk space). As a result, your website may experience some problems such as slow loading.

But there is one thing you should know:

It is the cheapest web hosting package. Simply because you are sharing the cost of running the hosting server.

This isn’t the whole thing, right?

Yes, if this sounds like something way below your needs, continue reading to find better ones.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

 You can say this is the ‘VIP lounge’ of shared hosting.

Let me explain.

When using a shared server, you don’t have privacy since you are sharing server resources. And your neighbor’s problems can easily find its way into your own website.

For example:

If the server is attacked, all the files in it are exposed.

VPS hosting plan solves all that.

Here, you are still sharing the server with others, but with own space in there. By this I mean, your website is allocated unique RAM, dedicated disk space, and unmatched bandwidth.

How is this possible?

Well, a server is subdivided with virtual ‘walls’ resulting in several virtual independent serves with own resources.

Who can use VPS hosting in South Africa?

This is the best hosting plan if you

  • Expect huge website traffic
  • Want to install custom software
  • Wish to start hosting reseller business in South Africa

If you are the type of person who prefers absolute privacy or you own a business that demands a lot of web resources, then the next type of web hosting plan is perfect for you.

Dedicated hosting South Africa

This is the holy grail of web hosting.

With dedicated hosting, you own the entire server and unlike the shared hosting, you don’t share resources with anyone else.

As a result, you can make custom configurations to the server. For this reason, this is the perfect hosting plan if:

  • You want to install custom software. For example a gaming company
  • Your website is receiving a ton of traffic
  • You are running a company that executes thousands of transactions daily, for example, an eCommerce business
  • Want to build a virtual communication network to be used within the company, such as email communication servers
  • Dreaming of starting a web hosting business in South Africa? This is the server you need to start a hosting reseller company in South Africa.

As you can see, this is the best web hosting in South Africa. But there is a catch.

You will have to dig deeper into your pockets. Why? It cost a little bit higher than both shared and VPS hosting. This is understandable because you are getting state-of-the-art server resources with guaranteed uptime, security, access to 24/07 customer support either through email, phone, or chat.

One more:

Cloud hosting in South Africa

Cloud hosting is the latest advancement in the web hosting industry. Here is how it works:

Instead of using a single server to host website files, cloud hosting brings together several servers located in different parts of the world. These servers make a network, and hence the word ‘cloud.’

The interconnected servers deliver scalable, affordable web hosting infrastructure. As a result, you get reliable bandwidth, can install unlimited domains, and even get an infinite amount of storage space.

This explains why many businesses are flocking to acquire a cloud hosting in South Africa today.

It is very effective for running businesses with resource-intensive applications or large files. Make no mistake, the costs of running a cloud server can be huge which explains its higher costs.

I know I have mentioned about reseller hosting and you may be wondering what it is.

Reseller hosting in South Africa

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where you can use your allocated resources (RAM, disk space, and bandwidth) to host a website on behalf of a third party.

You (the original owner) are the reseller in this case.

This type of hosting is perfect if you find that there are extra server resources that you don’t use and can benefit the third party. And in return, you get recurring income.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we offer different reseller hosting plans for entrepreneurs.

To recap the types of web hosting in South Africa:

  • If you are under budget and have a small scale website with little traffic, shared hosting is better
  • But if you want to scale your online business and even install custom software, VPS hosting in South Africa is the best option. Additionally, if you want the dedicated server features at low cost, check out the Virtual Private Server plan now.
  • For big organizations serving thousands of customers daily, running heavy software with huge computing power demand, dedicated and cloud web hosting in South Africa is for you.
  • Reseller hosting is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to start a web hosting business in South Africa or just want to earn extra income by reselling extra resources available to him.

The best web hosting company in South Africa: Truehost

Truehost is one of the leading web hosting providers in South Africa. We offer cheap domain name registrations, SSL certificates, and free website builders, among others.

What’s in it for you?

Our web hosting packages come with:

  • Free .CO.ZA domain name. So if you don’t have a domain name yet, go ahead and purchase a hosting plan and get a free domain name in South Africa
  • SEO resources to supercharge your website to be found on search engines like Google
  • Web security tools to protect your vital resource, your website, and its files
  • Web designing resources that both experts and beginners can use
  • Database management resources you can use to upload files to your website

Want more?

If you get a hosting package and you are disappointed with our services, there is a 30-day money back.

What are you waiting for?

Get a web hosting package now and let us power your dream online business. Remember, you can reach out to our team of experts at any time through phone, email, or chat.

Good luck with your website.

Best domain registrar in South Africa: Step by Step Guide in 2020

Best domain registrar in South Africa: Step by Step Guide in 2020

Are you looking for the best domain registrar in South Africa?

Well, you are in the right place.

In this article, here is what you are going to learn about:

With said, I assume that you have already picked a domain name because you couldn’t be looking for the best domain registration in South Africa if you hadn’t, right?

Or better yet, you are researching as you prepare to build your website in the coming days.

How to pick the best domain name in South Africa

It doesn’t matter because I want to walk you through the process of picking the best website name.

And yes, it is such a big deal.

Here is the thing:

You can’t just wake up one day and pick a domain name out of nowhere. And I will show you why in a moment.

But for now, let it stick that you need to sit down and think about your website name.

Why does it matter?

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Brand visibility

Your website name is your chance to represent your brand. Here is what you don’t know, the domain name is what readers see first when they visit your blog.

For that reason, you need to build a positive first impression

  • Almost impossible to change a name

It costs a huge amount of money and resources to change a website name.

If you don’t get it right at first, you don’t have a second chance of renaming it (unless you register a completely new name with the best domain registrar in South Africa).

So I guess what I am saying is, don’t rush thinking you will change later if it doesn’t fit.

  • Boosts SEO efforts

If you get your domain name right, it can be a plus when the time comes to optimize the website for search engines.

There is what we call Exact Match Domains (EMD). This is when you use a keyword representing your niche on the domain name.

A niche is a topic or industry you want to serve.

For example, if you intend to build a website targeting people looking to lose weight, your website name could be something like WeightLossTips.com.

Do you get the point?

As such, when someone searches for weight loss tips, there is a higher chance of your website showing up in the SERP’s first page, thanks to that keyword on your domain name.

And now you are thinking, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Pay attention

Well, it turns out, Google does not ‘like’ such names because people started abusing it.

As a result, they made an update to their algorithm that discouraged people from using such techniques. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It still works.

Now that you understand why you need to pay attention to the kind of website name you pick, here are some tips you should consider during this process.

Tips to consider when picking a website name in South Africa

Tip #1: pick a name that is easy to type

Remember, a huge percentage of your readers will have to type the website name to access your site.

Tell me this, if the name is something unheard of and hard to type, will they succeed?

I don’t think so.

Picking an easy name is #1 step to having online success. Such that your visitors won’t have to struggle when typing the name.

Tip #2: use keywords

We have talked about this and said that keywords help you rank better. For this reason, you should use keywords that describe your business in your domain name.

For example:

If you are running a plumbing business in Johannesburg, you can use PlumbingInJohannesburg.com.

That sounds better and easy to type.

Tip #3: Avoid the use of hyphens or numbers

You know, things like Domain-Name.co.za or Domain2.com.

You see, whenever people hear the name, they don’t know whether you mean a numeral (2) or two. Or, they can sometimes forget to type the hyphen and end up on a completely different website.

Do you want that to happen?

That is what I thought.

Stick to words only!

Tip #4: think about the domain extensions

Look at this example:


The first part is the domain name of one of the best domain registrar in South Africa. And the last part is the domain extension.

In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of domain extensions you can use.

However, I suggest you stick with the most popular ones like .com, .org, .net.

Here is a tip:

If you are targeting an audience from a certain country, use country-specific extensions like .za for South Africa. Others include, .UK for the United Kingdom, .KE for Kenya and so on.

There are other domain extensions. For example, .biz, .me, .co etc.

Use these tips to brainstorm several name ideas. At least a list of five possible website names.


Domain names sell really fast.

As a result, you may find your chosen name already registered by someone else. In such cases, don’t worry because all you have to do is go back to your list and pick another name.

Once you have your list ready, here is a step by step on how to register a domain name in South Africa:

How to register a domain name in South Africa

This is a guide on how to register a website name with one of the best domain registrar in South Africa.

For this guide, I will be trying to register RegWebsiteName as my hypothetical ‘website name’ just to show you how to do it.

Step 1: Visit https://truehost.africa on your browser

truehost south africa

Step 2: Type in the name on the search bar as shown below. Then click Search & Register Domain Name to continue

domain names in south africa search bar on truehost

You will be taken to a window where you can search to see if the name is available or it is already registered by someone else.

Step 3: Hit search

If the domain is taken, you will get this message.

domain name taken

And it means you cannot register it because it belongs to someone else now.

But if it available, you will get this message

domain name is available in south africa
Domain Name is available

Step 4: You can proceed with domain registration by clicking Add to cart if you want the .com extension. If not, select the preferred domain extension

selecting domain extensions in south africa

Choose one based on your needs and budget.

Now, since this guide is to only show you how to register a domain name with the best domain registrar in South Africa, I won’t delve into how to add a web hosting plan. There is another guide showing you how to do that.

To continue, click add to cart.

click add to acrt

Step 5: Click on Checkout

You will be taken to the domain configuration page. This is where you can review your domain name and even add some add-ons if you need them

domain name configuration in south africa

Additionally, you can use custom nameservers here if you want. But by default, your domain name will use our nameservers

web hosting domain nameservers in south africa

If you are satisfied with what you are seeing, click Continue

website name continue button

Step 6: review and checkout

Here, you can have a look at what’s in your cart: the website name

reviewing the website name

Choose the currency if you didn’t earlier

choose currency in south africa

Use the promotion code if you have one here

truehost discount coupons

Step 7: Billing details

This is where you create an account if you don’t have one already. Provide your valid names, phone number, and a valid email address.

Remember to use your primary email address. Because we will use it to send details about the domain name after a successful registration

creating truehost account in south africa

And provide your valid billing address

provide domain registration billing address

Create a strong and hard to guess password. Better yet, click on Generate to get the safest password

create strong truehost password

Step 8: domain registration information

What information would you want to be shown when you register the domain name?

You can choose to use what you have already provided above. Or provide an alternative. Use the box below to do that

domain registrant information

Step 9: Payment method

This is where you select your preferred mode of payment. We have two methods: Bank cards and PayPal

choose truehost payment method

Step 10: Join our email list

Consider joining our email list by turning on the button. Here, we share exclusive content and deals you can’t find anywhere else. And don’t worry, you can unsubscribe any time

click to join truehost emailing list

Step 11: Additional notes

Do you have any other information you’d like to be included in your order? Well, go ahead and enter them here

provide additional information

Final step

Step 12: Checkout

See your order summary here (top right corner of your screen)

truehost order summary

And click Checkout.

On the next page, you will be guided on how to complete the payment of your domain name in South Africa.

Know this:

The instructions you get are based on the payment method you chose earlier. Complete the process and check your email (one used to open the account) for registration details as well as the payment receipt.

Why is Truehost the best domain registrar in South Africa?

Well, to brag but, we are actually the best. Just look at some of the benefits you get:

  • If you already got a domain name, you can transfer it for FREE to us
  • One of the best and exclusive domain prices in South Africa
  • A safe and secure system where you even get a 2FA to keep hackers away
  • You get a special discount when you buy domain names in bulk
  • A team of experts in standby waiting to help you 24/7

These and much more are why we are the best domain registrar in South Africa.

Moving on, earlier, I had promised to reveal how to get a free domain name in South Africa.

Well, it is time.

How to get a free domain name in South Africa

If you are looking for free domains in South Africa, there is only one way you can get it.

And that is to purchase a web hosting package.


We are that good.

Besides offering the cheapest web hosting packages in South Africa, you also get a free .co.za domain name with every package you buy.

As if that is not enough, if you purchase a hosting package and you don’t like it, don’t fret. Why?

Because we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You also get things like free SSL which is crucial nowadays, thanks to Google’s algorithm update favoring secure sites on the search results pages.

Final thoughts on domain registration in South Africa

Registering a website in South Africa can’t get better than this.

Imagine enjoying one of the best domain registrar companies in South Africa. A seamless process with no headaches.

And on top of that, cheapest domain prices you cannot find anywhere else.

What are you waiting for?

Register a domain name here now.

Cloud Hosted PBX in South Africa: Work from Anywhere

Cloud Hosted PBX in South Africa: Work from Anywhere

Have you been dreaming about having that freedom of working from anywhere you want and not confined to your office desk here in South Africa?

Well, today, you are in for a treat.

I am talking about a cloud hosted PBX system in South Africa.

In a nutshell, a PBX system is a network of office telephone lines that you normally use within the company to communicate both within and of course with the outside world.

In this article, I will take you from the basics of what a cloud hosted PBX system entails in South Africa, to that crucial point of revealing one of the best cloud hosting companies ever founded in Africa.

For this reason, you should stick around because everything will be worth it in the end.

What is a PBX system?

A PBX system is perhaps what you know as the Private Branch Exchange, which doesn’t deviate at all because actually, PBX is an acronym.

You might be accustomed to calling it back in the office, ‘the PBX.’

What it does is, allow routing of calls to multiple destinations (telephone lines) within the company. It doesn’t stop there.

A PBX system can transfer calls to a voicemail box of multiple recipients, ACD queues, ring groups and much more.

Basically, a PBX is a telephone system within the company that facilitates the transfer of calls to multiple extension points (handsets) without the need for each handset having its own landline from the organization.

Looking at it this way, you can tell right away that PBX is going to save you money.

But actually, that would be an understatement.


Because as we will see later, a PBX system like cloud hosted PBX in South Africa, has so much to offer and you can turn a blind eye.

Continue reading to find out more.

How does a PBX phone system work in South Africa?

It is safe to assume that in most companies here in South Africa, there are more than a dozen employees.

As such, having a PBX phone system makes so much sense in terms of productivity and delivering the promise.

In most cases, the company has installed one main phone extension on the receptionist’s desk. Here, he/she answer all the incoming calls and direct them to the specific offices or departments as per the caller’s needs.

And that is how a PBX practically works.

But within this complex system lies a simple principle.

Do you still remember back in the day when you had to make a call using a general switchboard managed by a team of tired operators?

Well, maybe you don’t. But I bet you have seen it in movies.

So, this was the scenario back then:

Whenever there was an incoming call, the operator in charge would have to manually plug in the telephone line so that the call can be directed to its destination.

That’s how routing calls worked back then.

Fast forward to several years and technological groundbreaking transformations we have today, yet the PBX phone system in South Africa still works with the same principle but with one big difference.

Instead of manually plugging and unplugging of telephone lines, we have huge computers doing that now.

As such, a PBX requires a computer to manage the incoming and outgoing calls switching.

Additionally, it includes a network of lines within the system. Though the presence of a computer to handle the switching tasks, there is a dashboard for the human operator.

What you just read is commonly known as the in-house PBX system.

What is the in-house PBX system?

Well, as you will see in a second, there are several types of PBX systems.

But the major difference comes when you are actually installing the system within your company.

An in-house PBX system is the one you have to have physical phone system hardware installed within the company.

That is why you might find other people calling it the onsite-PBX phone system. While this system may sound fancy, it comes with a lot of drawbacks and among them is huge expenses.

You see, since you have to install it physically, it means you will need to acquire the necessary hardware, additional gadgets, and not to forget the installation fees.

Enter the cloud-hosted PBX system in South Africa.

Companies have been rushing to acquire hosted phone systems and for a good reason.

What is a cloud hosted PBX system and why should you pay attention to it?

As we have seen, an on-site PBX phone system needs to be physically installed within the premises of your company. Not with cloud hosted PBX system in South Africa.


Forget about investing in hardware, installation fees, software and of course the most dreaded maintenance procedures as you would with in-house phone systems.

Remember the phone lines crisscrossing the floor back at your office? That is a thing of the past now.

PBX system has now been moved to a cloud where the bulky hardware is located offshore and managed by a third-party company like Truehost South Africa.

First, a cloud is a technical term referring to a network of servers hosted and accessed through the internet. What you should know is that cloud hosting is made up of more than one servers located in different locations around the world. 

As s result, you can be sure that in case one server fails, there won’t be any downtime in your end because the other servers will kick in. actually, cloud hosting in South Africa is a cool and crucial subject, but unfortunately, it is outside the scope of this guide on cloud hosted PBX system in South Africa.

Now that the PBX systems have moved to the cloud, how then can you access it?

This is how this will work out:

I had mentioned that the hosted phone system is run by a 3rd party hosting provider, right?

Well, all you have to do access it is pay a small monthly fee to access the software and hardware and get rid of everything that needs to be installed onsite.

With such an arrangement, besides the subscription fee, the only expense here is the handsets and the router.

Now, make no mistake, since your PBX system has been moved online doesn’t mean that some services and features will no longer be available.

In fact, with a cloud hosted phone system, you can still access your fax, voicemail, have automated attendants, host conference calls, etc.

The only change here is that the complex system has been lifted off your hands and is now hosted and managed by a hosting company from a remote location. This way, you can now concentrate on scaling your business operations and delivering on your promise to the customers.

What you get when you acquire hosted PBX in South Africa

Having said all that about cloud based pbx system in South Africa, here are some of the top reasons why should make that shift now:

Hosted PBX is reliable

As you may have already experienced, traditional PBX systems were very unreliable, thanks to frequent breakdowns and maintenance issues. this is a thing of the past with a cloud based PBX system.

Your systems are hosted on the cloud which offers 99.99% reliability. And in case things go south, we have a team of experts in standby to attend to your needs 24/07 through phone, email, or chat.

Additionally, you can count on a hosted PBX system to deliver quality calls without lapses, delays, and clear reception. Remember this is one of the best web hosting companies in South Africa we are talking about.

Cloud PBX saves you money

Hosted PBX phone systems is humble when it comes to digging into your hard-earned money. You don’t need repairs and maintenance costs as you would with a traditional PBX. Instead, cloud PBX is hosted by a third-party vendor that handles everything. Additionally, you save a lot of money in setting up the infrastructure since it leverages the internet to deliver your messages.

Cloud based PBX gives you mobility and portability

In today’s business world, most companies and organizations are turning to remote working lifestyle. You and your employees can travel all over the world and still be able to discharge your responsibilities, thanks to cloud PBX.

Sadly, this isn’t possible with on-site PBX because you are tied to your telephone desk line.

Also, since this is hosted on the cloud, it means you can access communication tools anywhere as long as there is a reliable internet connection. Therefore, you can carry your communication devices across the world and be sure to stay on the loop.

Hosted PBX is simple and easy to use

Before, it would take several months to acquire and install the PBX system because of many boxes you had to first check before moving ahead. And you had to have the know-how to operate it which wasn’t easy.

But now with cloud based PBX system in South Africa, you can be up and running in a span of one day. It is made of a few uncomplicated components your employees can easily wrap their heads around.

What to do next

You now know about cloud hosted PBX in South Africa, what it is and why you should get it.

But if there are any questions you feel hasn’t been answered, like the hosted PBX pricing, VoIP calling rates in South Africa, among others, follow this link to learn more.

Cheapest VPS servers in South Africa: Benefits of VPS Hosting in 2020

Cheapest VPS servers in South Africa: Benefits of VPS Hosting in 2020

Looking for the cheapest VPS servers in South Africa?

Let me guess, you are ready to start a website and that is why you are looking for a reliable web hosting in South Africa.

Well, you are in the right place.

Here, I will reveal why VPS hosting is the right choice for your website and why you should choose Truehost as your VPS web hosting provider in South Africa.

For the sake of beginners, I will start with the definition of terms.

What is a VPS server?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Network.

You see, when you start building a website, you will be uploading pages, content (posts, images, videos).

All of these require storage space, and hence the need for a server.

How does a server work?

A server, therefore, is a computer that stores your website data and files. It doesn’t stop there.

Whenever a user goes to your website and starts reading a blog post or downloads a file (like a free ebook), the same server will ‘serve’ the visitor per the request.

For instance:

If the visitor wants to download a free Ebook, the server will access your folder, retrieve the ebook (you uploaded in there) and make it easy for the visitor to download it.

Where am I going with all these?

I want you to understand how a server works so you can be in a position to understand what a VPS is.

Though this is a basic explanation, but you get the idea.

Types of servers

Now that you understand how a server work, there is one more thing.

Web hosting servers come in three types:

  • Shared web hosting – this is where you share the server resources with other users. For instance, you share the storage space, the CPU, etc
  • Dedicated hosting – the opposite of shared hosting. Here, you have all the server resources to yourself. Simply put, the server is solely there to handle your website’s needs
  • VPS hosting – has both dedicated and shared hosting qualities. Think of it as a ‘hybrid’ web hosting. Continue reading to learn more.

VPS web hosting in South Africa explained

So far, we have looked at two types of web hosting servers: shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting is in between the shared hosting servers and dedicated servers.

Let me explain.

VPS uses virtualization technology to partition a server into multiple independent servers.

Independent because they no longer rely on the main server’s resources, rather, they can run their own. For example, they have a separate CPU, disk storage space, etc.

They are called virtual servers because they are there, but you can’t see them and private because you can host your website in them without sharing with any other user.

Sound interesting?

Continue reading to find out more including how to get the cheapest VPS servers in South Africa.

Benefits of VPS servers in South Africa

Here is the thing:

Shared hosting even though cheap, has its share of drawbacks. A good example is when one user is having a spike in traffic.

This means that he will be using more server resources like the RAM and storage space, leaving the rest of you scrambling for the remaining bits.

When that happens, it leads to a slow-loading website, which in turn scares your visitor and Google penalizes you.

On the flip side, dedicated hosting tramps shared hosting by far.

In fact, it is the best web hosting plan you can get, especially if your website is attracting a ton of traffic or you’d love to install custom software.

But there is a catch:

It costs more than shared hosting. But the benefits cloud the cost.

For this reason, VPS servers in South Africa is the sweet spot you are looking for.

Here is why:

VPS benefit 1: increased performance

Unlike shared hosting where there are hundreds, if not thousands of users in the same server, VPS server gives you a private room to run and manage your website.

Remember users sharing a server affect each other. But with a VPS hosting plan in South Africa, your website’s performance will never be tired of your next-door neighbor’s performance.

Additionally, the reliability of your website increases tremendously. There will be no downtimes as a result of server issues.

In fact, reliability is what you need to think about any time you are starting a website.

For example:

If you are running an online business, eCommerce website, you need to be available all the time.


Because every minute you are down is a customer lost. Lose customers and you will be out of business sooner.

VPS benefit 2: saves you web hosting costs in South Africa

VPS server empowers you to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather pay to make sure my website is working perfectly and making me money.

In addition, VPS hosting saves you the time and resources you would have lost if you were using shared hosting.

For example:

Losing visitors because your site is down and inaccessible.

VPS benefit 3: fully managed services

Let me guess:

You probably don’t know how to code, configure a server, right?

Well, don’t fret.

Because we offer managed VPS hosting. Here, we handle everything from server configuration to managing so you don’t have to.

But of course, if you want to manage your own VPS server, well and good. We have unmanaged VPS hosting as well.

We will take care of the security patches, virtualization procedures, and even maintain as well as update your VPS server hardware.

Interesting, right? Look at our VPS hosting pricing here.

Moving on:

VPS hosting benefit 4: multiple domain hosting

With our VPS servers, you can build and host multiple websites because you have enough CPU, disk space, and RAM.

This is something unheard of when running on shared hosting.


Having more websites on such a server takes a toll on its reliability, thanks to limited resources.

But with a VPS hosting plan availability of resources is not an issue. In fact, you can even start web hosting reselling in South Africa.

Benefit 5: round the clock support

We are offering our customers 24/07 access to our team of experts to stand by ready to walk with you.

This means that in case you encounter a problem or need some technical help with your VPS hosting account, we are a phone call, email, or chat message away to help you out.

Benefit 6: scaling your business

If you own a small business, you may be able to predict the size of traffic coming to your website.

When the time comes to scale, your customer base will stand expanding and so does your traffic.

This is a good thing. But becomes a problem if you are hosting your website on a shared server because of the reasons we have already discussed, including limited resources.

At such times, VPS servers in South Africa will come in handy to help you scale your business and serve even bigger customer base comfortably.

Benefit 7: you gain greater control

A very common issue I see most entrepreneurs who aren’t on a VPS hosting plan is a lack of access to the root environment.

Without root access, you are left with no choice but to work with the software you are given by the hosting provider.

This becomes a problem if your business is running on industry-specific software and may not be supported by the web hosting provider in South Africa. As a result, your business will suffer.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

A VPS server gives you access to the root folder. Therefore, you can easily install and run custom software without conflicting with anyone.

VPS server benefit 8: security

In a shared environment, a breach of security in one site exposes all the other websites because you are sharing resources.

This is not the case with VPS.

Here, though you are in a shared server, your website and its files are all locked away in a private environment.

And this is what makes VPS server the best web hosting plan in South Africa.

Final thoughts on VPS web hosting in South Africa

In a nutshell, VPS hosting gives your online business wings to fly as you have seen with these benefits.

There is no doubt it plays a crucial role in growing your online business because you have flexibility, security, and unlimited resources.

With that said, here is what you should do next:

Follow this link to view Truehost VPS hosting packages.

Cheapest G Suite provider in South Africa: Everything you need to get started now

Cheapest G Suite provider in South Africa: Everything you need to get started now

What is G Suite?

Do you know what Microsoft Office 365 is?

Well, our friends at Google created G Suite to directly rival the one we are so used to, the Microsoft Office 365.

In fact, Google did a great job at this and even created several online tools that you can access for free. These tools were made so that businesses can have easy access to cloud computing, improved productivity, and seamless collaboration.

Looking at it now, you realize that Google actually helped accelerate digital transformation across the world.


Because I wouldn’t want to imagine a world without G Suite.

So, what is included in the G Suite?

G Suite comes with a ton of crucial tools that once you have them, you will wonder why you didn’t have access way early. Among these tools are:

  • Google Drive for storage
  • Gmail for sending and receiving emails
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Google Forms for collecting data and administering surveys
  • Google Keep
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Sites

Here is the thing:

All of the above tools are free. Google made sure that each one of their G Suite users can easily access these tools.

Matter of fact, I bet you already have a Gmail account.

Now, if you look at your Google account at the top right corner, you will see that you already have access to some of these tools.

If that is not the case, you might have to install a Chrome add-on (extension) to start using them.

Getting more with G Suite in South Africa 2020

Either way, G Suite is free, to some extent that is.

What do I mean by that?

G Suite has two products, the free and the premium one.

If you find that the free G Suite tools do not adequately support your business’ needs, you can purchase the G Suite enterprise features.

This is where the cheapest G Suite provider in South Africa comes in, as we will see later on.

Essentially, with this G Suite plan, your business woes are over.

Imagine having:

  • Customized email addresses. Instead of the generic one with @gmail.com, you can have one like this, [email protected]
  • Never worry about storage space again, thanks to G Suite unlimited cloud storage
  • Additional tools to help you take charge of your business
  • Out-of this world settings and
  • Prioritized customer service

That is just a glimpse of what you can get with G Suite in South Africa.

Since its inception back in 2006, G Suite has acquired over 4 million users, 70 million users for its education G Suite tools.

This doesn’t come as surprise having looked at what it brings to the table.

Matter of fact, G Suite, though entered the market late, is giving our friends at Microsoft the run for their money.

Having said that, I will now walk you through what comes with the G Suite enterprise plan, and later reveal the cheapest G Suite provider in South Africa.

G Suite enterprise products in 2020

Before we dive into these enterprise products, I want you to keep this in mind:

While G Suite provides most of its tools for free to its users, there is an option for you to upgrade your account and have access to more sophisticated premium tools.

And now, we can look at some of these premium G Suite tools:

Gmail for business

I bet you are so much attached to your free Gmail account, for a good reason.

It is free and comes with no problems. Or, have you encountered a problem with your Gmail account?

Actually, Gmail is a free web-based email service provider developed and managed by Google.

Launched in 2004, this tool has so far attracted over a billion users. It comes with:

  • Large storage space
  • A customizable user interface where you can easily view conversation threads
  • You can easily search through your emails

As part of the G Suite, Gmail offers additional features that are perfect for your business.

To access these additional features, you have to pay a small fee.

  • You get domain email addresses, for example, [email protected]
  • Upgrade from 15 GB to 30 GB of storage space
  • Have access to 24/7 customer support by email or phone
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Additional tools from third-party providers through G Suite Marketplace
  • Easily synchronize with other email service providers like Microsoft Outlook

Looking at these features, you will instantly realize you got a bargain.

Google Drive for Business

Drive is a cloud storage tool developed and run by Google. With it, all of your data and information are synchronized across all Google’s storage servers.

As a Google Drive user, you can store any kind of file on the cloud and access it anywhere you are from any device. Additionally, you can easily share files with others within the company.

It doesn’t matter what device you are using, be it, Windows, macOS, Ios or android, you can easily sync your files through apps.

As a business, you can purchase a plan to have additional storage space for any of your extra-large files. Enjoy 30GB, 1TB, or unlimited storage space.

Also, you will have access to advanced administrative tools as well as reporting and auditing insights of the Drive usage.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for Business

You are used to Microsoft word processor, right?

Well, you can say that Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are the integrated Google Drive version.

These tools were, in fact, separate until 2006 when Google acquired and put them together.

With this word processing tools, you and your team can have access to the same document, perform edits to it in real-time.

As such, bid goodbye the act of pushing documents back and forth within the team for editing purposes.

In a nutshell, this what you can do with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides:

  • Perform real-time collaborations
  • Save changes automatically
  • Insert comments
  • Keep track of revision history
  • Easily communicate through inbuilt communication feature
  • Create document templates for future use

Now, depending on the G Suite plan you choose, you have access to unlimited tracking of revision history among other gems.

Google Forms for Business

This is a survey tool that you can use to create surveys and online forms to collect data.

Once you have collected the data, Forms allows you to analyze the results with your team.

The coolest thing about Google Forms is that you do not need to transfer the collected information to a spreadsheet.


The data gathered during the research are automatically entered into a spreadsheet. All you have to do is download and analyze them.

In addition, once you have developed the surveys, send the respondents the URL to the form.

Google Calendar for Business (G Suite enterprise plan)

Calendar can be integrated with the Gmail account online for smooth tracking of schedules and time.

As a business user of Google Calendar, you can:

  • View all the meeting rooms as well as shared resources
  • Develop a public calendar for your company where the customers can easily view company events
  • Easily migrate from other providers like Outlook or iCal using .csv and .ics files
  • Leverage the Calendar’s smart scheduling feature to find available times and locations of coworker’s schedules

Google Sites for business

With the Google Site, you can easily collaborate with other people to build a website.

In fact, you don’t need coding or web design skills to create a website in South Africa, all you need is the Google Sites tool found on G Suite.

Continue reading and I will show you where to get the cheapest G Suite provider in South Africa.

And once the website is up and running, you can easily add texts, calendars, and videos, presentations, among other information. They are centrally located, which means that they can be accessed or edited by members of your group.

Google Hangout for Business

It is a free online chat tool where you can chat and even host a video conference with multiple people (video tool supports up to 25 participants).

In addition, Google Hangouts allows you to collaborate with your team on Google Slide’s, Docs, and Sheets.

This is a reliable communication tool because it guarantees 99.99% uptime.

Also, for business users, enjoy:

  • Automatic video focus
  • Screen sharing
  • Intelligent muting to control background noise
  • Host public live streaming and Google Hangout will automatically upload it to YouTube
  • Easily access and start hangout meetings on Google Calendar with one-click

In 2017, Google released an enterprise version of Google Hangout, known as Google Hangout Meet.

Google Keep for business

 Keep is Google’s alternative to Evernote.

As an online note-taking tool, you can put down your ideas, thoughts, and action plans in the form of texts, images, and even voice notes.

With a G Suite plan, you can easily integrate Google Keep with Google Doc. This way, you can access Google Keep notes from Google Docs.

Let’s quickly look at some of the benefits of using G Suite in South Africa.

  • The G Suite control panel can easily be integrated with hosting companies here in South Africa
  • Stand-by support
  • Access to large storage capacity
  • Create email addresses for your employees
  • Seamless file sharing and file ownership

Do all these sound like something you’d be interested in?

Continue reading to learn more.

Cheapest G Suite provider in South Africa: Truehost South Africa

Truehost is offering you an exclusive chance to transform your business through professional G Suite setup, management, and implementation.

We will help your company make this necessary digital transformation with software solutions like G Suite.

It is effective, easy to use, and affordable. Also, G Suite is rooted in analytics so you can learn more about what is going on in your business, and most importantly, it is hosted in the cloud.

Follow this link to learn more.

Cheapest domain names in South Africa: Beginners guide to picking the best website name

Cheapest domain names in South Africa: Beginners guide to picking the best website name

You are now ready to build a website in and that is why you are looking for the cheapest domain names in South Africa.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a personal blog or building a business website, you will need a perfect name to call it.

For this reason, I compiled this article to not only reveal the best domain registration company in South Africa but to also help you out in picking the best website name.

Here is the thing:

The name for your website is a big deal. And if you thought you’d get away with just any name out there, think again.

Let me tell you something:

Your domain name is the most crucial element of your website. If you get it right, it will boost your success. On the flip side, if you get it wrong, let’s just say you will be stuck with the wrong for a very long time.

And now you are thinking:

Why is the domain name so important?

Good question.

  1. Your domain name is the first thing people see when they visit your website. Think of it as the ‘first impression’ because if it is a good name, it will leave a positive and lasting impression on your visitors. What if it is a ‘bad’ one? Well, it will send your readers running and never looking back.
  2. A domain name you pick affects your search rankings. This is known as SEO. While the Exact Match Domains (EMDs) is no longer necessary, having a keyword in your domain name can help boost your rankings
  3. Your domain name is a prime chance to represent your brand. Therefore, you should consider a name that positively depicts your business. Continue reading to learn more.

Make no mistake, I haven’t scratched the surface of reasons why you should pay more attention to the domain name you pick in South Africa.

With that in mind, how, then, can you make sure that the name you want to pick is the right one?

How do you choose the best domain name?

Fortunately for you, I will walk you through a simple domain name checklist used by the industry pros to pick the perfect website name.

How to choose the best domain name in South Africa

If you are looking for the best domain names in South Africa, continue reading.

  1. Choose the best domain name extension

First things first:

For the beginners, a domain name is that short URL address people type into a web browser search bar, in order to access a website.

For example:

Google’s domain name is https://www.google.com

Now, pay attention to this next statement.

Do you see the last part of the above domain name? I mean the .com part.

That is referred to as the domain extension.

There are very many types of domain extensions. But the most popular ones are .com, .org, .net.

But here is my recommendation:

If you are starting a website only targeting the South Africans, go with .co.za extension.


Because with that extension, people searching about your topics, products or services in South Africa will be more likely to land on your site.

In fact, Google knows the location of every web user through their device’s IP address. They, therefore, use this information to serve them relevant information based on their location.

Otherwise, the .com domain extension is the best. You can’t get wrong with it and avoid generic and weird extensions such as .club, .pizza, and so many others.

  • Your domain name should be brandable

As we have already mentioned, a domain name is a perfect place to start communicating your brand identity.

You should, therefore, avoid generic website names that have no meaning.


Because a well-thought and brandable wins every time.

As such, have this in mind:

Your domain name is how your readers will find, remember, and talk about your business across the internet.

It is the foundation of your brand identity.

So, how do you differentiate a brandable name from a generic one?

That is so simple.

A brandable name is unique and stands out. On the flip side, all the generic names are usually keyword-stuffed and really hard to remember.

Take a look at these example 1:

HealthInsurance.com, NewHealthInsurance.com, CheapHealthInsurance.net. What is common between these names?

They are all generic. I bet you can’t find anyone talking about how awesome Cheaphealthinsurance.net is.

In fact, these are just variations of the Insurance.com

Example 2:

UnitedHealthCare.com, Shopify.com. Such domain names stand out because they mean something.

Here are some tips on how to pick a brandable and memorable domain name in South Africa:

  1. Use new but catchy words. Look at Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, etc.
  2. Leverage thesaurus to identify interesting words that describe your brand
  3. Domain name generators can help. Look for those that ask for keywords and ideas so they can use it to spit out domain name suggestions.
  • The shorter, the better

When it comes to choosing the best domain name in South Africa, the shorter, the better.

According to research done by our friends at DataGenetics.com, they found out that most popular (receive the most traffic) domain names across the web were at most 12 characters.

As such, you make sure the name is somewhere between 6-14 characters. But there’s one problem with this:

You will find that most short names are taken and maybe they are being sold for thousands of rand.

If that is the case, make the name brandable. Look at our own, Truehost. Cool, right?

  • Should be easy to type, spell, and pronounce

Just for a second, think about the most recognizable and popular brands around the world.

I can bet you thought of Facebook, Nike, CNN, Google, and Uber among others.

What do they have in common besides being billion-dollar companies?

They are easy to spell, write, and pronounce.

Here is the thing:

If you have to explain the spelling for someone to understand, forget it. That is too complicated.

Rather, pick a name that your visitor won’t have problems typing and pronouncing.


Because the last you want is for your visitors to end up on a completely different website just because they didn’t get your name right.

So, here is a simple exercise to help you out:

Invite 10 people to spell your new domain name. If more than half of them are struggling with it, it is a sign you should ditch that name and look for another one.

  • Stay away from hyphens and numbers

We have mentioned that your domain name in South Africa should be easy to spell and type.

But using hyphens and numbers will violate this simple rule because it makes it harder to remember and type.

Imagine explaining Truehost if it had a hyphen…

“Have you heard about True-host? By the way, there’s a hyphen in between the ‘True’ and ‘Host’”

Do you see how awkward that would be?

This is what I mean:

A domain name should be punchy. But hyphen and use of numbers take that away.

Stick to the letters only.

  • Consider using Keywords to demonstrate your niche

A niche is simply the topic (industry) your website covers. We offer the best web hosting services in South Africa. And that is why our domain name includes the keyword, ‘host.’

The presence of a niche-specific keyword boosts your search engine optimization efforts.

But be careful.

There is a thin line between this and generic domain names like we have seen above.

If you stuff keywords into your domain name, you will end up with a generic domain.

  • Think long-term

As I had mentioned earlier, your domain name will be your identity for a very long time.

In fact, changing a domain name costs you a lot:

  • You lose rankings
  • Costs money
  • Will cost you branding

That is a big loss.

You should, therefore, think long term when choosing a domain name,

Let me explain using a simple example:

Say you are starting a company to offer SEO services, you can go with a domain name like SEORankings.co.za.

That is good, for now.

If you think you might branch out and start offering additional online marketing services in the future like Facebook ads, email marketing, Google Ads, among others, then you might want to sit down and reconsider your website name.


Because SEORankings.co.za will limit you to only offering SEO services. Hence making it hard to expand your services.

As a result, you should think about where you want to be in the coming years. Then let that reflect on the domain name decisions now.

Where to get the cheapest domain names in South Africa

With this simple checklist, you can easily brainstorm domain name ideas. Once you have picked the best, you should register it immediately so no one else can.

Fortunately, we have the cheapest domain names in South Africa and fast domain name registration.

Start building your website today by purchasing a domain name here.

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