Domain Reseller South Africa

One of the ways to make money online in South Africa is becoming a domain reseller. A domain reseller is a person or business that gets domain from a registrar and offers them to the people who need them at a profit. It could also be someone who hopes to sell other associated services such as web hosting and web design service.

A domain name is an address that helps locate resources on the internet, and takes the format www.example.com. This means that every website uses a domain name to be accessed, and provides a lucrative market for people who sell domain names. In total, almost 600 websites are created every minute in the world. South Africa is a market with a good internet penetration rate and a lot of domains per person, meaning that it gets a fair share of this market. Thus, venturing into domain reseller business in South Africa is a promising venture.

How Domain Resellers Make Money

A domain reseller business is inspired by the Rands that one is likely to make by reselling domains. This would be money from direct sales, or money made from associated services.

The first method is to charge a fee for the domain that you sell. This means that for every domain you buy at 50 Rands, you can sell it at 100 Rands or even more. The more the domains you can sell per day, the higher income you get. The advantage with this method is that the process can be automated and done online.

The second method is to offer complimentary services that come with domain names. When people buy domains, they are usually looking for other services as well, and these would be things like web hosting service, SSL certificates, web design and others. This means that if you are a domain reseller, you can offer such services to South Africans who need them. This is a very lucrative part.

Becoming a Domain Reseller in South Africa

For one to become a domain reseller, you need to find a partner domain registrar, and have a mechanism for offering the services. Here is what you need:

A Website

Domain names are services that are offered online. You need to have your ecommerce website offering the domain name that you are selling. Design your website in a way that one can place their orders easily and if possible, automate the service.

Ensure that you have your website optimized to reach people in South Africa. This means that you focus on Search engine optimization and creating the relevant content to make your website sell.

A Partner Domain Registrar

 A domain registrar is person who is authorized to sell domain names by the domain registry. This can either be a local registrar accredited by ZACR which is the South African domain registry, or an international registrar who is accredited by ICANN.

The choice of a registrar is majorly informed by their pricing and the accessibility. You need to work with a registrar who has automated their domain registration service and has an API that you can use to integrate with your website.

Best Domain registrars in South Africa

The following are the recommended providers of domain reseller services in South Africa.

  1. Xnelo (Pty) Limited
  2. Heztner Online
  3. Afrihost
  4. Truehost Inc
  5. 1-Grid.com
  6. Mweb
  7. Amle Hosting

cPanel Hosting in South Africa

cPanel is the most popular web hosting platform used by many web hosting companies in the world, and almost all South African hosting companies use cPanel. This means that chances are high that at any point you will be using cPanel hosting for any site that you have, or you plan to. Consequently, one needs to know the providers who offer cPanel hosting or any use another type so that they can make an informed decision on where to host their website.

cPanel is a premium software, but the cost is not a factor if you are using a shared hosting platform. It would only matter of you are having a private server and you want to host many accounts in one server. Some of the alternatives to cPanel include DirectAdmin and Plesk.

cPanel offers a reliable platform and this explains why many South African companies opt to use the platform. Some of the features include:

  1. An easy to use interface
  2. Integration with other critical software and addons.
  3. Detailed and widely available knowledgebase
  4. High reliability
  5. Many partner resellers in South Africa who can offer support.

Some of the hosting companies in South Africa that use cPanel include:

  1. Truehost
  2. Xneelo
  3. Host Africa
  4. Web4Africa
  5. Afrihost
  6. Mweb

Hetzner South Africa (xneelo.co.za)

Hetzner South Africa (xneelo.co.za)

Hetzner South Africa was founded in 1999 and by 2019 in Cape Town by  Hans Wencke. The company has grown to have more than 50k clients for web hosting, domain registration, servers, vps and related web services. Hetzner South Africa has now renamed or rebranded to Xneelo.

Xneelo pronounced X-nee-lo is inspired by a Latin phrase that translates into the ability to ‘create something out of nothing’

Though, Xneelo (Hetzner South Africa) should not be confused with Germany Webhosting Company Hetzner Online GmbH, Xneelo was co-found by Hans Wencke, a German.

Package Xneelo.co.za Truehost Cloud
.CO.ZA Domain R79.00/Year R50.00/Year
.COM Domain R169.00/Year R129.00/Year
Cheapest Webhosting Package R99.00/Month R7.00/Year
Website https://xneelo.co.za/domain-name-registration/ https://truehost.africa/

Afrihost web hosting

Afrihost web hosting

Afrihost was founded by Gian Visser, Brendan Amstrong and Peter Meintjes – 3 friends who went to school together and started offering Linux Webhosting to the South African Market in late 1990s. The company then was located the Visser house in Johannesburg.

Afrihost is one of the leading ISP in South Africa.

Package Afrihost.com Truehost Cloud
.CO.ZA Domain R197.00/Year R50.00/Year
.COM Domain R197.00/Year R129.00/Year
Cheapest Webhosting Package R39.00/Month R7.00/Year
Website https://www.afrihost.com/site/product/domain_registration https://truehost.africa/

Contacts Phone: 0800 011 000 (International) +27(11) 612 7300

Godaddy South Africa

US Based Domain Registration Company founded in 1996 in the US has always be available for South Africa but in 2019 Godaddy launched an office through a PR firm Idea Engineers in South Africa – Johannesburg. Godaddy is popular for discounted domain name prices.

Package Godaddy South Africa   Truehost Cloud
.CO.ZA Domain R50.00/Year R50.00/Year
.COM Domain R289.00/Year R129.00/Year
Cheapest Webhosting Package R29.00/Month R7.00/Year
Website https://za.godaddy.com/ https://truehost.africa/

Godaddy Contacts:  24/7 Support Cape Town: 021 427 6288   24/7 Support Countrywide: 087 550 2180

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